Subaru WRX STI Questions

Already Pre-qualified Tho Your Finacning How Does That Work?

I'm pre-qualified though my own financing how does that work when i find a car i want?

2017 Subaru STI Whining Noise In Engine Bay

2017 Subaru WRX STI It originally started when I went to put cold step spark plugs in I found a small amount of oil on the boots of the spark plugs to cylinder 1 and cylinder 3 After talking to a...

What Type Of Subaru Is This?

So i've seen lots of wrx's but this one has these pink lettering, what exact model is this. I think it looks amazing and i'd like to research it more Thanks already! Mathias from Belgium

Subaru Sti Oil Burning

How can you tell if your STI is burning oil? If there’s no leaks or no lost of oil ? But oil cap is dark like oil is burning into it. At first I thought that my clutch gave out n has a burn kinda s...

Does It Require A Tune?

I want to install a tomei exhaust and a cobb sf filter will any damage happen to the car if its on stock ecu tune? or i should get a pro tune on it?