Porsche 718 Cayman Questions


How Do I Advertise My Car For Sale?

I don't seem to see how I advertise my car on CarGurus for sale. How do I do this?


What Caused All The Turmoil Over Oil-gasoline In America In The 1960s?

What led up to all the problems America had over price and availability of oil in the 1960s. Was it related to pollution or to international conflict, especially in the Middle East.


American Car Sound Versus European Car Sound QUESTION #2

A couple of days ago I asked why American race cars sound different from from European race cars. Ed92626 it extremely well. He said that European engines run a little out of balace but they rev highe...

Life Span Of A Porsche 718

I am going to buy a Porsche 718 because I love but I just wanted to know about the lifespan of the car before I buy it. How many years it can go with or without maintenance. If the span is short pl...