Mazda MAZDA2 Questions

What Are The 2 Sockets For In The 2011 Mazda Hatchback Console ?

What are the 2 sockets for in the center outlet ?

Does This Model Have A Smart Alternator?

Charging Voltage drops down to 12.5v after about 15 mins driving, after it spikes for a couple of seconds to 14.9v. On start it is about 14.1v. If headlamps are switched on it goes up to 13.1v. Doe...

Front Struts Assembly

I am looking for a front strut and coil full assembly for my Mazda2 2011 but I don't happen to find it anywhere. Would anyone give me any clue on how to serch for those ? Do I have to look for assem...


Back Bumper Paint Problem

This morning I found some marks on my back bumper but don't know what they are. can someone help me how to fix it and how it may appeared please?

Is A Smog Check Required To Sell My Car In California?

I'm selling my car in California and my registration is due this month. Will I need to get a smog check to transfer titles even if it's not showing as currently required?