Jeep Patriot Questions

Can I Reset Warning Lights On Dashboard?

All of the dashboard warning lights are on. Just replaced battery. Engine light, ABS,4 wheel drive, and traction control lights are on, and won't go off.

2015 Jeep Patriot Will Not Start

Car won’t start. Not battery. Turning on the ignition starter activates, but release the ignition the starter continues to crank. Engine will not fire. Have to physically turn off the ignition switc...

Why Is My Jeep Overheating ?

2012 Jeep patriot, 60K, overheats after about 45min-1hour drive. mechanic replaced thermostat sensor, drive it twice over an hour no problem, but overheated again yesterday after 45minutes.. any ide...

Why Does A Single Beep Sound Occur When I Initiate A Turn

When I initiate a turn a single "ding" sound can be heard. I don't get a message on the control panel. The left turn indicator flashes extremely fast(internal not external) but the right turn indica...


2014 Jeep Patriot Cracked Head Possibly?

Our 2014 Jeep Patriot doesn't shift between gears well after idoling like at a stop light. No engine light comes on and machanic shop said everything seemed normal and shifted perfectly for them (of...

Jeep Patriot Overview

The Patriot is the more traditional-looking of Jeep's two debut models for 2007. Released on the heels of its car-based counterpart, the Compass, it displays more of the squareness that have marked Jeep vehicles over the decades.
Although the base model is not Trail Rated without the addition of optional equipment, the vehicle boasts significant ground clearance and a considerable suite of safety features. These include ABS, stability control, and electronic roll mitigation.
A properly-equipped Patriot 4x4 will be at ease on the trails, although the reality is that it is based on a car, the Dodge Caliber, and its steering and suspension are thusly tuned. This was Jeep's intention, as the Patriot is meant to appeal to those who want a road car first and a fairly tough trail vehicle for the occasional weekend foray.
That said, the loaded 4x4 is definitely superior to its entry-level sport-ute competition. Its Off-Road options group adds descent control, low-range gearing, brake-lock differentials, skid plates, tow hooks, fog lamps, a heavy-duty cooling system, and a full-sized spare tire in addition to a bonus inch of ground clearance.

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