INFINITI G37 Questions

What Does Display On Dash Say Other

Display on Dash indicates Maintenance "Other." what does this mean

New Battery ,nothing Left On ! Car S Dead.

Replaced battery new,car sat for a few days went to start it dead now today started really slow.I'm in pennsylvania .But I'm worried something else is going on.Cause old car starts fine.

2008 G37s Not Shifting

so my car was driving fine shift into all gears without hesitation but then i stopped at a red light and the car wouldnt move i tried pressing on the gas and it just revved up. it moved a little whe...

Convertible Top

My top dont always work how can i fix this problem

G37 Convert. Not Latching On One Side To Close

OK had to replace battery, i do not think car was deset , now the convert top is not latched onone side when i tried to close. It is not making any sound connection now when i try to reopen ???? Bes...

INFINITI G37 Overview

Introduced in 2008, the Infiniti G37 replaced the G35 in the Japanese automaker's lineup. The new G37 featured more aerodynamic styling, an updated suspension, and a more powerful engine that made it competitive with such high-performance vehicles as the Audi TT roadster, the Jaguar XK and the BMW 335i.

For its first year in production, the G37 was powered by a 330-horsepower, 3.7-liter, VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) V6 engine, designed to produce a rush of acceleration. The VVEL technology not only tunes the engine continually for optimal performance, but also provides improved fuel efficiency and lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

The new G37 also featured a number of innovations, such as four-wheel Active Steer, which means that all wheels turn as you steer. This helps improve handling, especially during hard cornering.

Other features such as a five-speed automatic transmission with magnesium steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, 14-inch brake disks, Washi-finish aluminum interior trim, and a leather-trimmed 14-way-adjustable driver's sport seat made this a cutting-edge vehicle both inside and out.

The 2008 G37 was also equipped with an 11-speaker, Bose-designed Infiniti Studio on Wheels stereo system and massive 19-inch wheels.

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