Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Questions

2018 SantaFe Sport CV Axel

I need to replace a CV axel on my 2018 Santa Fe Sport 2.4L FWD. The passenger side (right) CV axel shaft is long (over 36 inches) and the driver side (left) is short (around 32 inches). Every time...

P1326 Code

Was 5 miles from home coming down interstate and my check engine starts flashing. It was pouring the rain. Got it to the next exit about 1 mile and had a code reader put on it. The code showed P1...

2015 Santa Fe Sport Navigation Multimedia Head Unit Continuous Reboot

2015 Santa Fe Sport Navigation Multimedia Head unit is in continuous reboot mode. Logo will appear and load to approx 70%, then stop, and approx 10 secs repeat the process. At first, it would take a...

Camshaft Position Sensor Bank A

I am getting a P0016 code and my vehicle won't start. could that problem be related to the camshaft position sensor, the electrical connector, or the fuse. Bank A would be related to the intake?

Milage To Pass Inspetion For NYS

I have 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport what is the milage I need to pass inspection pass inspection