New Honda Passport

2024 Honda Passport Overview
The 2024 Honda Passport has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

Honda Passport Questions

96 Honda Passport Timing Belt Middle Pully

the small mid pulley is running at an angle---this engine quit me all at once,at one time I had to drive a 1/4 mile in an overheated status and later what sounded like a loose lifter was ticking all...

How Do I Replace Rear Driver Side Exterior Door Handle?

Somehow, my trim piece for the rear driver's side door handle broke off (see picture). I have the replacement piece, but I'm unable to find any instructions on the web on how to replace this piece. ...

How Do I Get The Key Out Of The Ignition

How do I get the ignition key to lock and come out

99 Passport Gets Too Cool On Interstate

My honda passport gets a little too hot at an idle and way too cool on the interstate/continuous driving. Any ideas as to my issue?

Honda Passport Overview

The mid-size SUV Honda Passport was kind of a wagon-version of a pickup truck designed by Isuzu. But that makes sense since the Passport was also designed and built by Isuzu.

The Honda Passport was first available in 1994 as a way for Honda to enter the growing SUV market. It was discontinued in 2002 with the introduction of both the Honda Pilot and the Honda Element.

Recalls occurred in 1994 and 1995 and involved the camshaft, seatbelt buckles, and voltage regulator problems.

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