New GMC Canyon

2024 GMC Canyon Overview
New 2024 GMC Canyon For Sale
$36,000 - $54,300
$34,344 - $51,802
2023 GMC Canyon Overview
New 2023 GMC Canyon For Sale
$36,900 - $55,500
$35,203 - $52,947

GMC Canyon Questions

75k Mile Selling Point

Seems a lot of people are selling the trucks at the 75k mile mark. Is it because of suggested timming belt change being due ?

What Other Manufacturers Wheels Fit Gmc 6x120

Looking to see if any other manufacturers wheel fit GMC Canyon


Can I Really Not List My Vehicle For Sale On The Canadian Site?

I've checked the questions area and compared the US site with the Canada site and the "sell my car" option is not showing on the Canadian site. Does Cargurus really not allow private sellers to sell...

GMC Canyon Overview

Good things come in smaller packages, or so GMC would like to think with the GMC Canyon. This compact pickup took its place in the domestic maker's lineup in 2004 and holds a solid, if not leading, position in the American marketplace. With 2 and 4 door versions, the Canyon has always offered a lot of trims. However, the Canyon also lacks the V8 or even V6 that could set it apart in the power department.

As of 2007, the Canyon offered 2 different standard powertrains: a 2.9 L, 185 hp I4 and a 3.7 L, 242 hp I5 with a choice between 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission. Gas mileage has generally come out to a solid 17 mpg in the city and 23 on the highway. Overall, the Canyon presents a good option for those looking for a more rugged frame on their vehicle without needing mind-blowing towing power.

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