FIAT 500 Questions

Trunk Will Not Open

we used car all day yesterday with no problems at all. now this a.m. the trunk will not open with/without remote. any suggestions??? i can't find a release in trunk going in thru back seat???

2012 Fiat Pop Truck Wont Open

I have the famous "trunk won't open" problem. Found the switch was faulty and repaired. Now still not working. No power coming in. Wires seem fine. Tested the trunk release and it is fine. Tried Da...

Fiat 500 Loudness While Driving?

I’ve had my 2015 fiat 500 for a couple years now as my first owned car, and I love it. However, I’ve been worrying about the loudness inside the cabin while I’m driving. It isn’t a particular nois...

2013 Fiat 500 Pop Trunk Sometimes Doesn't Open

My trunk door just opens when it feels like it. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but I always hear a click when I push the trunk open button on the remote. Fiat 2013 500 pop,

Dead Battery, Doors Locked

My battery is dead and the drivers door will not open even if the key is used manually. Any suggestions on how to get into the car?

FIAT 500 Overview

Following a successful path blazed by Volkswagen and BMW's MINI, Fiat has reintroduced a classic subcompact that achieved legendary status in the '60s, the 500. Announced in mid-2006 and launched in July 2007, the new 500, also known as the Nuova 500 or Cinquecento, was greeted by a quarter-million people at an event that also marked the 50th anniversary of the original 500's launch.

The new 500 gets built in Tychy, Poland, and like the new Beetle and particularly the MINI Cooper, offers a wealth of customization options that mostly impact looks as well as a very strong safety profile. Four trim levels, 12 exterior colors, 15 interior packages, and a variety of exterior decals allow more than 500,000 individual combinations, so buyers can make the car very much their own. The new Fiat features seven airbags and offers ABS, electronic stability control, traction control, and a hill-holder feature, and it has earned top safety ratings in Europe.

The 500 comes with a 1.2- (68 hp) or 1.4-liter (99 hp) four-cylinder gas engine, the larger of which is available in turbo form (133 or 158 hp) in the limited-edition Abarth and Abarth SS trims, or a 1.3-liter (74-hp) four-cylinder diesel. It's not a speed demon, but the first year's worth of production, 58,000 cars, sold out within 3 weeks of launch in Europe, and the car won a number of European awards in 2007 and 2008.

Fiat has said it will bring the 500 to the U.S., but the current economic crisis has put those plans in question. Other stated plans include production in Italy and North America, a hybrid version, an even smaller, more-efficient engine option, and a convertible, which has already been caught in spy shots.

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