Dodge Dart Questions


Why Won't My Car Start?

It won't start unless I jump it. Bought a new battery and it still won't start. A little over 65K miles

Knocking Sound When In Reverse And Goes Away In N Or D?

2013 Dart. went out and put the car in reverse when i did i heard a knocking sound. Stopped when put into drive or neutral. This just started today. what could it be?

Dust In Through The Trunk

My 2013 Dart is letting dust in through the trunk. I have frequent gravel road driving and have had the trunk seal replaced but it is still sucking into the car through the trunk/back seat. Is there...

Radio Display Is Black And Not Working And Ac Is Blowing Cold Air But Contr...

When I started my car to leave working I noticed my radio didn't come one and the display screen was black. The ac is blowing cold air but the control panel is not working either so I cant turn it ...