is the 35th anniversary worth more than just the 1999 gt???


Asked by Dec 31, 2007 at 08:35 PM about the 1999 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

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i have a 1999 mustang gt 35th anniversary and i went to the nada car book for its value and it said 14900....then when i tried to check it in the kelly blue book they dont have a catogory for anniversay gt mustangs...and there value is 8700????? so confused! and i have a very clean car just want to sell or trade and have no idea the true value????.....james

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$14,900 is a bit high for a 99,10,000 to 12,500 would be about right,their are so many on the road it is hard for a car lot to get that much out of one.

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Yes, I would shoot for somewhere in between the high and low value depending on condition when selling it. The 35th anniversary doesn't really do much for the value.

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The 35th anniversary Mustang really is just a trim package . Chances are if you have a Bullit ,Shelby, or SVT you would have something more collectable. Ford , for some reason , doesn't do much special when it comes to an anniversary edition . The 20th anniversary Gt350 did come with a special trim package , as well as rare options , such as Turbo convertible. For the 25th , they had a special paint color ( forest green I think ) then the next year , they offered the green as a regular color . Maybe a collector might offer more for an anniversary car , but , seeing the track record , don't bet on it being much more then a regular GT , especially being not very old yet ( give it another 15 years)

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basically it was just a badge and rims... ur not gona get any more for it than a regular GT mustang i give them props though ... its just a little special edition... it should be worth around 10k to 13k depending on mileage and condition...

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Are you sure it's an actual anniversary model? Don't get thrown off by the 35th year anniversary badges. A true Anniversary model would have a honeycomb panel across the trunk. But the anniversary models are MUCH more rare since only a small number of 1999 Mustangs were anniversary models, therefore making them worth more.

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The 1999 Mustang 35th special edition mustang was a lot more than just a badge and a honeycomb panel across the trunk. First off, it was option code 54Y which was a $2695. option on the GT, so you had to first order a Mustang GT then pay $2695 more to get the 35th anniversary package. Now, for your $2695., you got a lot of very special content on your GT - a raised hood scoop - flat black on the hood from the mouth of the scoop to the edge of the hood. - Extended side scoops - a special wing spoiler that is unique to this model, not like any other 1999 to 2004 rear wing. - A black honeycomb trim panel between the taillights - Special rocker side moldings - Special 17" 5-spoke polished wheels with black inserts - Special silver leather inserts in the front and rear seats - Special silver leather door inserts - Special silver instrument cluster trim with "35th anniversary" - 5-speed cars got a special billit shift knob - Special "35th anniversary" floor mats - ....and two other special build items that were never in Ford literature. You could have your pick of coupe or convertible, and 5-speed or automatic, and any one of four colors; Crystal white, Silver, Black, or a special Performance Red which was not offered on any other model, just the 35th anniversary cars. There were 4628 of these very special cars produced; 2318 coupes, 2310 convertibles. 1555 were performance red, 1299 were black, 1259 were silver, and only 515 were crystal white in color.

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BuiltToughCobra and walt460 are right on. Also there's a little tag under the hood that should be there with the number of your issue. Don't get hung up on just the tags alone. Ford put 25 year tags on all late model 1989 and 1990 mustangs. Tag is on the dash. Most people think they have somehing special there too but it's not so.


CheckM8, on these 4,629 Special 35th Anniversary Edition cars there is no little tag under the hood that shows the unit number. Ford did not do this on these cars. The only way you can identify the unit number on the car is on a metal plate that is attached to the body in the area behind the left headlight. This plate is the body tag, it is there on all 1994-2004 Mustangs, and it will be painted body color and very hard to read. The other option is to contact someone who has a list of the unit numbers with the matching VIN numbers. Such information can be gotten on the forum of

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The forum has been helpful already, but I have one remaining question...I recently purchased a 99' 35th on what I believe is a great deal, but I anticipated buying a new car at the beginning of next year. How collectible will the 35th be, or will the GT be collectible regardless? Succintly, should I hold on to the car for 5 or 10 years in hopes of the value going up as it approaches "classic" status, or should I try to get more than I paid for it before putting a large amount of miles on it? Please advise, and keep the worthwhile info coming!

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I have had my 1999 35th Anniversary Limited Edition 5 speed convertible for 14.5 years now, I bought it new in June 1999. I went to a vintage Mustang show today (9/22/13) and I still prefer mine to most others. Mine is black and still turns heads and gets comments from strangers. It isn't any more valuable on paper than the other GTs from that year, but the striking two tone interior is so much nicer than the stock at the time. I love the unique wheels and the blade-thin hood scoop. The 2000-2004 use a fatter, clunky scoop that I do not care for. The 99 had far-better looking side scoops, which the 2001-04's adopted. But best of all, the honeycomb rear valance makes the car look 100% better. I do not like the 1999 stock models, the 35th ALE fixed a lot of styling oddities the non-35th used. When buying a 99, you need to check to see of the plastic manifold recall has been performed. It is not cheap but if you don't replace it the coolant will eventually leak and you'll be forced to do it. This was a problem for all 4.6L V8s Ford made for a number of years. I will never sell this car, it's family to me and has given me 145K miles of joy. This model Mustang is one worth searching for and restoring.

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I agree with Fan35. I had mine for about that long and I still get the looks even parked next to the latest and greatest models of any car brand. It is like the not good looking girl but ridiculously attractive. I replaced the headlights, the cawl, and restored the seats (to original specs). I have it insured as a collectible with American Collectors Insurance for $280 a year, limited miles, pleasure only. It is now rare, just try to get a rim, headlights, carpets or even a hub cab. It will cost you 3 times if you even find it. I missed the recall on the manifold and I blew it. It cost me about $1400 to get the revised one installed. I'm sure time will have the final words.

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I think the 1999 35th Anniversary Edition cars will always command some special recognition in that they were based on a GT only and a pretty pricey option package that came with a lot of unique owner merchandise. I hope the MCA has a special display area at each of the 50th celebrations for the Anniversary cars. I am restoring a 40th car just now, and these car are also a nice package, but they could be ordered based on either the GT or the non-GT (V6) car. The one I am restoring is a V8 5-speed car with the Mach 1000 stereo option, which makes it a pretty rare car.


I have the 35th Anniversary Edition that was in the lobby of the Headquarters in Detroit. It has always been stored inside and has only 131 miles. Absolutely pristine. Any thoughts as to it's worth?

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Walt460 is wrong about the tag my dad has a 35th convertable 5-speed and there is a tag on the dash and under the hood. The 35th is worth more it has special rims with a black panel between the headlights it has a special knob am spoiler with a hood scoop but mine has a shaker hood with silver in between the seats an the door. It may be lowered witch mine is. I mean I'm 12 and I'm probably not as smart as y'all but I know my mustang so I know how it is

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Maxistal it's probably worth around $15,000.00-$16,000.00


Cars4life304, Really? There is a tag under the hood with the sequential 35th Anniversary unit number? And on the dash? I do not think so. The question I was answering was whether or not there was a tag mounted under the hood that had the sequential unit number for the 35th Anniversary car. And there is not, to my knowledge. So if your family has one of these 1999 GT 35th Anniversary cars, I would sure love a picture of the tag or ID plate that you are referring. Thanks, Walt

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Here is a pic of the 2004 40th Anniversary GT that I finished a while back. It now has a 4.6L DOHC engine and a complete 2004 Mach 1 interior.

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Pic of the engine. This a 8K mile "Aluminator" engine from Ford Racing with a 2001 Cobra intake.

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I have a set of the limited edition 35th anniversary gt rims for sale if anyone is interested.

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I own a Black 35th car and there are no tags on it. There are companies out there that sell tags like that though so it was probably done by the previous owner or a dealership installed item. Anyone else here have one that doesnt have traction control or the Mach460 stereo? Mine doesnt have either. And before anyone says it isnt a real 35th car save it. It is number 2,090 of 4,628. And does anyone happen to have a set of the 35th floor mats? Mine didnt come with any. :(

How did you do it?????? Finding the production # and verifying the 35th anniversary edition? Please do tell thanx


Well the 35th cars had quite a few items that only came on them. The Silver on the seats, Silver Gauge Bezel that says 35th Anniversary, Silver on the Door Panels, 35th Pony on the Floor Mats, 01-04 Spoiler, Honeycomb Panel on the rear, Special Sideskirts that no other New Edge came with, 01-04 Side Scoops, Hood Scoop(1/2" Shorter than the 01-04) and Decal on Hood. Nothing performance wise unfortunately. And I gave my VIN number to this guy and he has a list of all the true 35th Anniversary Edition cars. Here's a pic of mine. Just added the 00 Cobra R Hood and Saleen Spoiler. To kinda keep the theme of having a little Matte Black on the Hood I have the vents done in Matte.

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Do you still have those rims 35Annman?


Yes I do Donovan.


I just bought a 2009 45th ann. If I not mistaken,they put that badge on all of the mustangs, not just the GT's Mines a V6, with a Appearance package on it, Just nicer wheels, Performance White paint, fog lights,

Did you sell those wheels 35Annman, does anyone have any for sale? I just bought a 35th Anniversary car with aftermarket wheels. If so please e-mail to


I still have them. I will email you.

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hi all just found this post... I have a 99 35 th special ed. 40,000 mile creampuff for sale. cervani body kit mild bolt ons and really big tires for sale in phila. email at and its a real one. I got the mats original cats, sct tuner plenty kirban crome under the hood. adult owned by a mechanic.

Love this year,wouldn't trade mines for the world. ...


A 1999 35 edition, in the year 2015, still turns heads, and is a car worth around 10000 in good condition. I love mine and would not lose it for nothing.


I just bought a 1999 Mustang GT 35th anniversary edition. It's Red in color. Who can I send my vin # to, to check if it's a true 35th edition? After reading everyone's comments, I'm certain I have a true beauty here.

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I just recently purchased a 99 35th anniversary edition as well. Is has the honeycomb the interior original hood everything except floor mats and I'm not sure about the wheels though. They are mustang wheels but not sure if they are original. I'm wondering if the guy I bought it from knew what he had. As a matter of fact I wasn't sure. I just thought it was a 99 mustang gt. I only paid 2800 for it and it could possibly be worth 10 g's? Really

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I purchased my 99 35TH Anniversary Limited Edition GT off the dealerroom floor in May of 1999. Each dealership was assigned 1 car subject to a lottery. All St. Louis area dealers were issued Performance Red Convertibles as these were used at the opening day ceremonies at Busch stadium for the Cardinals. Walt460 is absolutley right. There is no sequential number plate under the hood from the factory. I still own this car with 46,000 miles. NADA collector car value is currently $11,000 low retail $17,000 high retail.

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looking for 35th wheel and centers it hase coba wheels

hello yes .i have two 1999 anniversary red mustang t's.yes they are marked with a tag between the rad support and the head light,on left hand side ( drivers side) the special will say 1999 special,all of the other cars made in 1999 will say anniversary ,naturally since they were made in 1999 and the year of the anniversary .no i am not guessing at this because i have both cars and they are for sale .one has 1,800 miles on it and its an anniversary car ...the other is a special and has 15,500 miles on it and it is a special .limited edition.

This is the full dealers package ,including a diecast car that was a model of your car in box from ford.


Muskrat99, How much are you asking for these two?

i will get a better picture for those of you who want to see the whole package ,photo didn't show all.sorry folks .but yes these are the cars we are speaking is anniversary model shown on tag between rad support and the headlight.a special will say 99special on this tag with consecutive # the other one shows 99 anniversary since all that were made in that year are 1999 the will say anniversary on tag ...hard to find ,can be flipped up with long wire to read .other wise hides quite well.very easy to tell the has 1,800 miles and the other has 15,500 miles on has paid for kit ,and one is production special.all that were paid for kits still say anniversary on tag .just limited edition ones say special on tag.

both are insured by insurance and aprraised at 25,500.00 26,000.00, by insurance company.they both came with dealer stripes and logos. put a couple on .but gonna let new owner decide how they want to do this with the ford graphics

hello there are ya ?ive been offered 17,000 from a dealer and i don't sell to dealers ...for either one i would part with.if your not a dealer and that i can find out very quickly and you are buying for you own interest. 15,000.00 either you only this offer is good

They are both literally brand new cars.this one we started to put the dealer stripe kit that came with the specials.


Lol. I'm defiantly not a dealer. I have a 99 35th anniversary myself. Also red in color. Hood has been changed with different scoop.

in one month their will be an estate sale and they will both start at 18,000.00.or be donated.if not sold.everything will be sold cars motorcycles and all.harley collection .race cars and motors i am trying to put together a site to show all. you will find a lot of the stuff.all kinds of mustangs and to much to photograph but I'm trying.:-) i love my Mustangs and hate to see them go ,but no good eyes any more to why have stuff you cannot use .

check your will have it .it must be flipped up to read and see is stapled to the rad suport .use light and you will see and then flip up .and will say 99 special or it will say 99 anniversary.99 special means that it was a factory special and #.if it says 99 anniversary it was ordered with the special package .there was red black ,white and silver .real specials..a total of like 4,600 or something like that .1,500 red and divided up pretty egual the stats are on the was not voted into collectors car until 2005,so yes almost every one used and lost original items such as diets car ,have never seen another original one other than the one that i have .many bogus ones on the market. original car comes in ford box with all of the dealers stuff including cds and music and all. remember tag is not quickly visible look and find top with staple and then use stiff wire to bend out to read.nice little 94' 5.0 with novi 2000.been in storage now since it was taken off of the road five years ago collecting dust will sell as is ..built for son .he is long gone and selling for parts 7,000.00 beautiful finished car .lost is clean and has 18,000 miles on it since being made brand new.will give bill of sale .originally bought on ebay.and restored.drove for one year and put away...mean while if i get the time i am applying for new title.if you choose it at this price i will give you a notorized bill of sale .when i get new title praise goes up conciderably.and yes you are welcome to vin # to check car out .its not stolen and lots of money went into making it what it is now.but it must go also.

be careful buying new floor matts for your 99 anniversary...make sure they have the molded patent ford underneath molded into rubber..after markets look almost the same logo is in different spot.and no molded ford patent on the underside.that says ford anniversary.

a regular aniversary mustang gt.with added packege will have everything in it as a special except one thing ...the factory specials have a silver door panel next to arm rest .that the anniversary cars did not have ,but not the same frosted silver and black theme.different colors.more loke grey and black with the regular anniversary cars .so yes there is a big difference between owning a 1999 35th anniversary mustang and owning a 35th anniversary special mustang gt.

and any hood from 2002 -2004 will be a replacement for the original 99 special or anniversary hood.if your car was made after june or might have the 2000 hood.with no scoop.every one liked the scoop so 2000 tag says spoiler on it..and then they went back to the original hood and scoop from 1999.


Ok The vin# was ran and it is a true 35th anniversary just not sure about the "special" part. I recently bought this car. Only has 60,000 miles on it. Everything you talked about the doors, is in my car. Except the original floor mats.


hey all - I just bought a Silver 35th convertible (see pics) came with the floor mats still in the plastic :) I'd like to get my hands on one of those die cast models of my car if anyone knows how to get ahold of one... thanks!


hey also - I'm interested in opinions on if small bolt-on mods will greatly impact the value of my car - it is currently 100% bone stock with only 34k miles. i was thinking of just stuff like a cold air intake with K&N filter box, etc...

the die cast model are on ebay right now

have a special edition with only 1500 miles in the special anniversary color silver with model to match; since there were less than 500 of these models ever built I'm keeping mine and letting my kids laugh at me for doing so

New purchase 99 35th anniv. With 25k miles Vortech !


The trend is that the 35th anniversary mustang with lower mileage are going up in value. A time capsule example with less than 20 miles sold last month at Barrett Jackson for close to $60,000. Obviously, there aren't many with this low of mileage but they didn't build many of these anniversary models. Time will tell.

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