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Asked by Aaron Jul 31, 2016 at 12:20 AM about the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD

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We just bought a 2016 and love it - except the Start/Stop. It's nice that the
Eco setting "sticks" in this model (I leave it on), but the Stop/Start doesn't.
You have to set it every time you're in the Jeep. It's kind of disconcerting
being in the middle of an intersection waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so
you can turn left and having the engine shut off. I live in a very congested
suburban area, and as soon as my foot's off the brake, I usually need to
GO. Really wish there was an option in the settings to turn this off
permanently. Think Jeep will do that at some point, maybe with a software
update? I think consumers should be in control of something as intrusive as

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Ask your salesman- if you don't like the way these 21st century cars drive, try something else-

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There is a simple option now for the car to remember if you want Stop/Start disabled. Here is the link:

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go to your u-connect screen/ settings/engine/auto- stop-time/ can be alterred fom 0 seconds through to 10 mins .

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Go to your u-connect screen --settings/engine/auto-stop ..this can be adjusted from 0 seconds through to 10 mins... either 5 mins or 10 mins should suit you better..

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The setting you refer to is actually called "Engine Off Power Delay" There is no "Auto- stop" setting other than the disable button you need to press every time you start the car. . This setting does not have anything to do with the Auto (Engine) Stop Start. The YouTube video ( that claims this is wrong, as you can see from its comments. Here is what this setting does according to the owner's manual: "When this feature is selected, the power window,switches, radio, Uconnect phone system (if equipped),DVD video system (if equipped), power sunroof (ifequipped), and power outlets will remain active for up to 10 minutes after the ignition is cycled to OFF. Opening either front door will cancel this feature. Press the “Engine Off Power Delay” button on the touchscreen and choose from “0 sec,” 45 sec,” “5 min” or “10 min” to select your desired time interval." This has nothing to do with the Engine Stop Start system.

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I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Have it for 1 year and 9 months.. light just came on to service the Start Stop (All Ready) ... Is this a feature going to be a big problem?

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The 2016 Grand Cherokee has a secondary battery dedicated to Engine Stop Start. Early failure of this battery is fairly common and likely the problem.

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OK - so the device is available for $129 (on sale from $159) at the web site "Mark Helpful" provided. My Jeep dealer told me today there is no way to turn this damn thing off. I would gladly pay Jeep to turn it off but they insist it is impossible. What's up with them! I hope they get enough complaints to warrant a change in their ridiculous position.

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I have a 2019 jeep Cherokee latitude plus with the ESS feature . There is a way to not completely disable it but to delay to 10 minutes before it would shut the engine off which in most cases would satisfy most users . On my display I pushed apps then I look for settings I found settings and on settings I scrolled to engine on off . I change the setting from five seconds to the maximum 10 minutes which would not allow the engine to turn off for 10 minutes after you made a complete stop at a signal or stop sign . Works great for me easy fix to annoying problem .

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That 'engine off' setting is the engine off POWER DELAY. From the manual: "When the “Engine Off Power Delay” feature is selected, the power window switches, radio, Uconnect Phone system (if equipped), power sunroof (if equipped), and power outlets will remain active for up to ten minutes after the ignition is cycled to OFF. Opening either front door will cancel this feature." Drive some will see ESS is not turned off.

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To GuruVK69q - I was excited to hear this and followed your instructions though I could only find "Engine Off Delay" NOT "engine on off". I set this to 10 minutes in my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Latitude but it had NO EFFECT on the horrific engine shut down at the red light. I don't know if the 2019 is different but there is NO relief for 2018 owners.

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All vehicles will have it by 2020. It’s a government regulated feature and after 2020 there won’t be a button to shut it off either.

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when the day comes the vehicle will drive itself, lets install a bar in the car. You can drink and NOT drive. Can't wait !

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I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with the ESS system and find that, once the engine shuts down (either at a red light or when coming to a complete stop while waiting to take a left) I can get the engine restarted by simply relieving pressure off the brake pedal. I don't mean lifting completely off the pedal, just relaxing my foot a little (not even enough to allow the car to roll) I hope this helps.

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The Jeep Cherokee ESS system can be defeated by unplugging the hood closed switch that is under the hood, along the driver side of the engine compartment on a bracket at the fender edge. By unplugging this only the ESS is disabled. The only downside is a warning light and messages every once in a while that says the ESS is not working. I performed this on my 2015 Cherokee and more recently on my 2018 model. Remote start still works, no other issues..

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Have a 2019 Jeep Compass. As soon as come to stop, quickly shift into Neutral. Engine won't cut off. It's annoying, but it works (temporarily)! When need to go again,shift back into Drive.

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Easy way to disable for good is to unplug small wire connector at battery. It senses battery voltage and won’t allow ESS to operate while unplugged. I have used this method for over 8 months and works great !! You will notice a yellow notice on lower speedometer letting you know that ESS is not engaged .

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Disconnect the hood sensor. Problem solved. It took less than a minute.

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The only TOTALLY seamless solution is SmartStopStart ( Other solutions work but they either set warning lights (both hood sensors and battery sensor do this), disable remote start (if wrong hood sensor is disconnected), or set fault codes (if battery sensor is disconnected) OR require changing driving habits (modulation of brake pedal or manual shifting).

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www.smartstopstart wont work if you live in california, unless you smuggle across state line. So dumb CA..

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I’d rather pay for a bit more gas than a new starter. This is annoying in local driving.

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Someone is gonna get hurt or killed because of this system. i have only had this car a month and already had to jump out the car because it wouldn't start in time the semi behind me finally stop just inches from my car. Also if have to quickly back up .if you pull to far into traffic you almost cause a wreck because you have to wait for car to restart..a car should not be on any highway is it is not running..

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Many times the Start/stop stalling problems are associated with the Intelligent Battery Sensor. But the Jeep Shops haven't figured that out yet.

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I don't even have 300 miles on my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I took it in this morning to the service department to see if they can turn that damn start/stop system off. Nope, can't be done without using an after market device to do it for you. Now, the 'engine off' setting is the engine off POWER DELAY and is used when you remotely start your car in cold weather it will run for the length of time that units it set for, from 0 to 10 minutes. When the timer has reached your setting it will turn the car off. This idiocy was not well thought out by the engineers because they believed that we are too stupid because we aren't buying into that "New Green Deal" stupidity, thus making it extremely difficult to cut out that annoying piece of technology. This comes off like Microsoft updating our computers and we cannot stop them from entering our computers and making changes with or without our consent.

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2016 Jeep GC Laredo, 27,000 miles. Stop/start battery failed, although we never use the system. Car "locked" in Park and wouldn't budge. An enterprising young tow truck technician figured out a way to shift into neutral so that it could be towed 40 miles to the dealership (still under warranty; the main battery also failed). Both batteries are conveniently located under the front passenger seat. Extremely happy we can choose NOT to employ Stop/Start.

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I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with ESS and I used to notice some lag in the ESS starts like you all are , until it actually stopped working due to battery aging out close to 45000 miles of driving. Instead of going with Mopar battery for which Jeep dealership quoted me 350$ ( outrageous ) , I went with Champion AGM Battery ( 48 months free replacement warranty) from PepBoys ( 146$ with 25% discount and then 40$ cash back and free install ) with 1000 cranking amps ( greater than 700 AMP mopar battery ) at 32F and 850 cranking amps at 0 F. I must say after getting this battery installed my ESS is almost instant with no lag what so ever and you have instant power as soon as you lift your foot off the brake pedal. I love how ESS is working now , it charges a lot faster too and I have not seen any message even once like battery charging ESS not ready for past 3 months and I recommend switching to this battery.

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My husband and I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited we took it to the car dealership because there was a rattling noise underneath the Jeep at that point in time they told me they couldn't hear or find the rattle but all the sudden they told me we needed a new stop start sensor we were getting no alerts on the dashboard say anything about our stop-start we turned our stop-start off every time we got in the car because we did not like it at all that feature is completely stupid and it should have never been put in this car however when they told us we need it this new stop-start sensor and how much it was going to fall I was very upset I told him that I didn't why wasn't there about a stop-start sensor I was there about a rattle under my car now since we left that mechanic we never saw the lights come on on the dash indicating that there was anything wrong with starts up now two days after we left there we started seeing lights lighting up on the dash we truly believe that they did something to make our sensor go out you have to be careful with these mechanics because they will bring your car up just to juice you for more money now we have to pay almost $400 to replace One sensor on a feature that we absolutely hate I will never buy another Jeep again I will never deal with another Jeep dealership again what they did to us is highway robbery and I don't care what the mechanic say we had no problems until he went there so they have done something to our car just to make us have to replace a sensor that wasn't even going out when we pulled into their lot and we still have the rattle under our Jeep that they said they couldn't find the problem we're here it is still loud and very much there and it has nothing to do with a start-stop mechanics are like bank robbers except they don't wear masks and they're going to f*** you every chance they get my advice is let's all stop buying the cars they're making see how they like losing customers because of their behavior and piece of s*** features

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On the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee there is a connector at the battery (under passenger seat) lift up firmly on the plastic battery cover and locate the connector in the front (towards the front of the car) and disconnect it. you have to squeeze the connector to release it. You will get a small light on your panel and an announcement message but both will either go away or be no very noticeable. This action does not hurt the cat in any way.

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