envoy wont start...

Asked by Jul 04, 2013 at 11:11 AM about the 2002 GMC Envoy 4 Dr SLT 4WD SUV

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have a probleme with gmc envoy xl slt 2002m.
Now it wont start at all, i can turn the key on and try to crank it but nothing, the
dashlights come on,radio works and i know the battery its new, and its not the starter
because it was tested and it cracks. I don't know what it could be, the vehicle shifter is
also locked in Park, it won't move to neutral and their is no manual override. if i wait 10
or more minutes it works again, but you can start over only one time and then it dont

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Sounds like a problem with the security system. Are you trying to use a new or different ignition key? That may be the problem. Try, after ten minutes, using the old key. HTH -Jim

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i have 2 keys and two remote but with bouth is the same problem.... sometimes i have wait and 30 min when car will start....

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ignition switch under steering column friend had same issue on 2008 envoy

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Mine is doing the same thing and I have had the igninton switched changed 2 times by Aamco. I am getting stranded and having to leave the vehicle over night can it starts the next morning. Did you find a solution to your problem...if so please share and maybe that will be the issue with mine.

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I change starter igninton switch and i dont have problem

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I am having issues with my 2005 envoy .. the dasg lights come on.. the radio.. i have to hit the starter then some times jt works.. i get stranded at work.. i dont know if its the starter or something else..at times it works all week.. help please

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Mine was doing the same thing and it ended up being the starter selenoid needing replaced. Worked fine ever since. Unfortunately to replace the selenoid I had to replace the starter as they are molded together.

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If hitting the starter makes it start, you need a new starter. HTH. -Jim

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My 2003 gmc won't start either the gas isn't going to the filter and I just changed the fuel pump also my oil gauge isn't working . everything else works can anybody help

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I have the same problem on my 06. Ran fine, then nothing. Batter was weak so I replaced it. Starter works when I jumped the relay. Swapped ignition switch same problem. Tested starter relay, checked out good. I've only had this truck for 1 month. I need help!

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2004 GMC Envoy XL . Changed these parts : Starter. Battery. Ignition switch. Fuse Relay. Turns on the lights ,radio,dash, inside lights ect but will not crank. I understand there is a built in security system that will not allow it to turn on if it thinks it's being tampered with. On you tube there is a technique you can do to make the computer relearn so as to allow the vehicle to turn on although it does not work all the time. Will be trying it tomorrow ,I'll post here let you know what happened.

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Well finally got some luck , It turns out it was the built in anti theft system , okay so let me go back to my original issue with my 2004 GMC Envoy XL 4200. My wife had gone to the store in the Envoy not a single problem with it ,she comes back out tries to start it nothing it just cranked until the battery just died completely. I buy a new battery it wouldn't turn over so I figure it was the starter , so Me and my son change the starter, then the ignition switch ,then the starter fuse relay ,nothing but lights ,one light in particular is the SECURITY LIGHT That stays on , come to find out some genius somewhere ,got the idea that this dang built in security system should prevent the crank of the Envoy among a list of things to go completely wrong , this computer is sensitive folks!!!. If it thinks it's being tampered with which could ,or might be ,with the simple act of changing the battery ,or changing the alternator you will probably have to get it to reset good news is there is a technique for it ,but beware if this technique even works it might work for a while ,it might bring on new problems ,it might not even work when you try it, then again you might not ever have this problem again. Go to the next comment I'll post it on there don't worry it's easy as heck .

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You'll be leaving the ignition on so as an option hook up a battery charger . 1.Turn the key to on and attempt to start engine ( it won't start I know) leave the ignition in the on position do not turn it off ,you see the security light flashing or just staying on ?your gonna wait about 10 minutes for that sucker to turn off. Next turn off the ignition wait about 10 seconds then repeat these instructions your gonna have to do this technique for 3 times for a total of 30 minutes once you followed these steps for 3 times turn off the ignition switch all the way and wait for 10 seconds now try and start it ,it should try and crank ,so what you did was get the internal computer to relearn ,you can Google these instructions yes it worked for me ,I got happy to hear my Envoy finally crank , by the way I'm not a mechanic so don't go thinking that I am ,I'm just like you trying to find answers to this junk your free to make your own decisions . Do your research and good luck folks.

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Nitroglory, I tried your advice but my security light isn't blinking. It just stays on. No crank at all but dash, radio ect works. Any more suggestions ?

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Nicole, the 10 minute relearn procedure will not work in your situation. There's a very specific set of circumstances which will allow you to use the relearn procedure. You need to be towed to your local dealer for repair. HTH. -Jim

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Hello Nicole, sorry your going through a rough spot, the only thing I can think of is your battery may not be pushing the necessary 12 volts needed to turn over the motor. Bad battery Bad alternator Loose connection One of the fuses. It's hard to tell especially with these pain in the bottom cars. You got to eliminate a lot of choices with the electrical system. Hmm start with the battery , check the terminals see if there loose. Get someone to take it oreilly s auto parts they check for free. Starters too by the way. If it happens to be something simple and an easy fix, but it'll start but won't turn over, get someone to clean the throttle, twice I've had to do this to mine. Hey if it gets fixed post here okay, I'd like to know how it turned out. Good luck.

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I have an 06 and I've tried to jump the battery and I start it but the engine won't start but lights radio and all turn on and my gas needle has been off could it be my fuel pump going or just need to be cleaned

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Thanks guys. I took It to Belle tire and they said my fuel pump needed to be replaced ??? Ok So why won't it even crank over if it's just the fuel pump. They want $882.64 to do this !!!! Doesn't sound right to me.

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Doesn't sound right to me either, Nicole. If it were just the fuel pump the engine would still crank. HTH. -Jim


Right. Reason given was the pcm fuse will keep blowing out triggering my fuel pump not to work. Seems legit I guess.... So I called around. Belle tire wants $530.00 for price of new pump. I found them for $249. - $306.00. So why the huge $200.00-$300.00 Mark up on the same part ? Then 350.00 in labor.... Labor ok but the mark up is crazy. I am taking my envoy elsewhere. I got the copy of their Diag report for this. ($80.00 for diag ) Needless to say I won't do business with Belle in the future.

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Didn't think about the fuel pump, real glad you gonna get it fixed Nicole and thank you for keeping us updated. Mechanics will bill high cause of the over head, that's why I try and do what I can for my car on my own THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE!!!.


Thanks.. I will update tomorrow with info after new mechanic checks it out. I normally would have my son fix this but my Envoy almost has 300,000 miles on it and at this point I want certfied warranty mechanic doing it just to be safe.


Nichole did you ever figure out the problem?

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Tina, yes. So it seems the problem was my fuel pump and my fuse. Each time I tried to crank it in turn that would blow my pcm fuse. It is fixed now. So if you are also having this problem where it will NOT crank here is the reason.

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I'm having an issue with my 2003 gm envoy it starts and runs great if jumped but when i shut it off I have no power alternator is new batteries have been tested starter is good no bad fuses can someone help

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I have a 2005 gmc envoy xl 4.2l and im having problems with the truck not wanting to start. I let it sit for 2 hours and then it will start ive got a new ignition switch new starter new alternater new batter new pcm/ecm new bcm and im still having problems. Idk what else it can be

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