how long is the life of 2013 Honda CRZ battery's life?

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Can anyone please advise....what are the mechanical flaws, if any of 2013 Hybrid CRZ Honda? How long is the life of the electric/regular battery? Does it die soon? Please list all the pros and cons you may know.
Thank you.

22 Answers place to read up on it. I don't know if any owners of that car will show up here, maybe they will

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and Battery life? It has not been around long enough to determine that

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The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery should be covered under the 5-Year / 60,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty. Check with the dealer to find out exactly how long they will cover the battery. Find out how much it will cost to replace.

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I have a 2012 CR-Z EX (red, white pin stripe, mud flaps, & coated with Xylon) and the battery is covered separately in the warranty for 10 yrs. That is for complete coverage. After that, the consumer is on their own and I've 'heard' that the battery is around $3000. Something to consider, yes, but also to consider is how long you keep a car. Personally, I adore my CR-Z and that 10 yr time doesn't bother me. I had the CRX for 10 yrs and wish I'd never sold it. For me, long live 2-seaters :D

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Ahhh, meant to add the 'cons' of the car. It's the rear viewing from the driver's perspective. The view is broken in half by the window bar and that can be very distracting in the beginning. It took me about a week to get used to that, and then I added the little round blind spot mirrors to my side mirrors. Now the back doesn't bother me and all blind spots are covered. The CR-Z is a very different type car and it's not for everyone, but those that love the look, love the feel of the road, and like to know they are driving the car and not the car driving them -- in other words, sports car lovers (but without the increase in insurance as true sports cars have) will love this car. What saved the car from being classified with insurance as a sports is the really large cargo area in the back. True sports cars only have that miniscule trunk. You can get a ton into the CR-Z. A tip for groceries, since the bags would be rolling around, is to get a collapsible organizer. I found a large one at Bed Bath and Beyond, black, 2 large compartments that hold a minimum of 6 plastic bags of groceries or 4 paper bags, and has the bonus of Velcro made onto the bottom corners so that it grips the floor of the cargo area and never moves around. $9.00 and worth every cent. So there's your answer from me and hope it helped you.

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Answering this October 2015 - I bought my 2011 CR-Z EZ in October 2010. Haven't had any issues with the battery. Still get 33+ mpg in the city and 39 on average on the hwy, ( but I have gotten 45 ). It depends on how much you use the Sport button and the paddle shifters. I don't plan on selling the car anytime soon.

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Mark, I feel the same way. LOVE my CR-Z EX and plan on keeping and driving it until my last breath. The only thing I would change is the rear view. That darn spoiler really cut the window in half but I've gotten used to it. Still, I know you know what I mean. That is the only 'con' I ever found with this car and can't believe more people haven't bought it, loved it, and sworn by it. Everyone that rides in mine --- shoot, even sees it --- wishes they had one, too. We should form a club, haha.

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I drove the 2012 today at the used car lot, then drive the civic. I am so in love with this CR-Z. This thread has answered many questions I had. I did read one review that it had loud sounds for highway driving (or something like that). Anyone notice this? Thanks everyone.

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Hi, Melanie :) Fun wasn't it? I ADORE mine and wouldn't trade it for the world. You were wondering about loud road sounds. I can't say it's loud but driving any 2-seater low to the ground is not going to give you the 'no sound' of a large luxury car. On the other hand, luxury is in the eye of the beholder, right? So, no, it is not silent, but there's no roar or aggravating rumble at all. Go back to the lot and test drive it on the road. Do it with the radio off and then with the radio on. I think you'll be very happy. As I said in previous posts, the only drawback is the semi-blocked view in the rear. I'm a die-hard CRZ-EX fan and have had a number of 2-seaters in my life. The Miata was fabulous and I was in love with my Opel GT. I hear the Opel GT is being brought back to life but isn't in the States yet. I had a Healy 3000, and Triumph as well but those 2, although so fun to drive, always had some problem going on. British Leyland cars were not the best on reliability, just good looking and fun. I don't know where you are, but snow is a concern. I just had an 18" snow and was housebound for a week. With a 6" ground clearance, well, you can see why. Luckily, this doesn't happen often. In case you now wonder about heat and cooling, they are A1, and come Spring, I'll be loading the back with flowers to plant. LOVE my car.

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Thank you Jenny!! I think you are correct about the road noise. I have a sedan now and it's noisy while driving on the interstate! I was so happy to find this post because I thought I was a little crazy after driving it and that it had been so much fun to drive! I thought it was just me and that I had been lured in by the car's flashy dash and cool interior. But then I drove the blah blah Civic. My sister said to me, "you don't look at the outside of the car on those long drives each day to work, you see the inside. Get what you like!" Im sold CR-Z lovers! I'm in!

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Oh boyyyy, that's great! Buy those little round mirrors that stick on the sideview mirrors; will be a ton of help for you. I agree with your sister. I had friends tell me I was crazy but all I can say is "you know what you like and what fits" and I have never looked back since. If you buy it, post a pic 'cause I'm dying to see it. You can already see my little red one in the previous posts.......and get this: I'll be 69 in April! Long live 2-seaters!

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I'm 6'3" tall so There are very few small cars that I fit in comfortably. I bought a black 2012 with 6spd manual trans. When I took it in for service, the dealer concierge couldnt drive it (millennials cant drive manual) I absolutely love the car, and find myself thinking up errands to run during lunch so I can take a drive. It actually gets better mileage if I drive it like I stole it. The rear view is my one complaint. I added a rear-view camera and bubble convex mirrors for the blind spots, but it took a little getting used to. Tuner punks stop me to ask about it all the time, but its not really as fast as it looks.

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I have a honda 2012 CRZ and I drive mostly back and forth to work I have gotten as high as 47 miles to a gallon and that is going up and down hills.

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I chose a black Honda CRZ and I love it at 47 miles to a gallon you cant beat it. With the acceleration of a sports car and the economy of a hybrid you can't beat it.

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First, back to Melanie: High 5! I'm still loving my red baby to this day. It's now 5 yrs old and I still get asked about it everywhere I go. It's a real attention-getter --- bet you're finding the same :D I think once a person decides on this car, they are hooked for life. I felt that way about the original CRX that I had for 10 yrs. That model got 60 mpg, seriously; but my 2012 CR-Z is just the best looking thing around as far as I'm concerned and fits me to a T. To Black6spdcrz: That is one FINE looking car! I know you love it. I was thinking about installing the backup camera as well. Yes, the rear view is a pain although I've gotten used to it, but with other cars, I used to be able to zip into a parallel park so easily. Now, I pray as I dart my eyes to my side mirrors and rear view mirror.....not easy. Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world. To GuruR7P4: Amazing to drive, isn't it? I fell in love with the CR-Z the moment they came out. If I were a man, I'd choose the black, too. That is one sexy looking car in black. My red (with pin stripes) is just plain sporty, but as I said to Melanie, it's absolutely perfect for me. Case in point, I picked up my best friend last week from the hospital and a nurse had wheeled her down as is the rule of the hospital. As I pulled up, the nurse opened the passenger door and said, "Oh wowwww, what a car...and boy, does it ever fit you". I loved it. Life is good :D


Hi! I've had my 2011 CRZ EX since May 2011. Like all of you, I love this car! I was just searching for some information on the battery life and am so glad I found this discussion. My car is 6 years old now but still runs as if she is brand new. Here is a photo.

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Oh boy, your silver fox of a CRZ is outstanding! As you can see by my posts, I really love mine, too. Now I'm starting to chuckle because after seeing your car's photo, I realize how badly mine needs a bath ;) Well, when the weather cools a bit by next weekend, then I'll do it ---- wait.....Car Pool instead! Oh, by the way, another thing I love about the CRZ EX, is the fabulous cargo space. Every Spring, I haul a ton of new plants from the nursery to my house and it's so perfect. For groceries, I found these wonderful collapsible organizers with 3 good sized compartments that will hold the bags in place. There's a velcro bottom so that the organizer never moves around. Great invention. I saw bunches without the velcro, but the velcro is the only way to go. Back to our cars, you're right: mine runs like it was brand new, too! I can't even foresee the day I'd ever say goodbye to my loved CRZ EX.

It looks like this topic has turned in a CR-Z fan club... nice. I bought mine from CarMax, so it went through their renewing process and it was basically brand new after that except for the mileage. I added heated, leather seats, window tinting and remote start. I also have a set of snow tires and a roof rack for the kayak in the summer. It's cool when I load it up and have both the kayak on top and the bike on the back. I've taken it to an autocross this last summer. I thought with the steering the way it is (so tight) and the electric motor for a good launch, it would do alright. And it did... until the 5th session. The battery was almost depleted and I had no launch power. I talked with another guy there who had an Insight in the past and he said you can charge it by putting it in park and revving it up around 2500 for about 5 minutes, so I did that and it did charge it back up. Last year, I needed a jump start in cold weather and I wished there was a way to use the hybrid battery to do that but they're two different systems. Everything on the car is fine except I am worried about the battery eventually needed to be replaced. Oh, during the autocross event, they make you take things out of your car like your floor mats and spare tire and that when I found out my car didn't have a spare tire. That's where the hybrid battery is. So I picked up a can of that Fix-a-Flat and I have that in the car now. Yes, it's a really nice car. Too bad they didn't sell enough of them. The visibility in back isn't great but you get used to it. On the highway, you have to be careful because the steering is so tight. Any small movement puts you in the next lane. Other than that, it's great. Teens seem to really like it. They come up to me and ask what it is and to take a look. I don't mind. I was that way when I was their age. -Tony


Gorgeous car, Tony, and all the add-ons? Wow. Could it possibly be that the heat you added could have a slow leak on the battery? I wonder because that's not a standard add- on and is really a customized thing. Might pull too much, but it's just a wondering on my part. I will say, my battery went dead twice in the last years, BUT, it was not the battery's fault. Both times that I'd taken it in for inspection and a check up, the darn dealer had left one of the overhead lights on and it didn't turn off automatically as was originally programmed. Twice! Unreal. Luckily it was an easy fix, but sheesh. Now I find myself hanging around after I turn off my car just to make sure all the lights go off. I still get asked all the time about my little car and my love for it has never changed as it rides like a dream and feels like a part of me. I had to laugh when you said, "I don't mind. I was that way when I was their age"; I'm still that way and ask about other people's cars that catch my eye all the time. Lordy, a 70 yr old woman with a 25 yr old's enthusiasm. By the way, Tony, welcome to the CR-Z fan club, haha. :D


I got a Purple '13 CR-Z and have to join in all the gushing.. Best car I ever owned (am 40 and had a few including 2x civics and a MINI Cooper S with supercharger.. This one is my fave car by a LONG shot.. Back to subject, I gather the batteries are good for 10 years so long as the car is used regularly and not left sitting repeatedly for long periods (manual claims a good 30 mins per 30 days of stop/start city style driving as a minimum but I drove mine WAY more often finding excuses to like others on here).. Seems y'all Americans get better warranty than here in Europe (Ireland, super rare car here also I think I have the only purple on in these fair lands hehehe)..I intend to keep this car for as long as possible.


I forgot to mention.. The Li-ion pack does discharge quite quickly especially with use of the S+ button (I get two good dashes then needs a recharge) but it also recharges pretty rapidly also.. Additionally if you remove the 12v for replacement your IMA battery reading may seem weird for a short time but this is only until the computer reprograms itself. A final bit of intel (I realise age of this post but for any future readers) Sport mode charges the better your quicker than Econ and the pack itself actually cycles through several battery banks (a mild form of self conditioning) so there is always at least one bank being 'rested'.. This extends the overall lifespan of the pack in general.

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