Is 158k to many miles


Asked by Feb 22, 2013 at 10:02 AM about the 2004 BMW 5 Series 525i Sedan RWD

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Too many miles for what? To buy? No any bimmer is a well engineered car that with the right maintenance in it's past will go many more miles, if the asking price is right. CARFAX

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How the car has been maintained is more important that the actual miles. These cars can go 300,000 miles when well maintained. Check the CarFax or AutoCheck report for more helpful information. Buy with caution!

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If this was a guy's car, probably too wonky. If this was a girl's car who carefully saw to scheduled maintainence and oil changes, I'm with H25!

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I agree also with all the guys answers and I thought I'd just give my two cents worth. It all depends on who owned it and the maintenance. Buying from a young guy is a huge mistake more often than not. Older folks always A+, middle age baby boomers, toss up. I buy and sell a lot of cars and that is a great car, But giving us the price with the mileage and what you see as the overall condition would be able to get you a much better answer. If a young guy put a loud mouth exhaust on it, then I wouldn't even consider buying the car, but if a person handed me all the maintenance slips, I'd hand them some cash. It all depends. How much are they asking and what does the car look like? I think a question ask-er can post a picture, I think. So, take a pic and tell us what they are asking, get a pic of the engine and you would get a million responses to your question, that I can probably guarantee...

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Hi Dave, Hi Jay......and for the questioner, here is an 5 series and they are trying to get 6k for it. They don't say what the mileage is, but if it's low, then it might be a good parts car for $4500 is what I might offer, doesn't look to bad in this pic

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But you turn it around and look at the a@s end, well...........

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Hi yerself I wonder if Jessica is even many never do

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Ya, I agree, we generally just talk to our self's, however we keep are self's well informed.. it seems that 80% of the time, we never hear anything from the person and just end up debating amongst our self's. The question was rather incomplete and really lacking in details to make any kind of comment other than what everyone said.

Really. Too many miles to do what? We don't even know that for sure, I was doing the ass of u and me thing

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I have a question why do we answer questions that are questionable? 158,000 miles is to far to walk but, The average distance from Earth to Moon is 384,403 km (238,857 miles) so that means you would only need to drive another 80,857 more miles to park on the moon but remember before you put this answer into your homework you’ve got to understand that the Moon takes an elliptical path around the Earth. That number, 384,403 km is an average distance that astronomers call the semi-major axis. The Moon can get closer to the Earth and it can get further. At its closest point, known as the perigee, the Moon is only 363,104 km or 225,622 miles so less the 158,000 miles already driven you would then only have to drive another 67,622 miles to get to your favorite crater. And at its most distant point, called apogee, the Moon gets to a distance of 406,696 km 252,088 miles so you figure the math, the bottom line is that timing is everything. I seriously believe the car can make it. Buy it.

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Thanks for all your answers we got the car its in great condition all of the maintenance has been kept up since he baught the car and i got it for 4500 :)

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And you don't have to be assholes if you don't have anything nice to say then dont answer thanks

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Don't be so mean, and please buckle up and drive recklessly.

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most people we meet aren't as nice as us CarGurus, for chrissakes they ain't payin' us it is from the kindness of our heart we present our knowledge...take it or leave it..A lot of very knowledgable gurus, and though somehow have risen to a respectable score is through kindness....but I see what looks like tape on the bumper that the way these are supposed to be?..does that feature decrease the car's value? Certainly did not find anything what may put any of us in the "asshole" compartment, but perhaps you really haven't experienced abject negative energy.

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You pegged it Bob. There is nothing in this for us. We just try to help when possible. There are maybe 6 or 8 questions up w/ no answer and that is not because they are being ignored, nobody has come along that can think of a decent response. Yet.

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there was a fellow with a rating of '0' who tried to scold me for not attending to the problem and said 'this isn't a social forum' and that's what Facebook is for, well my friend there is a reason why you've a rating of zero, and may have noticed we DONT SPEAK IN ALL CAPS, makes you appear to be overstating the point. If I just want to talk about stuff, it's going to relate to my experiences with cars anyways, so if I start in with flavored bagels and the unavailability of good lox and cream cheese it is a way to socialize, when we're waiting for the person who posted the question initially to get their act together...and what's it to you to have to ignore the text. Llregal frequently posts things that are so explanitory...skip a bit once in a while and go right to the last couple of sentances (don't tell him, might hurt his feelings)~

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158.000 would be a bit much for an aircooled VW beetle, a Yugo, a Fiat a Ford Escort/Tempo/Plymoth neon vw rabbit geo metro suzuki swift...but not a beamer!

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How do you like that? I thought you guys were being nice and ya got called assholes. I don't think you deserved it. Maybe it's something that's in a BMW owner.

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yep. didn't think it thru. let's move onto something that will prompt results...instead of disdain~

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Well this is a damn first, a general agreement of the community. I, of course, responded to the little wench immediately, but then for the sake of my own dignity and the community deleted about six of my most, well terrible ones. As Tenspeed would readily agree I can be quit the nasty prick when pissed off and she pissed me off. The only comment prior to her asshole remark was what Dave wrote to me about, "making an ass of u or me". However, now that the little want to be rich girl is out driving around pretending she's somebody, one post I shouldn't have deleted was, an avatar speaks a thousand words, look at that mug and she thinks were assholes? Or was it my comment about walking to the moon. I was one with her when she suddenly was touting what she paid then launched off into the asshole bit. There was not one person here that was being a asshole to her and she certainly left herself wide open for what ever. And JayBob you nailed it the best as that has to be the best comment yet. I do often wonder why any of you guys do this. It's at times like torture, but why we keep trying and then end up just talking to each other and in my case often getting pissed off for no reason, is a mystery to me. These people DO think we are getting paid to do this shit. I am convinced and maybe Henry in Admin needs to put a big banner over the question box that we aren't some paid employees of CarGuru's. you think?? By the way, is 12 tires to many?

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12 tires is about the right number for your ICMB launcher-....18 wheelers need four more.

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You asshole, I thought I was talking to professionals.

her avatar looks like an evil toy~

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i just got a 06 525 dark blue with 129000 on the clock 129 is ok for a car manufactured in middle of 05 (10 years) one owner , garaged, service records included. The rear window seal is bad but its cheap on ebay. I want to take this car out once a week. Whats the best oil and oil filter and air filter for 129,000? The interior is mint , no cracks, all buttons are not faded. As a mechanic i can tell the dash was removed , but put back professionally. ( the radio was replaced at 80,000 I need to know what is the best way to maintain my baby. i got a garage, about to install tempature control in garage. 3rd question is , i want to know if anyone in the staten island nyc are can come to my house with a bmw computer ( like the v.a.g.) and tell me exactly what needs to be tuned or what is about to malfunction due to low readings. This is my first bmw. I don't have much knowledge in these cars but i did work on x5 , replace water pump was very easy and parts are not too bad on price. Also i heard the number one thing is to always have a new battery, because low currents damage electrical parts when they don't get enough power. i know its true with other things but i don't know how true it is with this car.

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i got 130000 on the dash and had mine for a week. Its all about if the previous owner took care of her and onetime, and with the best stuff. Do her a favor and treat her Mann oil ,air filters, and mann fuel filter Check in the computer on dash BC to see when spark plugs were done. If not needed, don't touch them. Just take care of her and she will never do you wrong #1 rule always keep your battery new 100% and always charged. That is the key to a long life. The engine computer is very unique, but it can't loose memory . If changing battery, keep car running, do neg cable first, then positive. when putting new battery put positive on then neg. when neg goes on its ok for a little spark


Mine has 300.000 mills on it still runny good but I I had to do change thermostats (230$ for part plus 75 for intifreeze) sparks (6 x8.99$) plugs( 6x69$) Small tun up every 60,000 mills and the car will las very long ( I'm glad I can do those things by my self it's too expensive to do them by mechanic) Bmw ( break my wallet )

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I have a 2006 530i that I bought new. Other than routine maintenance - oil changes @ 7,500 miles not 15k+ No issues and strong. Has eaten 3 batteries and rubber on rear window cosmetic could be replaced and back seat magazine pouches plastic have broken. Still drives like it was new. Bought in San Antonio Texas and now in Bend Oregon where we get plenty of snow. Run Nokian wrg3 all weather snow rated tires. Original brakes made it 60k and still had 4K left on indicator.

A bad picture - olivine


Is 238,000 miles too much to buy a BMW??? HELP

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I have a 2008 528x, there are times when I love it and times when I hate it. I love it when it's running beautifully like it is right now and I hate it when the fan motor breaks down and the car is stuck on the road. I hate it when the starter motor went and I was stuck. I hate it when the break rotors warped. I hate it when the electronics to the transmission broke etc. This car has cost me a ton of money to keep running. But! when it runs well it's terrific. I like driving it and that's why I've maintained it well. I have my own very good and reliable mechanic so it's cheaper than going to the dealership. It has 130,000 km on it and I hope to keep it another 3 years maybe longer. If you want the prestige of driving a BMW off warranty be prepared to sometimes spend lots of money. I can afford it otherwise I'd recommend a Japanese car. As for mileage, all I can say is a 5 series BMW can stand more than 300,000 km if maintained properly. Best of Luck.

Guy wants to trade 2004 545 113,000 miles and a 1985 Monte Carlo w 355 stroker for my 1965 Impala SS, bimmer is cln,daily driver 50 mls to work and back,replacing o2 sensor today?????help need advice

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