Engine Replacement ?

Asked by Aug 12, 2015 at 03:23 PM about the 2007 BMW 5 Series 530xi Sedan AWD

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This is a question about a 2007 BMW 530 xi with 150K miles.  I bought this car from a
used dealer on 4/12/15. Apparently there is no warranty.  I go for an oil change on
5/1/15 and am told that all fluid levels are fine. 5/12/15  The "idiot lights" started
coming on so I went to a specialist to check it out. I am told that the wrong battery is
in the car and thus the signals aren't connecting properly. Essentially, the battery is
misreading the car. I am also told that the radiator is cracked and should be fixed at
some point. 6/29/15 the car stops. I have it towed back to the specialist and am told
that the engine overheated because the fluid drained out of the car possibly due to the
cracked radiator. I am advised to replace the engine at a cost of $8K, including labor. I
still owe about $8K on the car and it was only working for 76 days. During that time I
spent $4K  in payments.  Not sure where to go from here.  Is $8K a normal price to fix
the car ?  Would the overheating require a new engine ?  What is a reasonable labor
price for such work ? FRUSTRATED !!!!

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Overheating would cause the engine to fail, but $8,000 sounds on the high side. you should have had that car checked by someone before you purchased it...

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Ok, the battery on the model BMW that you bought does have to be programmed to the car, so that is probably why it isn't charging properly. I assume you got it programmed when you had it into the garage? Since you were told the radiator was cracked, it should have been replaced ASAP, as BMW's don't have a large cooling system and overheating will warp the heads. As soon as the lights come on and or overheated, you must pull over immediately. If you continued to drive it, you very well might have warped the heads. So the garage is probably right in telling you that you need a new engine. Replacing the heads is a labor intensive job and close to the same cost of a new engine. Most drivers I know, when this happen, find a used engine to install to save on costs. In the future pay attention to the car, BMW's are not very forgiving when they have problems, and owning one, especially over 100K will require maintenance to the tune of $1500-3000k a year. I assume the 8K also includes a new radiator and complete overhaul of the cooling system, such as water pump, expansion tank, hoses, thermostat, etc? They should be changed now if they never were. Sounds like you have to decide to either cut your loses or fix and drive it till it dies.

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See if you can get a salvage yard engine with some kind of warranty. Try carpart.com for this. I'd recommend you taking this car to a service facility that specializes in imports. Your local garage or gas station is not going to be able to fix it. To them, you might as well be driving the space shuttle! My Nephew learned that lesson the hard way with his '98 528i. Once you get it running correctly, I'd trade it right back in, somewhere else, and consider this a lesson learned. If you decide to buy another BMW take it back to BMW or a service facility that specializes in imports for service, maintenance, and repair. HTH. - Jim


I just got quoted $24K for a 2012 X5 6 Cylinder engine!

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$24k as much as it is seems normal. I was quoted the same thing for my 2013 535i. I believe both models share the N55.


I was just quoted $24k for my 2013 528i also. I'm in the unhappy position of owing $17k. BMW won't deal with me unless I pay $3500 for a diagnotic/autopsy .... I think that money is better spent on having a used engine installed by a reputable German car mechanic.

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Will a 2007 535xi engine work in a 2000 528i ?


I have a 2013 BMW 528I that just had an engined replaced by BMW. The vehicle broke down while I was traveling and of course it was out of warranty at the time. It gave no signs of issues as I had it serviced exactly one month prior to the date of the incident. The area BMW rep agreed to have the engine replaced and covered as long as they broke the original engine down. What was found in the engine was "shards of metal"...They couldn't explain it to me. Now that I have a new engine installed, do you know how long it's covered? I have concerns it will happen again.

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Normally the warranty on the replacement part, in this case the engine, continues from the date of the original replacement. For example if you have a 5 year/ 50,000 mile warranty and the replacement part fails at 2 years and 24,000 miles. You have 3 years or 26,000 miles on the replacement part. The warranty doesn't reset to zero. Contact BMW North America, if you're in the United States for a more definitive answer. HTH. -Jim

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BMWneverAGAIN how did you get BMW to replace the engine since the car was out of warranty. I have the same problem now and I'm working with BMW NA. I would like some pointers to get mine replaced. It seams like the same scenario.

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BMWneverAGAIN I have that same engine and mine did the same thing but only has 48K on it. Can you please let me know what you did to get them to replace yours because they are being very difficult about it all.

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I am sorry to hear that you all are having the same issue. My car broke down in the State of Alabama and I’m from North Carolina. My vehicle first began stating it had low oil pressure and would not allow me to check the oil level, it would continue to just stop at 15%. I then restarted the vehicle and the indicator went away for the low oil pressure. I drove about 10 more miles and drive train malfunction appeared and I pulled over immediately. When it was checked out by the dealer they stated they could not figure out why it occurred, but it was putting out many different codes. They then gave us two options... Pay 5000 for a possible fix by replacing the oil intake system, but if that didn’t resolve the issue we would be out that money and still required to purchase a new engine. They offered the new engine at 18,000...at that point I told them the vehicle would just sit on the lot as I was not doing either and would be contacting an attorney as a vehicle that was not even five years old and under 100,000 miles should not have engine failure with prior indications of issues. I had all my service records that BMW has always done the maintenance on it as required. I was given the number to BMW NA and told by the service rep that he has seen them work with someone before by contributing a portion to the repair. I then spoke with the service manager and asked for contact information for the BMW representative for that area. The service manager then explained that he would escalate on my behalf. It took a couple days, but I received a call that the regional rep agreed to replace the engine, but the engine in the vehicle first had to be broken down to see what the issue was. The outcome of that was that there were “shards” of metal in the engine and they could not figure out what caused it. After a month in the shop my vehicle was ready for pickup. It is now giving me a horrible vibration after the new engine installl and I have been told it’s because the “engine mounts” needed to be replaced. The tech at our local delearer stated that they were more than likely damaged when the original engine was removed, but no way to prove it. They are expecting me to pay for that repair, but I am in the process of having an attorney write a letter on my behalf to BMW NA and the National highway safety commission. I explained to the service manager in Alabama and in North Carolina that at some point there will be a recall as I had researched the issue and “shards” of metal in the engine has been a common issue with this model which was the first year this engine had been installed. Now, prior to me having 35,000 miles on it they had to replace one of the turbos also. I hope you all have success and stand your ground. I have read numerous individual stating they have had the same issue. With the new engine, I have a 2 year warranty with unlimited miles (apparently standard warranty BMW) gives for replacement parts.

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BMWNever Again You experienced a timing chain failure. This is an issue affecting soooo many BMW's but they are brushing it under the rug because the cost to fix may bankrupt them. It's a huge deal. The fact they didn't mention "timing chain" is proof they are hiding it. Then they turn around and charge $22K for an engine that costs $4,500 from BMW. It's a racket and I'm going to expose it no matter the cost in time or money, they will be held accountable for this. This entire industry is not regulated properly which is detrimental to our society and we need to change that.

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I am having the same problem. I have a 2013 528i The drivetrain malfunction came on in my vehicle. Took it to the shop and now it needs a new engine. Not sure what to do, but I should not have to pay for a new engine. I am right at 100,000 miles. I'm calling BMW also regarding this issue.

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Well here is an update with the “new engine” that was installed back in October for me. Drive train malfunction and the new engine has about 5000 miles on it. I’m beyond over BMW, but I am going to do all I can to expose what is occurring. A class action suit needs to be initiated by all of us. I again am stranded away from home after a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC. I will update after the dealer looks at it this week. Of course it’s not at a delearship close to my home, so I am out travel expenses and additional hotel expenses after being without a vehicle for a month the last time. It disgusts me as I am making my final payment on the damn car this month and it’s not worth a dime.

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Being an adult is overrated some days! I’m over it for today after speaking with BMW of Myrtle Beach (3xs), BMW of Tuscaloosa (2xs), and BMW of North America. It’s utterly disgusting that BMW certified service centers don’t support or back one another. I’ve been fed a whole lot of “bs” today, but I swallowed none of it. Yes, I had an engine installed 3 months ago and it’s already faulting possibly because “the most up to date software released for the engine wasn’t installed”...but it’s not practice to update the engines if they are not showing signs of issues so I’m responsible for paying $500.00 to see if updating the software fixes the issue. Of course the two year unlimited miles warranty doesn’t cover it....why would it??? The vehicle runs off the computer but isn’t part of the “engine”...that makes a lot of sense to me ! I was given the analogy of apple coming out with updates and when I commented that those updates are available for install and highly recommended to owners of the devices, then why would a new engine not be programmed to the most up to date software release...especially if these releases were made in 2014, 2015, and 2017....well we only update if a recall is done or if the engine shows signs of issues (makes no sense to me as something had to have occurred with this model engine for updates to be released) and in my case with a bill attached of $500.00. So BMW doesn’t feel it is in the best interest to advise their customers of this??? But then again I was assured by BMW of Tuscaloosa that with the install of the engine that the most current software would have been installed, but according to the service manager in Myrtle Beach “ he doesn’t know the service manager in Tuscaloosa, so what he states has no bearing!” Way of supporting the brand you each work for. What do the mechanically inclined on this forum think???


Hello everyone! I am having the same issue and I owe 17k on my vehicle. I found someone to replace the engine for 9k. However, I just bought this car 2 yrs ago and I am at the 110k mile mark. I bought it at 68k miles. Now I have a car just sitting there and I’m paying a car note on it. I’ve had my turbos replaced at the BMW dealer for 2500! They did a full diag. and it never once revealed an issue with the engine. No warning, no lights! Nothing! I can’t believe this! Not sure what to do. Buy a cheap vehicle to get around in or invest the money and get a new engine and pray that it last! Any advice?

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nvest the money and attach to a class action law suite against corporate. You should be within the mileage for them. There are a few out there. Start calling around. Then file a claim in small claims court. Claim deceptive and unfair trade practices against the dealer. They should have revealed this issue and with all the documentation on line about it they should have known. Thing with unfair and deceptive trade practices, not knowing is not a defense and if you win, reward is tripled.

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Have you attempted to escalate the issue to the service ma manager where the turbos were replaced? If so and he did nothing, attempt to reach out to the BMW district rep. If the service manager will not get you connected with them go to the BMW North America website and send and email. A representative will contact you with 48 hours. I would explain to them that you have done your research and the issue that is occurring has been common with this model and year. The engine installed was a new design and as we can see, hasn’t held up as it should. I would also write a complaint to the national highway safety commission. I unfortunately live in a small area and attorneys don’t get involved in this type of issue, so I have filed my complaints and continue to deligently watch for new issues reported on this year and model. At some point a major recall is going to occur, but likely after many have already had to invest in a new engine. I was at the point that I was not going to pay for a new engine as it’s not a guarantee fix. The one installed one mine faulted after approximately 5000 miles. Keep us posted on if you are able to come to some resolution with BMW. Also, if that vehicle has always been serviced by BMW certified mechanics you need to stress that as they are the trained individuals that should b able to detect the problems.

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Did this work for you? It surly didn’t work for me. The arrogance of the dealer and corporate is mind numbing. But I guess it’s worth a shot if he hadn’t already.


Yes, it did work with me back in October as I was adamant that I was not going to pay for a new engine when I had just had my vehicle serviced one month prior to the date this occurred with mine. It’s truly unfortunate that we are all having the same issues. Now, I will say everything has not been the same since the engine replacement as mine faulted with the new engine that was installed and the engine mounts were damaged during the process that I’m still dealing with as it was done at a dealership out of state and not the one I purchased the vehicle and have it regularly maintenanced. When it occurred on mine I owed less than 10k on it and was ready to just let it sit and take a hit on my credit as I personally couldn’t fathom paying 22k for a new engine on a vehicle that was less than 4 years old and has approximately 80k miles on it. From the entire experience I have had, I will never purchase this brand/make of car as they truly aren’t what they used to be.

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I agree with everyone that say we should get together file class action suit. I am having the same problem and my car just went over the 100,000 mile. The dealer is saying bank 2 head pout of time. This should not be happening after 100,000 miles. I call BMW of North America. They are suppose to get back to me. Will keep everybody posted. This issue happen without warming. If everyone is serious about doing something about what BMW is doing, Please Please let me know. Bernard

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An action does need to be commenced with regards to the issue with this make and model year. The issue with mine happened without warning and it was 1 month to the day I had it serviced. Complaints need to be filed by everyone with the National Highway safety commission also.

I bought a 2012 335i and have had engine problems ever since i got it. Bought it at 50k miles but started having more problems when it hit 60k. It was always small things like spark plugs and o2 sensors but last week the engine started knocking at idle and even worse under acceleration from 1.5k rpm all the way thru 5.5K and it progressively got worse as the days went by. finally i took it to bob smith bmw in calabasas and they said it has serious engine failure and contacted bmw about an engine replacement that will be covered by the certified pre-owned warranty. bmw said to replace it the same day they asked and the engine just got there today and they're saying it'll be ready early next week. Just thought id share my experience with this happening, the entire process has been a breeze and they offered a loaner car for the meantime.

I have a bmw 535I dealer installed new injectors that were leaking. I now have a engine knock they said I need a new engine now. I only have 126,000 miles on car would like to join all of you in a complaint to national safety council

Hi, I have a 528i close to 72K Miles, so far didn’t have a engine knocking problem, but the dealer came up with a bill of close to 12K after my usual service maintenance scheduled for the year. So it seems, my car needs a timing chain replacement, front axle replacement, thrust arm brushing replacement, seeping oil tank and few more. Wanted to know if these cover as part of extended warranty which goes up till 100K? And I hope all of you get your issues resolved with your beamers without having a hole in your pocket.

Another thing to note is- when the above estimate was given to me, the service advisor recommends me to trade in my car as the expenses are not worth to repair. are you serious,? It has run just 72K miles, is this what we can expect from BMW?

I need help asap! I had my engine replaced because it did that "runaway" thing where the engine blew itself out - everything has been replaced and now the mechanic can't get it run - the computer is overriding and shutting the car off. I've sent him the basic reset videos on youtube (hold the gas down with acc on key, etc.) and it's still not running. Does anyone know how to reset the entire computer? Please help, I have no way to the store and running low on supplies! It's been almost a month with no car :( I appreciate your help.

Oh, it's a 2005 X5 SUV. Thanks!

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