Thown into limp mode on highway last night HELP!

Asked by Mar 30, 2009 at 11:34 AM about the 2005 Jaguar S-TYPE R 4 Dr Supercharged Sedan

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Hey all, I am new to the Jag community coming from a Porshe and an Infinit FX45.  I recently bought an 05 black SType R and had a serious issue last night.

Crusing home on the highway going about 70MPH, not accelerating nor coasting, just maintaining speed. The engine basically shut down, and I had to pull onto the shoulder, it was very dangerous and frankly, it freaked me out. While on the side of the road I realized that it was idling at about 1100 rpm's, barely moved even thought the accelerator was depressed to the floor, engine light on, as well as "engine systems fault, parkbrake fault, dsc not available" showing up on the dash. I restarted the car about 4-5 times and it eventually got out of "safe mode", I am assuming, but the check engine light remained on. It returned to regular idle and actually drove. Regardless I got it towed to my house because I didnt want to chance it. When it arrived, i got back in the car, started it up and not only did it start up and drive normal, but there was NO check engine light whatsoever. I am very perplexed that a car would just shut down on the highway, put itself into "Limp Mode" and be absolutely fine a half hour later. Does not make sense to me AT ALL! I called Jaguar and they have no clue, they just told me to bring it in. It just came off of warrenty so If at all possible I am hoping you guys can help me out. NOTE: it was raining lightly last night, didnt hit a big puddle or anything, but it had been raining all day.

Thanks for any and all information in advance!

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Its now Christmas day 2009 and I am searching the net having had almost the same problem as you describe above yesterday. I was actually having the car mot'd at the time and have ended up having to leave it at the garage all over Christmas. Has been a great car in the 3 years I have had it until now. What was the outcome of your experience back in March? Did the problem reoccur? Happy Christmas. Regards Steve

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I also have an S Type R, black '05 and ALSO had the exact same thing happen. It had been raining heavily the day before. My car was towed to the Jag dealership and I am awaiting the outcome.

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Same lights and limp mode just happened to me. Did it reoccure for anyone? I'm afraid to drive it now.

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Mine turned out to be a simply battery failure. New battery solved the problem Nothing like it since.

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You probably have some minor engine/transmission out someone with a hi-tech scanner,im talking (snap-on) etc, that is up to date enough to be able to read the codes.A cheap auto zone scanner that cost $99.00 will not give you your answer.

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I had the same problem on my 05 S-Type R. I found that when I check the battery for volts I was getting almost no reading. I clean the terminals and then I got a proper volt reading. The car has not acted up anymore. I have been driving it for weeks and put 400 miles on it with no more faults.

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Everyone that has had the limp mode code and parking brake default problem with the s type or x type Listen to this!!! / Had the same problem with my 2005 that I just got and it took me 2 weeks to figure it out. / The problem is the parking brake module that is located in the trunk witch is next to the spare tire on the drivers side. Water comes in around your trunk seal and splashes on the module. wd-40 it and check for water leaks. (Mart)

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I had exactly this on my late 02 STR (limp mode - 10mph max, with 3 warnings: park brake failure, dsc not available, engine systems failure, and both amber and red lights on). There was water in the connector for the throttle position sensor. Do a search on the uk jaguar forum for an excellent description of how to fix it! BW Fletch

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Today I had the same problem when I was at idle for about 5 minutes and it went into limp mode. / This is after the first time 3500 miles ago. I found out that my high speed cooling fan was not working. I replaced the cooling fan module and so far so good. I guess the limp mode works for a lot of different problems. Regards, (Mart) 355282

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Had the same problem with my 05 Jag STR.. Found out by doing a weeks research.. Its the throttle body sensor. Took mine of clean it with throttle body cleaner and resealed it back up with a proper gasket seal. I haven't had any problems since. That was about 1.5 years ago. Moisture gets to the sensor and causes it to go into limp mode. Not fun to drive like that. Hope this help a lot of you guys out. I done the cleaning my self. Took about 4 hours to do.

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Hi, have question? My 2004 jaguar str went in restricted performance as I was driving about 70mph on freeway. No get up power at all! No noises coming from under the hood though. Any help with a little guidance or direction?

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It sounds like what happened to me. After a lot of trial and error/ fixes that worked short term, I found a mechanic that knew right away that it was the throttle. He fixed it 2 years ago and it hasn't happened since. Good luck!

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Thank you will check in morning I hope it's that easy!

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too many different answers ... I travel -85 in Atl a lot and afraid of this happening so I guess best advice is have a reputible mechanic or parts entity run the codes and go from there.

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check out your cat converters / may be plugged? /(Mart)

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Greetings from Singapore, I just found this site and i found it is great to share valuable informations here. I drive a S-type 3.0ltr and i face the same situation on my neighbouring country highway. Malaysia when I was at my top speed around 220Kph. the engine just shut down..I managed to being the car to halt along the highway with god given skill, I was lucky to be alive.. I paused for a while and den I crank start.. to my suprise everything was fine. Coundn't find any fault. Drove back to Singapore Jaguar agent. Mechanic could not detect and error code. But then after the symptom persist very often. It goes for like months.. until I am so used to the symptom that I know Is gonna shut down.. found a experience mechanic who is an expert in Toyota.. He check on the battery 1st. He said weak battery could cause this shutdown b'cos the whole system need a constant flow of power supply and when there is a dip in the power supply system get confused. But here my battery is good. Next thing he pointed out the Throttle Body. Told me to get a new unit. I got a unit from Portugal for €160,00. Throw away the old unit and replace with the new one. Problem solved. Already using it for the past 3 years.. and still strong and powerful.. Thanks to the Toyota mechanic..

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as many have said - many reasons for the issue, which includes... 1. bad battery 2. bad throttle body sensor 3. water in sensor area for throttle body 4. bad battery connections - corrosion around battery terminal 5. wire harness loose to throttle body or battery 6. dirty throttle body all in all - very dangerous to have car slow to a crawl or shut down completely.

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I had the same red alert in 03 jaguar s type. In the car with two under 5 yr olds and suddenly shut down on heavy traffic busy road. Very dangerous and scared the hell out of me. Turned the engine off and on again and got rid of the msg somehow and car drove fine. But need to drive again tomorrow for school run and work and scared in case it happens again. Rained very heavy on motorway day before, wonder if this had an effect on battery.. Will check out throttle body sensor. Hope its not too expensive of a job... Thanks guys for the tips..

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Going through same thing with my 02 XJ Jaguar, goes into low gear, gear fault light comes on. Turn the motor off and then it drives fine, until it happens again. Afraid to drive on highway. Appreciate any help. Took it to two places and the mechanics are not sure what it is.

we cleaned the throttle. i bought it at Autozone. It's a cleaner that was less then $20. It did happen again but after it rained. Did the same procedure. My 2004 Jaguar Stype is fine again


I have an 03 s type r and being having the same issues during wet roads or raining. What was it, or what did you have fixed? Please advise

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I have a Jaguar S-Type 2005. Every time it rains or gets damp, the car goes into limb mode. I have a new battery and throttle body sensor is good. What could be getting wet that is causing this to happen? I'm desperate. I have it in 2 shops already and they can figure it out.

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Unfortunately, there is a myriad of things that can cause this shut-down and cause the dash to light-up like a X-mas tree. Everything from a faulty or contaminated Mas air sensor to faulty throttle body or throttle body sensor to throttle position switch to worn or un-calibrated park brake pads to low battery voltage. I've had highway shut-downs and stop sign shut-downs. Generally, an engine re-start will temporally solve the issue,but not the problem. It's the un-reliability that's so scarey. Now this worked for me and it's easy to do. Turn ignition switch fro off to on and wait 30sec.(do you hear the throttle body plate moving),then turn switch back off, wait 30 sec. then try to start engine and let idle, if idle smoothes out let it run for2 min.,then turn load on,AC headlights flasher interior llights etc. and let it run for 2 minutes. I know it sounds like a bunch of UK hookuss poocous but it worked for me. I neglected to mention that during this process, you are supposed to burn an obscure high mountain herb from the Himalayan Range and let the smoke permeate the cabin of the car and then replace the cabin air filter. Just sayin' ya know. Good Luck

Incidentally , or not so incidentally, an over-oiled K&N filter can cause all of these symptoms because they are all throttle body issues. Do not start by throwing a bunch of new parts into this car without first replacing the air filter,cleaning the Mas air sensor and cleaning the throttle body intake opening with the proper solvents. Do not scrape, wipe, or brush anything from the air filter to the throttle body you can damage sensitive sensors.The spray from the aerosol cans will do the cleaning for you. I hope this helps you, because it did wonders for me, without replacing any parts. I learned to be very cautious when oiling my K&N filter . Less is more with these air filters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

servisol 10dont use wd 40 on electrical sensors it rots them....

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