Does anyone have a problem starting 2004 Volvo C70 that stalls within one second over and over


Asked by Jul 13, 2012 at 10:09 AM about the 2004 Volvo C70 LPT Turbo Convertible

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My 2004 Volvo C70 has had this problem since I bought it used in 2008. When you start the car it runs for about a second then shuts off. It will repeat this at least two times, and then you have to wait about 5 minutes before you start again, and it may or may not stay running. Volvo has reloaded new software once, replaced the Ignition Satellite Ring twice. It's been about a year since the last time, that really never went away just not enough to be a bother. Now it does it almost every day, and it can take as long as 20 minutes before it will start and stay running. Anyone got an idea????

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Could be a couple of things. 1, could be the map sensor 2, fuel pressure.

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I have the same problem and have a work around until I can get the real answer. I unplug the mass air flow sensor which is located on the air filter box. Now my car starts without issue and runs fine although I am sure it is running a little rich.

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I have just purchased a 2004, under 30,000mi a couple of weeks ago and are now having exactly the same problem. Has anyone come up with a solution that works? BOB SENIOR

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I don't know if you ever got an answer, but I did what someone else said. I changed out the Ignition Switch Antenna Ring, whic is just the ignition switch. It cist about $65.00 and I removed the three screws on the cover at the bottom of the steering column, popped a couple of clips, and in about 15 minutes I was done. It has started every time since then. This will be the third one since I bought it. This time I did iti myself. I was told by a Vovlo repair facility that they only last about a year or so depending on how often you start the car. Volvo has known abouit this problem since 2001. Good Luck!!

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I have a 2004 with 24,000 miles and replaced the Ignition Switch Antenna Ring, as you did. The dealer wanted $947.00 to replace immobilizer and antenna ring and gave me no gaurantee it would solve problem. $69.00 seems like a bargain.. Bob Senior

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Hi,I had the same problems with starting too.I looked on the forums and tried various things.I brought a new antenna ring and it was ok for a while then it started again.i have had the car for 6 months,and was told that it did it every now and then which I thought I could deal with as I really liked the car,but it started doing it constantly. I think I have found the solution.I tended to run the car with the fuel light on quite often and wondered if this was the cause.for the last two months I have made sure there is at least a third of a tank of petrol in the car at least and I have had no problems whatsoever since.hope this helps. I also had problems with the alarm going off sporadically.I phoned volvo and they said to remove any metal objects from the compartment below the stereo.It worked,I now enjoy getting in my car and the neighbours talk to me to now.

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It could also be the crank position sensor or cam position sensor, unrelated to the antenna ring. If the crank position sensor is bad, it can cause intermittent start/stalls. Any check engine lights given?

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There has been no engine lights. Volvo has repaired it 4 times. Twice with what they said was a software issue, and twice with the antenna ring. I replaced the antenna ring and went 2 to 3 weeks without a problem. Then it started again, but it's not as bad yet. It will usually stay running after the 3rd or 4th try.

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I am having the same problem with my 2001 C70. I took it to a Volvo dealership and they had it for two weeks and could not find anything they have had it for 5 weeks and are still searching for the problem to occur again so they know what or how to fix it...they have already put on a new starter and a new rpm sensor...I was going to pick it up last week as I was told it was fixed...but then they called me not to as they could not start it....later when they they want to keep it and check it by trying to start it until the problem occurs again and then they say they will know how to fix it.. have told them about what I am finding on the internet about the ignition switch antenna ring but they did not seem interested about what I was finding out about this issue on various websites....and believe me I have come across many postings about this issue with the C70...and updates from anyone would be greatly appreciated...I am fortunate that I have another car while they have the C70..thank you...

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Annoyed, I tried another fix on my own, and it seems to have worked. I removed the sattelite ring and cleaned the contacts on the satellite ring and the connectionon the car. I then took a ty-wrap and fastened the two together so they could not come loose. It now starts every time no matter what. I believe the connections are not good enough and just the slightest mis connection caused the problem. This is the longest I have ever gone without a starting problem.

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Thanks for that feedback. Did you use new ignition rings or just clean the old ones? If they cannot come up with a definite answer to the problem I will take the car back and do as you did. Once again are more helpful than the Volvo dealership folks!

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Same problem since new. Fortunately just need to remove gas cap for 30 seconds. Car starts...And yes the Volvo service dept's are clueless!!!

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I am having the same problem. My car is at the dealership now. Nothing comes up when the put it on the machine. I was going to pick it up yesterday because they could not find anything. Then, when they tried to move it, he said it stalled so now they are keeping it. After reading this, I called and said I did not plan to spend a lot more money on my car. I had mentioned before that another mechanic said it was a gas cap issue...and yes, the service guy did not want to hear it...

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Volvo mechanic had my car for three days. Second day he called and asked for more keys. OBDII indicated the key was going or gone bad. Took second key and Valet to him. Day later he says, use either key #2 or Valet. First key is bad. Well, that worked for about four weeks now, and it happened today with #2 key. After about 4 tries, it started and got me home. Put all keys in car, used old "bad" key and started first time. I really think it is in the dash somewhere. When I move info switch between AVG mpg and temp, it shows "DISC" once in awhile. Sometimes, in the AVG MPH position, it shows temp, will not switch back. Could be a lot of dirty contacts not talking to each other correctly.

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Experiencing the same problems as everyone else on here. I am starting that the simplest fix before buying or replacing any parts in my 2004 C70. I am disconnecting and cleaning all contacts first and will go from there. I agree with every one that this is an annoyance. Looking at the internal parts inside the steering compartment I can see that when I pull the steering wheel forward and backward the connection could come loose from the ignition switch as well. The one second start has been a daily occurrence for me so I will post my next incident when it occurs. Crossing fingers....

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This happens with all three of my keys, but not all the time. May go a week or two, then it happens. After first failed start, I pull key and turn it 180 degrees. Reinsert and typically it starts. If not try process again (back to original insertion) and it starts. If not have second key in car and use it. This is a challenge, not a deal breaker for me and not spending money until it leaves me on the side of the road.

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My 2094 c70 will start for a fraction of a second then stall, it turns over but won't start. Shows no codes when taken to repair shop. Shop advised me to turn key on, wait for check engine light to go out, turn key off and repeat 5 times. This resets computer. Works every time. Love these cars but they sure can be a little quirky ! Let my add, this starting problem can happen every few weeks or maybe not for months. Makes for a real adventure.Just added a 2008 xc70 to my family if anyone has any comments or suggestions, 3.2L

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My 98 V70 awd starts fine and runs almost 30 minutes then stops. It does it over and over. Wait overnight and next day it will start and run about 30 minutes. Have several Volvos and never had one do this before.


Sounds like something with the fuel system. Not something this thread is about. Maybe if you post this in the right area you would get some knowledge on the challenge you are having.

I started a day with my 2004 Volvo S60 starting right up just fine then shutting down within 30 seconds, This could be repeated up to 3 times then I was forced to wait 20 minutes before it would start up again. I went on line and found people changing their MAF , Cam Position and Crank Position sensors with mixed results. Then I ran into responses where people changed their Ignition Switch Antenae Rings or banged their keys into the ignition with a screwdriver handle to some success. I spoke with a parts dealer I know and he said it sounded like a security related immobilization of the engine. I thought it seemed like my car thought it was being stolen and the key wasnt being recognized. I hit the red alarm button on my key fob setting the alarm off then turned it off and low and behold i was able to start the car off and drive with no further problem. this is probably the beginning of an ignition switch or engine immobilizer problem down the road, but at least i'm on the road for free!

Sounds like immobilizer issue. I am attempting to put my chip for both cars on immobilizer ring. I tried taping the key with immobilizer to antenna ring, then using non chipped key in switch. Ring still plugged in but on on switch. Cannot get it to work. Trying to make my 04 c70 and 04 s60 not need chip keys anymore. They copies are just $35 each and no programming needed. Any ideas on better way to do bypass. Eventually I just want chips left in car under dash, bought spare antenna ring for each to hide it.

From what I learned so far, antenna ring, only 2 wires, other 2 are light. Ring does not seem to function when not on the switch, not sure why. Another thing I read is if there are 2 chipped keys to close to the antenna, it may not start, antenna might see both. Also non chipped key will start car if chipped key was in it 2 secs ago. ring does not read chip after car is started, read is only done during starter operation


Here is what I have determined. Until Volvo recognizes there is a problem with the "Security" system, their 'magic' won't be discovered. I have both keys and the valet key. All three have started the car and all three have not been recognized to start the car. I keep the valet in the console as a backup starter. When the key is not recognized, I take it out, turn it 180 degrees and reinsert. This process is continued until it is recognized and I can drive off. Usually the second try works, but if after four tries, I go for the valet, and it usually starts. Kind of a crap shoot because I can go a couple weeks with an instant start, then the ghost shows up and I am turning keys. Not going to spend $100 or so for a new ring, when it appears that has to be redone every year or so. This works and will probably not find the solution. Volvo forum has no definite answers to this "Security" issue.


Turn the key off then bang moderately on the top of the yoke where the steering wheel mounts and it will start every time. It is a contact issue between the antenna and the connector. Mine is a 02 c70.

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