2002 chevy impala overheating.

Asked by Jul 17, 2015 at 08:24 PM about the 2002 Chevrolet Impala Base

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Radiator fan assembly making noises.
Replaced it after check engine light came
on. Light came on again after replacement
checked and replied fan #1. But both are
working. Reset light and is still overheating
and reading fan #1 code p0450 which
comes up emissions. Would this cause car
to overheat?

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I would replace the thermostat. See if that cures the over heat issue. If not, post back. 99% of the time, it's a thermostat issue.

I'll try that. But I've never seen a check engine light come on for a thermostat. Is that normal?


No, it may be a completely separate issue. I would say that the CEL is on because of the EVAP issue not because of the overheating.

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Are you down coolant? Pull the temp sensor connector. Do the fans come on? They should... is it a 3400? Or a 3800? Probably lower intake gaskets I would imagine.. if it's a 3100 rear head gasket.. these are well known issues for your car I've fixed many and I mean many.. blame gm .. Damn dex cool. And plastic gaskets haha.. also this will throw an Evap code.

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So this could cause the code as well as the overheating? It's a 3400.


Yes ma'am ... have a mechanic or a skilled individual pressurize your coolant system and perform a leak down test ... and until this is done don't listen to anyone else. I doubt it's a cheap easy fix and do not use stop leak.. do it right or don't do it at all. Nuts and bolts are meant to come out. What separates us from the general public is experience ie.. knowing how to get them out . How to put them back in . And so on. Do not let just anyone pull your intake off.

Okay so after research po480 is the code fan#1. I guess 5 possible problems #1 #2 #3 fan control fan control #1 fuse. Or pigtail connection to fan assembly. Need to figure out what tool needed to test.


So u did not do what I said. Take it to a mechanic if you can't listen


I don't know why I bother. Some people just shouldn't touch vehicles

Really. I haven't been able to find my post until now. Keep ur smart comments to urself. I ain't disrespecting u don't do it to me. P.s. maybe u shouldn't bother. We on here cuz some of us are very broke. Takes time.

Fyi Patrick u are beyond wrong. Listing a problem that is out of left field.

Reelin68. I agree with u instead of this moron.


Um disconnecting your coolant temp sensor would have revealed if your fan was working. Ie.. relay. Fuse . Wiring .. fan motor.. pcm.. all of the entire circuit. .. also. With your gm .. 3400 intake gaskets are a well known issue. So if your over heating it wouldn't surprise me. Oh and your talking to a master tech .. Atleast in ontario canada. But hey what do i know. I only tried to help. Your buddy is wrong anyways so why would u agree with him. Lol ... makes no sense. But hey if your broke .. why not just throw parts at it till you figure it out? U got money to burn.. i don't care. But before u get rude. Listen to what people tell u. Research what I say . Before you slander my name thank u very much. And if your not going to. Then take it somewhere to get fixed before you cause more damage. Over heating an engine is bad. Period...... over heating a gm 3400 or 3800.. really bad. Don't believe me? Ask someone who knows. Not someone who pretends to know.


See in that pic. There hunny. I'm actually cleaning and sanding a gm 3400 intake. Lmfao. Cause I was replacing the lower cracked plastic intake gaskets. Sooooo. Keep chirping the people that try to help u.


Sry reelin. . But the code is for a fan circuit issue. Anyone could Google that.. but she revealed or at least stated both fans are coming on.. soooo. I'd say are why both fans? That's odd .. should only be one. The ac fan will only come on when? But if you folks knew than answer then you'd know why I asked her to do a little test for me.. Smart ass ? Yes ... also licensed too. And paid because I'm good. I offered free advice . No one listened. .


Out in left field? You haven't even swung yet hunny. Lol.. you don't need tools to test this problem really. You pissed me off but I'll forgive u.. disconnect the coolant temp sensor.. does the fan come on? If yes . Fan is fine relay is fine wiring is fine and fuse is fine... if not ? Locate the fuse for fan. Check it. Locate relay switch it with one that's working. Check harness connection. Is the upper rad hose swollen? Are u missing coolant? Are your heater core lines heating up? These are the tests I perform to diagnose issues such as these. You learn them in the trade .. in school and with years of experience.. if you don't want to learn or listen that's fine. But then don't ask for help either. You will most definitely blow the intake gaskets and or head gaskets in that engine if you continue to run it like this. It is inevitable. . If you haven't already. I suggest you take this post to your local mechanic. Anyone u choose won't matter. And they will tell u to listen to me 110%


Patrick, I have no doubt that you know what you're talking about. I can only go on what I'm told in the description. She stated that her fans were making noise. Fine. Usually that means a fan is seizing up. So, she replaced the fan. Then she states that both fans are now working. To me, that means that her fans are working, to you, that means both fans are turning on at the same time? (See the difference in perception here?) She also states that she is getting a code of P0450 correct? Which if you type into Google for Impala it comes up EVAP. Listed in the possible causes are: Defective Fuel Tank Sending Unit Defective or damaged Fuel Tank Defective Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor, wiring, or computer Defective Carbon Canister Defective Canister Vent Valve - in some cases Now notice there is no mention of faulty intake gaskets or doing a leak down test. Just type PO450 Impala and see for yourself. Now, in her original top post, she says that she reset the CEL and she is still gettng a fan #1 code of PO450 which is EVAP...not fan #1. This whole last sentence makes no sense. What I'm getting out of all of this is, she replaced her fans, she's getting an EVAP code, car overheats. So I say, replace your thermostat. Most everyone replaces that first during an overheat issue. With the information given, my solution is replace the most common failing part which is the thermostat. You on the other hand, jump right to do a leak down test and pay the shop $300. Which if it fails, that means an additional $1500 in head gasket repairs. Now if you're a 22 year old, are you going to go for the $1800 dollar fix first? Or the $8 thermostat fix? Not saying you're wrong or I'm wrong. It could be the thermostat on a 13 year old car, with the info given. Now, here's where it gets all mucked up. If you scroll down to post #7, she now has an error code of PO480. Say what? Now you got to ask yourself, was this SUPPOSED to be the original error code in the original post? Are you starting to see where things are going astray? Now again, if you Google Impala PO480, that will come up as the following: Faulty fan control relay 1, Fan control relay harness is open or shorted, Circuit electrical connections poor, Faulty cooling fan 1, Faulty coolant temperature sensor, Fan cooling fan harness is open or shorted, Cooling fan circuit, poor electrical connection, Intake air temperature (IAT) failure, A/C selector switch, A/C refrigerant pressure sensor, Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) . Now once again, there is no mention of a faulty plastic head gasket or doing a leak down test. This is where you all have to step back and take a deep breath and realize the following: Lisa, I believe that you have made some typo's in your original description which caused some misunderstanding of your problem. Patrick, you have to remember that this is the internet, and if someone say's that they have looked up a certain code, then you should also look up that code and see what they have read. When you come right out of the gate with it's a faulty head gasket and do a leak down test, you have to realize that the person on the other end is going, WTF? I certainly didn't read that in a PO450, or a PO480 either. Again, not saying that your are right or wrong in your diagnosis, I'm just saying that you have to realize what the other person has read during their investigation. Check it out yourself: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0480

Reelin68 thank you. It was a typo. My fault it was code P0480. Never touched relays. Problem fixed. Through my research decided to check fan#1 fuse. BLOWN. REPLACED RUNNING LIKE A CHAMP. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


You're welcome! Glad it was an inexpensive fix! Nice job!!


I don't care. I asked her to pull a sensor cone to. . Period. That would have revealed the fuse was blown. None of this makes sense anyway. I don't care. That's the last time I try to help anyone. First both fans work. Now the fuse is blown.. bull shit.. none of it adds up .. u got credit for nothing. I try to teach and get reamed. Your all screwed sooner or later. I'm glad it was simple today. Next time it might not be.. in either event. If you did what I said it would have been fixed weeks ago. So yea.. think about that


U had a overheating issue. And an Evap code. Both fans came on. And u made no mention of leaking. I asked probing questions. I asked u to perform a test. U nvr answered one of my questions. U didn't do my test. So how am I supposed to work with that. And FYI your car has a known issue for intake gaskets. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the issue. So before u all become smart asses because u solved a simple issue over the coarse of weeks. Also your obd2 generic codes will not tell you your problems all the time. They are simple systems. Not very in depth. If u brought this car to my shop I would have fixed it in 2 mins. Flat.


I didn't get credit. You did. See your above post marked Best Answer? You don't have to stop giving advice. Did it ever occur to you that she might not know where any of that stuff is located? You have to keep in mind that your not always talking to another mechanic.

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