1995 toyota Camry LE Idle and stalling problems

Asked by Mar 26, 2011 at 10:56 PM about the 1995 Toyota Camry LE

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My car will run fine cold , but when warms up starts to stall as soon as the car idles at a stop light or sign

Got the problem fixed 700 dollars later
They changed the CPU and replaced the distributer

Couple months later the problem started up again, but not nearly as bad as before

Replaced the battery, but i am not sure what else the problem could be.
I have been reading up on other forums and found out it could be a EGR valve or my throttle sensor.
The help will be appreciated thank you

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I have a 1994 camery with same problem. I replaced the throttle sensor but that didnt fix it, I think it seems to be a sensor telling the cpu to advance the spark when it shouldn't be. then it's screwed when it stalls for at least 1/2 hr.

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Oxygen sensor, anyone?

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I replaced the ECT sensor $16 and it did the trick.

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temp sensor. never showed up when plugged to a computer?

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I have a 1995 Camry w/ 4cyl. Last year it would run fine while cold. Once warmed up it would stall if you took your foot off the gas. Noticed that it was burning extra fuel and the tail pipe was black. After looking at several other things I decided to pull the engine coolant sensor. Sure enough, when I put an OHM meter on it the resistance was way off. Replaced w/ a $27 part from autozone and all is good. What was happening is that as the car warmed up the bad sensor was telling the cars computer that it was like below zero and was starving for fuel. So, it kept pumping in more which was flooding the motor. Good luck getting a mechanic to figure that out. I took the car to 3 different guys who wanted to do three different things with quotes up to maybe $2K to fix. Figured it out myself with a pad of paper, pencil and a six pack of Sam Adams.

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I just got on here to say the same thing, ENGINE COOLANT SENSOR. We suffered with the same issues for a year or more, and it was an $18 part. Simple fix, you can do YOURSELF.

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i have a 95 toyota camry 2.2L the engine stalls out cold or hot changed the IAC motor stil the same when it happens checked spark and it has spark when the stalling happens you hear and rush of air then it dies sometimes it will restart right away and sometimes it takes a minute checked fuel pressure and its good to any help would be appreciated thank you

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My 1996 toyota cambry had the same issue. It would stall out at red lights, after driving for 20-30 minutes. Changing the ECT (engine coolant sensor) resolved the issue for me. When we removed the old part, it was actually broken, which confirm that it was the problem. Having this issue can be very stressful, but don't give up trying to figure out. Thanks everyone that shared, it was very helpful :)

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I'm having that issue now with my 95 Camry 2.2L: when idle at traffic lights it shuts off, uses a TON of gas (once used half a tank in 2 trips 29.2 mi each way), black smoke coming out of the tail pipe, took the fuel line of the fuel filter & gas rushed out so we know gas is going through, replaced the distributor cap/spark plugs/spark plug wireset/fuel pressure regulator. None of this worked (but these things still needed to be replaced). So I went to anyone with a reader so they could see why my engine light was on & no one could help me because their reader worked on years 96+. So I went on Youtube to look up how I can do a manual diagnosis (found a very easy video). I learned there was a Diagnosis box in the top left corner of the car. I used an unfolded paper clip to connect TE1 & E1. Went inside my car to count the sequence of the blinking engine light. I ended up getting 5 different readings: the second one being Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor. So I went & did some research on it & found another Youtube video. I had shown my grandfather the readings off the car & the Youtube video. But he didn't think that was the problem. Now I'm a 23 year old female & have noooo clue how to fix anything on a car. But I didn't give up. So I go back to do more research & found this forum. When I read to him what Bayside 1 said it finally clicked to him. He's going back today to look at it. So I'm hoping this is a simple fix for me. I was just helping him the the process of elimination so we don't end up spending a ton of money on it. Thank you everyone for your tips. This helps us get closer to the issue!!!!!

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My 95 Camry LE 2200 started ran well till warmed up, then stalled (usually at most in opportune times, left turn lane traffic) sometimes not restarting for 5 minutes. The engine would also rev at idle to 2,000 RPM and stall out and re start at freeway speeds. No readings, no check engine light...My mechanic wanted to do a full $250 tune up, that is until I read this...Changed the ECT sensor and Viola, runs perfectly for a $15 part that took 2 minutes to change out.

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94 Camry 2.2 stalls after ten min no poweer

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I have a 95 Toyota Camry and after having the oil change the spark plugs changed and the spark plug wires changed my car will only go in reverse but will not accelerate forward or any of the other forward gears what could possibly be the problem...the car turns on with no problem and sounds great the only issue is it will not drive forward but it revs up and when given in reverse it drives just fine with no hesitation or anything...all my fluids are fine.. but the check engine light is on

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Jennifer Have not run into this issue yet but if it goes in reverse and revs in all directions I would suspect the transmission linkage. Also, inside next to the gear selector there is a small plastic plug. Should be the same color as the rest of the plastic around it. Pry that out and read up about towing mode in your owners manual. There is some sort of switch there they manipulate when towing. You may get lucky!!

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Thank u ill try that...

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This reply is for the 95 Camry won't go in drive. It has an air leak somewhere maybe the intake boot or your intake if they removed it to do the tune up my 92 Camry was doing the same thing and I just figured it out mine was the intake boot

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I have a problem that is pretty similar I have a 1995 toyota camry LE and it starts to stall as im comming to aa stop the only way I can get it to stop sputtering is if its going to turn off I have put it in neutral and rev it over 3000 rpm and them its fine I cant drive long distances with out it trying to stall out when I have to come to a stop and even when im driving it will act as if its trying to sputter along and I have to do the same thing to get it to stop it does it numerous times through out the day and has stalled out so bad it cut off and wouldnt come back on Ive replaced the distributor and the ECT and nothing its still doing it no check engine light is on eaither im running out of options and its a safely issue no body has been able to diagnose it and it doesnt come up with any codes either if anyone knows anything about this id appreciate this greatly im at witts end.

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I'm having the same Problem with My 95 Toyota Camry with a 2.2 auto. Mine is A Intermediate Problem sometimes I have to keep My foot on the brake and Gas Peddle. It kind of Acts like a Vacuum leak but at times it will Idle Perfect. My Coolant Temperature Sensor has been replaced. They run real rough and You will get a Service Engine Soon light on. Mine does not have the MIL.light on and at times runs great. It is Possible to Clean the Idle Air Control with good results. You will have to take the throttle Body off and replace the Idle air Control Rubber Gasket. Another Possibility is the EGR tube is Clogged but it should show the Mil. Light. I think Mine is the IAC needs cleaned. My Car has 175,000 Miles on it. I got a new Idle Air Control at A Chain Auto Parts Store. It says Made in Japan so I figure it is similar to what came on the Toyota. Goggle/ Car won't Idle. Their are Several different Complaints but Cleaning the Idle Air Control Cost Very little Money and can be a good Investment in Preventive Maintenance.

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My 1992 suddenly began stalling. OT would run but not idle. I added antifreeze in the overflow tank and now it idles perfectly fine. Whew! Total cost about 2 bucks worth of antifreeze.

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i replaced engine coolant sensor and ran like a top because sensor was bad saying the car was running hot and would shut off at stop light .

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Yeah, I replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor. I had A Service Engine Soon light On. It runs better but I still have a poor Idle at times. It can be hard to start sometimes when it's cold. I watched A Video of where You can.take Your Idle Air Control off and Clean it and they will run like new again. Sometimes it runs like a new one. Carbon builds up in the Sensor. You can take the Idle Air Control off and take it apart and clean it. I seen on U-tube where it will make them run as good as new. I have replaced everything else. I'm going to keep driving the Car. I had a new remanufacterd Transmission put in and the Car has Sentimental Value to Me. New Timing Components,,Wires, Cap Rotor Distributer, Throttle Body to Air Box Tube, Checked timing. Unless I have a Vacume line Craked.That doesn't explain Why It runs So good some times though. I haven't had a chance to check it out. I got something that I'm working on in the Garage.

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Torid18 - You described my situation perfectly. And a shop wants to replace my distributor system ($1500). Did you ever solve your problem?? What was it?


i just put a new coolant sensor in it and problem solved

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I have a 93 Toyota Camry le. Idles roughs stalls at lights when I got it have to drive with both brake and gas. Found rat nests in maf (mass air flow) box. Cleaned out nests, Iac valve, new egr valve, new o2 upper and down stream. Now car has more power does not stall unless very hot and ac is engaged and can be driven with one foot. But still idles rough. Any help?

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You could have carbon in the Emission port where your EGR bolts on. I have had to run a pipe cleaner brush in the area before. You can get them in the plumbing Department at any hardware store. Also the tube going from the EGR valve that is.a.Metel line. You can spray carb. Cleaner around the effected area. RUn the brush around Vigorously. Seeif you are getting chunks of Carbon or a black powder out. Also the Coolant Temperature Sendorsement has caused a lot of People similar problems as what your having. They are under 20.00 at just about any part store. I think it is on or by the Thermostat housing. I had one break idled real bad and rich. The Sensor fell apart on Me when I tried to unplug the connector. Keep us posted. I would inspect the Sensor first. You should check it for resistance and compare it to the new one. If they are close to being the same than it is probably not the CTS.


You also could have plug wires that are breaking down. You might pop the hood at night and see if you have a light show at night. Might be just a need for.a basic tune up.


Ok i haved sain problem but i spend olot monny but i i fine the problem this is was the problem pcv valve and EGR i only clean and works fine only new pcv

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I have a 1995 Toyota CAMARY 6 cyl the speedometer and your RPM GO CRAZY does a jerk then has no go won't pick up speed for seconds to min sometimes once a day sometimes off and on all day I have no one to help me and very close to no money does anyone have an idea what might be the problem HELP !

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Do you have a service engine soon light that comes on?

I have Camry 2008 v6 with 2gr engine , when the engine gets hot , it is not moving in any gear , just R gear is ok , it is moving only in R gear,

I need the solution , please !!!!

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