interchanging 3.4 from 2000 grand am to 2003 grand am

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Guy at the salvage yard told me I could only use a 3.4 from a 2003 alero or 2003 grand am to put into my 2003 grand am se with a shot motor. I have a 2000 grand am gt that has been rear ended that i had hoped to use the motor to put in my 03- what are the differences that would limit me from swapping them?

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The salvage yard guy is right. The 3.4L V6 motors are all the same in the GA's, Alero's and Malibu's. There's a difference in the GT & SE transmissions. They have a slightly different final drive ratio. Check in at for tips on the care and feeding of your Grand Am.

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I have the entire grand am gt, would I be able to swap the motor and trans (has alot let miles anyway) and get by with it or does anyone know of any other differences limiting me from this?


You could swap the whole cradle if you wanted to. Engine, transmission, axles, etc. -- Install the GT ECU for a higher top speed. The GT had a slightly lower final drive ratio, a 1/4" larger exhaust pipe and a higher top speed because it came with higher speed rated tires. The SE is governed at 105 MPH and the GT can go around 125 MPH.


Legally you MUST use a motor the same year as your car or newer. Putting a 2000 motor in a 2003 car would not be legal.


i have a 2000 chevy impala 3.4liter motor and transmission that came out of a 2000 alero. I have install the motor in the impala but was wondering is there any difference in the transmisssion or would it fit my 2000 impala

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Different transmission. Impala uses a 4T65e, Alero used a weaker 4T45e. They are not interchangeable.

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I have a 2004 Grand Am, the engine is awesome, needs a rear bumper and a side mirror . it has 225k miles on it and yes regular oil changes and all that. Because there is body issues people tell me to sell it for scrap. but i have a hard time doing that because my car has guts and power and i sont want it just scraped. :) its been a good car. so if you know anyone interested in it. let me know the blue book says 1800, but am willing for a good offer.

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Once the body starts to rust, along the bottom of the doors, the rear fenders, are the worst places, you have about a year to keep using it. Chances are the rear suspension mounting places will break out.


Will a 2004 impala motor fit and a 1999 grand am

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Will a 2004 impala motor fit and a 1999 grand am


Yes, but you'll need to find a specialist to flash the computer. You need to use the newer computer, but it will be equipped with drive by wire. You need that disabled and the sensors for a cable throttle reenabled.


Is that go cost a lot of money doin all of that


Depending on who does the computer, its going to be in the $1000-$1500 range to convert it from drive by wire to cable. If you don't mind rewiring the front end of the car, you may be better off staying with drive by wire and using the accelerator pedal from the donor car to control it.


But the engine can b interchange right bye changeing the motor mont and the front wirein of the car right


Yes, it can be done.

Hey guys February 10th right now I need answers please! I have a 2003 grand am. The rockers have pulled themselves from the head going on the second time now. At first only one came out, but I helicoiled them all just to be safe. (Some were already even he'll coiled, great, and I didn't know until I drilled them out already.) Anyways, cat ran great when I put it back together. About 6000 in I'm having the same problem. Popped the front valve cover they were all in place, nice suprise. The problem as you know is the back is a *&$$! To get to as you have to basically disassemble until the intake manifold is off. What I'm wondering is, will the head from say a 95-99 3.4l work on the 2003 3.4l engine? Guy at Napa told me back then they didn't have 8mm bolts holding the rockers on they were 10mm and didn't pull themselves out of the head. I'm tired of this issue and would like a permanent fix. I was also thinking maybe somewhere along the lines of mounting a stud in there? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is a daily driver and me and my fiance need to get to work! And sorry if I sound not mechanically inclined. I'm not dumb by any means it's just late and I'm stressed to my wits end. (Don't even have a garage to do this in) thank you!


I have never heard of rocker bolts puling out of a head. You're using new GM bolts each time you remove them, right? Otherwise they aren't being tightened right. The bolts are "torque to yield" and stretch when torqued down, so every time they are removed, they must be replaced. You can only use 03-05 heads on that motor from the Grand Am, Alero, Impala, Aztek, Rendez-Vous, Venture, Montana or Century. The older ones will not work. Go to and do a search. You can get replacement heads really cheap. No point in fixing the old ones. You do need new head bolts and gaskets. Intake mani bolts should also be replaced if they look beat up.

I had the same issue with my 2003 grand am,,i wound up getting another motor from the junk yard, since it was a little cheaper than new heads,,, i heard this was common for the '03 ......i dont think you can use the older heads but im not positive. the 3.4 generations were '00-'02........'03 was a different motor.the ones before'00 were likely another generation as well.

I have a 2001 grandam with a good motor with 35,ooo miles on it but was rear ended would I be able to use it in a 2004 grandam.

I have been told that 00-02 models are interchangeble with the same year rendezvous, grand am, silohet, venture, mountainer and aztec, i dont think the transmisions will work together properly on an 04. I have never tried though.

Will a Pontiac grand am se.2003 motor fit in a Chevy S10 2002 body ?


That won't work. S10 runs a longitudinal engine, Grand Am runs transverse. They are not interchangeable. Honestly, GM doesn't really have an upgraded V6 for that truck. They stopped making them when the SUVs went to the inline 6. If you can't find a 4.3, then I'd suggest upgrading to a V8. Unless you're in Australia and can get your hands on a longitudinal L67 from a Holden Commodore.

I have an 02 grand am gt just rebuilt the top end on it a lil over a year ago but we just totaled it when a lady hit us my gf has an 01 grand am se that is missing a few parts on the engine and has been sitting for 5 years can I swap engines and put my 3.4l in her 01 se with no problems? Or is there more to it that just swapping them out


Thats a direct swap. I'd use the 02 transmission and ECU as well.

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So can you use an 03 grand am gt engine and transmission in an 03 grand am se1 and keep the se1 harness? Im not trying to go 125mph in my grand am anyway i just wanna pull the old motor or and put the gt in cause the se1 car has a bad motor and the gt was t boned


Depends on how GM ran the harness. If they used a single harness for the engine and dash, its going to be a lot easier to keep it. If its 2 separate harnesses and they go to a junction box, which they do on higher end GMs, then just use the GT harness thats connected to the motor and trans. Using the GT engine, transmission, harness and ECU is the ideal situation. That gives you the opportunity to attach everything before installing the powertrain and go over it to make sure its all in good shape and attached to the right places.

i have a 98 malibu and i have an 02 grand am gt, i swapped the grand am motor into the malibu and the only dash lights that come on is the check engine and air bag. and the key won't turn the engine over.


What codes is it throwing? Which computer are you using? Hopefully the same one as the computer, ignition tumbler and key. If not the ECU will have to be reprogrammed to disable the PASS KEY system

i'm using the grand am computer and my scan tool says linking error


If it won't link, the computer or port isn't getting power. Since the port is powering the scantool, we know thats getting power, so the computer probably isn't. Check the fuses first, if they're all good there's a wiring or ground problem someplace.

im going to look back over the wiring and ill get back with ya

If you use the cars original PCM it should be Matched to work on the Donor motor without having to reprogram them to work together. But I have put other used PCMs in my vehicle and did not have to be reprogrammed. Don't know why but they worked

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