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Looking for some hard fact answers! Should I buy a used Porsche Cayenne? I love the
way look and drive, but am I just going to be wasting my cash. I can't afford new but wiling
to spend 18 grand. I have never owned a Porsche before. Any feedback on what year to
look at and how many miles are too much.

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Well, 2013 was the best year according to Consumers Reports, published in their latest 2015 Annual Auto Issue. I advise you to pick one up. In as much as the price of these cars range from $61k to 113k, I would definitely think that $18,000 is a great price if you can find one in good condition. Used cars are all about condition and how the car was maintained when the first person purchased the car. If the initial break in period was neglected or it was just abused, you're in for a rough ride and buying someone else's problems. Aside from lease returns, you've got to ask them and yourself why is someone turning around this car. Had you considered a Subaru Outback, you would get better mileage and probably find one more easily since it's not in such a high price range. By the way, the report says that the controls are confusing and the least desirable feature of the Cayenne. I don't personally know what they're talking about but it's worth checking out if you're serious about purchasing the car. If it's that confusing, then others may find it so when you go to sell the car later. That would not be good.

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All I can give for advice is you better be one good mechanic! Every time that thing goes to the shop, you will be paying top dollar for parts and service. That's why only people with money drive those things. Can you afford a $1200 dollar bill on top of all your other bills? That could be how much it will cost you for the first break down. Have you ever noticed that new, they go for 60K and up, but when people go to sell them, they practically give them away compared to what they paid? Just tires alone will run you $1200 plus. When they begin to be a money pit, people get rid of them.

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Great feedback guys thank you. I do notice that they sell for very high new and once on the used lot they do drop in price! You may be correct that only people with money to burn should buy this car:(

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I agree with the last post despite the fact that Consumers Reports liked the 2013 year. I know it will cost more money to maintain and keep than the Subaru Outback I suggested as an alternative. Plus, you're not going to find one for $18,000 unless it's a salvage vehicle. I just discovered that even the lowest priced model in 2013 with 80,000 miles in fair condition has a Kelley Blue Book price of $34,000! Before I spent that kind of money, I'd go out and get a brand new fully equipped Outback with all the bells and whistles. By the way, Asian cars generally age better than European cars. You should seriously check them out. I don't know what you're trying to achieve, but, it's better to feel good than look good. You could have two brand new Outbacks for the price of one Cayenne. Do you really need that Porsche nameplate that bad? Years ago, I knew someone with a MBZ Roadster. It was a fancy car, but, every time he took it to the dealership, they would charge exorbitant prices for everything. He finally dumped the car. If you don't believe that Asian cars are better than German cars, look at the general profile of cars across the board and contrast that to cars from Japan. You'll see I'm right.

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Steven, you're welcome, that's what this forum is all about, sharing information. Hey, go out and test drive an Outback. You're going to be very impressed with this car. I have the Four which does not feel at all like any domestic Four cylinder you're used to, but, if you want a rocket, try the Six. Just depends on what your budget and fuel economy needs are.

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what is your thought on a touareg

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Steven, I had two VW's both of them purchased new 1970 and 1978 that blew up costing me a lot of money. I had a 1995 Honda Accord for 19 years, also purchased new and sold it last year excellent condition with all service records for $3,000. I take care of my cars like an airplane. If something fails, I fix it, immediately. Don't want to be stranded, ever. I've never owned a Tiguan, but, a friend of mine has and tells me that older models are riddled with electrical problems. By the way, electrical problems on cars are the most difficult to solve. And, the 2009-2011 models are on Consumers Reports models to avoid list. Is any car perfect, hell no! There's even some Subaru Outback on the avoid list like the Outbacks from 2005 to 2008. I guess it's partly luck and your capacity for dealing with problems and all cars have them. All I can tell you is my experience with my Asian cars has been much better than domestic and European cars. Before my 95 Honda I had an 80 Honda Accord and it was also a great car. From my friend's perspective, the Touareg is just a cheap version of the Cayenne. And, in Consumers they liked the Cayenne better for 12-14 with 13 being the best year. Again, you're not going to find a late model in the 18K price range. I did see on Car Gurus some Cayenne's go for that price for a 2004 or earlier model. Stay away, it's a money pit. Now, how about test driving the Outback ? Or look at the Toyota Venza? These are pretty nice cars. Generally, if you look at all of the German brands or even look at Volvo, you're going to be paying more. By the way, the Subaru's feature the "boxer engines"... these are more unique than other cars What's your current car?

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Mercedes C class. It has been great. In the 7 years that I have owned the car. Only 1 major fix. That's it..

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OK, I've heard they're better than the GL, M and S class cars. So, you're looking for a more utility vehicle now? Are you familiar with the "Boxer" engines, flat 4 and flat 6 engines?


What was that major fix?

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Steven, are you ready to consider an Asian car? Read this link, awd-history/

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Yes..:) Thanks for giving the hard facts


You're welcome, please mark my last answer as helpful and good luck to you.

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Thank you Steven, hope you're shopping for a great deal goes well.

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Steven, I found this for you, great information on Subaru. Prepare to be impressed. Whether you purchase new or not, helpful.

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thanks very much. I believe Subaru is coming out with a 7 seater.


Yes, here's the 411 on that replacement. and The Tribecca didn't sell well for two reasons; 1. the third row was not comfortable for adults, and 2. it made it difficult to carry gear with only 8.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row. So, it didn't serve any purpose really well. Hopefully, the replacement will be better. Do you need a vehicle to carry 7 people?

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Do not buy a cayenne unless coolant issue has been addressed and cardian shaft has been replaced I had to replace mine and it cost as much as a used honda very expensive to maintain

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How the hell did a Subaru Outback become part of this conversation.... Not even close to an apples to apples conversation..

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If the price is too low beware as in "if it is too good to be true". Mark's answer to everything is "Subaru".

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I have a 2004 Cayenne Turbo and its cost me a house down payment in repairs to get it up to par. Everything stated is true - you will easily get hit with 1K repairs on basic stuff - my Xenon HID headlights cost 700 bucks...each! I love driving the car but it is a b*tch to maintain and there are so many sensors on the car, you will easily be discouraged driving it with a vague check engine light on. You must get a home PC plug in to check the car computer yourself because there are a ton of false flags that go off on older models. The first gens were true off roaders and I have taken it offroad and on the beach, utilizing the air suspension to crank the beast high. Either way, I got mine for 15K and have put AT LEAST that much back into it within my first year - all unexpected costs...

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I bought s 2004 Cayenne S in 2009 with 32K miles for $33,000 and sold it April 2015 for $12,500 with 97K miles. I never had a bad time with it. Regular and routine maintenance was done affordably. I know when I sold it the 100K check up would include about $2000 worth of work, not a big deal for a car that I drove for 6 years with no problems. This was my second Porsche, having a 2002 Porsche Targa and driving my families new cayenne's through this year, 2017. Great car.

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I have the same questions as OP @Markw1952, perhaps you can help me out. I am looking for a reliable, used SUV for $15-25k, WITH a towing capacity, so the outbacks 3,500 lb cap will not suffice (like @jfkusaf said... apples-oranges) :) .... Do you have any suggestions? The others in it's class (the cayenne's class that is) are the VW Toureg (as OP mentioned) and the Audi Q7, both of which have reliability reputations similar to the Cayenne's at best. Perhaps you can help me out. Looking for a towing capacity of ~5k lbs min. Thanks for all your feedback on this thread

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Hi, Hallo! Porsche's and also the Cayenne's are great vehicles to drive. You know this vehicle, especially in the S models and up have that Porsche racing and performance mystique that is hard to find elsewhere beyond European nameplates (the Japanese come close in Subaru). We have the V8 Cayenne S from 2012, about 40K miles. These vehicles are great to own/lease/drive if they are under factory warranty, especially if there is a dealer near you. What's not to like about getting a loner Cayenne or Panamera while your SUV is being fixed? If you want to buy new from Porsche, make sure you buy the PREPAID MAINTENANCE, that will save you thousands. If you want to own past the warranty period, buy the extended warranty when you buy the car, because later it will be killer cost (for us to add 3yrs + 30K miles is $10,900 extended warranty from Porsche, no joke, I had to ask Finance for a quote). Another great choice is to buy Porsche CPO with the added 7yr+100K mile warranty attached. CPO with Porsche is great b/c it includes the warranty for trivial cost. And when something breaks, it is NOT TRIVIAL. Recently our 2012 Cayenne experienced a COOLANT LEAK due to the ENDEMIC PORSCHE COOLANT PIPE ATTACHMENT DESIGN found on all models, including high end 911's and Panamera's from the 2010- 2014 time period. Porsche decided to use LOCTITE adhesive to attach critical cooling tubes within the engine instead of a simple screwed-clamp (No Joke, across all 3 models!). Porsche filed a 25- pg NHTSA response from the factory that shows their weak coolant "water neck" adhesive design. Our Cayenne cooling tube connecting the 2 halves of the engine came loose, and all the coolant escaped the car in less than 30 seconds. Luckily we were on surface streets, and after flat-bedding the SUV 30 miles to the nearest dealer, the cost to repair was $5,500. We are real fortunate that our SoCal Porsche Advisor went to bat for us with PCNA, and that thankfully PCNA covered $4,800 of the cost, out of warranty. The repair requires that the ENGINE BE REMOVED from the car! (like a Ferrari 30K mile service!) Our overall impressions on owning this vehicle: (1) Driveability for S and up models are super impressive (2) Dealer service and loan car program are awesome (3) Buy CPO with 7yr+100K warranty (4) Buy New with Prepaid Maintenance & Extended Warranty (5) Just Lease or Lease CPO (6) Buy from CarMax with Premium Extended Warranty from CarMax (7) Least costly is Lease New or Lease CPO or CarMax (8) ALWAYS have a factory or CarMax warranty for engine failure conditions or you will pay dearly. Best wishes for all you car enthusiasts, and old or new Porschephiles!!

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Sounds scary to invest one's hard-earned money on this vehicle, I was just about to buy one, but after reading all this, I have decided to look at other companies, is surprising to hear all this about such a beautiful machine; but like someone else said you better be a good mechanic if you want to buy this car, I would go a step further on his comment and say that if you really have to have this vehicle for whatever reason you may have, you better buy yourself a garage as well, just to make sure you break even between this vehicle’s maintenance costs and your new garage's net income.

Reelin68 - Porsche Cayenne has the highest residual value of any SUV. Look it up. 70% of every Porsche made is still on the road. That's higher than Toyota. You lose $10,000 per year up to $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the style. For example a $160,000 Turbo S will depreciate to $50,000 in 9 years if kept with regular maintenance. a $90,000 Cayenne S (base) will depreciate to $30,000 in 7 years. Catch my drift?


Andrew- Yes, and like I said, only people with money are willing to shell out that kind of dough. $160k for a Turbo S? Who has that kind of money? Certainly not the 95% of the rest of us. And the real reason so many Porches are still on the road is because they are mostly owned by the wealthy, they are maintained by the wealthy, and they are not driven in the road salt. Unless of course you have money to burn and don't care that it's in the salt. Remember, the car payment on that $160K Turbo S is more than most peoples mortgage payment. How many Porches are sold in the U.S. VS Toyotas? You have to stop and remember there are far more Toyotas out there than Porches. Hence, they are a dime a dozen compared to the fewer Porches.

I'm interested in buying a 2010 cayenne GTS. But after reading this is very scary . Love the looks and the racebreed . I currently own a 99BMW M3. Was looking to buy the cayenne as a daily driver.. Good Info..

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