Power windows, moonroof, and trunk are locked up! Any solutions?


Asked by Apr 26, 2009 at 02:30 PM about the Volkswagen Jetta

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My power windows, moonroof, and trunk opener are non functional - locked up. It may have also deterred me from using the key remote to unlock the car because since the problem started, I have to manually unlock it. Tried to figure out which fuse it might be, but the fuse card is NOT clear on which fuse position will help me. There appears to be no window or moonroof symbol. I have not brought my car in to be looked quite yet.

Please help.


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Got this from a "my honest mechanic" website (sad that we have to have resources with the word "honest" in the titiles): Reader Question: I have a 2001 TDI Jetta which is doing the craziest thing. None of my windows roll down, the car no longer automatically locks when I put it in drive, but I can lock them manually, and my trunk is locked and can not be opened with the remote, manually by the key or the trunk release button.Do you have any idea what could be wrong? All of my fuses including the master fuses above the battery are good. Thank you for your help. myhonestmechanic.com: Hi there, I think I remember a similar issue with a Jetta we had in my shop a few years ago and I want to say there is a "re-programming" operation that needs to be done to correct the problem. We had to do a few things..."Turn key on, open driver door, press door lock 4 times etc. etc. etc" I do not remember all that we had to do, but the VW Dealership or a shop that is familiar with VW should be able to look this up in their repair manuals and perform the operation.I sold my repair shop a few years ago and do not have access to the manuals anymore. I think I would visit the VW dealer if I were in your shoes, it will probably be the fastest and cheapest route to take unless you have a VW specialist close by. Blessings, Austin Davis Reader Follow Up Austin, Here are a few things that I found out....there is a fuse #14 that is 7.5 amps (which I found out is usually the culprit). I thought that my husband and his friend checked all of them, but they must have missed that one. I did try replacing it based on a recommendation from a friend of a friend who works at VW, but it turns out that was the culprit due to the fact that my dome light had a short in it. But, another thing that it could be for others is the comfort control module. Thank goodness it wasn't that because the part is 360.00 and the computer needs to be re programmed also. I got away cheap only 139.00 Ugh, these Jettas are the worst with the electronic issues. This sounds like my problem. Will update... Again, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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This is now fixed. It was the #14 fuse, turns out. Whatever symbol it's supposed be, I would have never guessed...and another way VW can get you to bring you're car in and spend more money. Manual was no help...just another "take your car into your nearest VW dealership" phrase. I'm trying not be negative here. The internet comes through again.

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I know this is two years later....but I've encountered a very similar issue. My jetta 2000 windows, trunk, interior visor lights and sunroof stopped working, I checked fuse #38 central locking system...but that did not solve the problem. I'm now seeing that it may be #14...I will check #14 today and see if that solves my issue. Another bogus thing that happened was that the window last night went down, but not by me pressing on the window switch, but trying to lock the damn car!!..I tried to lock it and miraculously the window went down and I couldn't put them back up if my life was on the line...I thought the car at that point was possessed. I will try fuse #14, if that doesn't work...I throw my hands up with these Jetta's..the worst cars ever assembled. If there's any more light anyone can shed on this please feel free....! thanks!!! :(

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My son had the same thing.It was the door switch not working right .He took them apart the contacts where all corroded cleaned them they work for a long time but a ventrally the switch had to b replace I hope that will help some.

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#14 did the trick.

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i just wanted to say fuse #14 worked on my 2000 vw jetta this forum was a life save fixed the problem these vw are junk when it comes to the electronics i had the same problem no windows,overheads lights,no trunk entry and no alarm access

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You guys saved me. Fuse #14!!!

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Thanks to all who answered with the #14 fuse. My 2000 Jetta had a drivers door panel that kept separating (came loose) from the door. When my wife would open the door, the lower panel would get stuck on the body door frame. After repeatedly pulling the door open the panel broke. The last thing that happened was the lower panel light broke free and got smashed when she closed the door causing a short that blew the fuse. Subsequently causing none of the window switches to work. The first thing I tried to check were the fuses, but #14 shows a symbol of what looks like a headlight, WTF!!!! Turns out that was the blown fuse. I replaced the fuse and panel and know everything works properly.

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I had the same problem it was #14 but that only fix the windows. Trunk and alarm still not working. Any suggestions?

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Hello all: Just to continue building on this incredibly informative and helpful thread. Like many of you, I came here looking for answers about a power window, moonroof, domelight and locked trunk that suddenly died this evening. Yes, the number 14 fuse was also the culprit in my case. A caveat to that however interestingly enough...the number 14 fuse blew when I rattled the TRUNK LIGHT which has its mounting clips broken due to dry rotting of the plastic (typical for VW here in South Florida ) when I was trying to figure out why it wouldn't turn on... It's a simple answer in my case: There is a ground fault in the trunk light which terminates on the same circuit as the majority of the lighting and power functions of this car. German engineering my ass. At least they had enough sense to not terminate the fuel latch door on that circuit too.

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Ok so I have a jetta vw 01 I believe and my dad took out my radio and now I have all these cords hanging out, and now it won't start, also my dad says something about the radiator heating up or something I really just need some help

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and also my trunk doesn't

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Thank you so much. #14 and everything is working again!

had the same problems just a day ago...trunk will not open, windows don't go up or down, no alarm, doors did not open!!!!...but fuse #14 saved my life!!! thank you so much for the recommendation and for saving me lots of money!!!

Guys I have the same problem with my jetta 04. I just replaced the #14 fuse and still doesn't work. Any ideas?

So i just went trough all you guys wtiting and turns out fuse #14 was the problem thanks


Hi Leo, I replaced fuse number 14 and it didn't fix my problem either... Have you figured out your issue? Also, there is mention of fuse 14 being a 7.5 A but, there was a 10 A fuse in my fuse box in the number 14 position... ?

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yeah!!! changed 14 all is good but now alarm goes off when key is turned on HELP also still no power to passenger window

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If you've disconnected the battery recently you need to reset all windows and Sunroof. Lock the doors from outside with your key then unlock for a brief second then lock a 2nd time hold for 2 seconds then open doors and you now have reset all windows everything should work now. Hope this works.

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What about on a 2012 Jetta? My back windows won't roll down , seems like there locked or something ? Any suggestions?

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Thank you so much. Who would have ever guessed.

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I am having a similar issue but the car also will not start or even try to crank?

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Same issue (windows, trunk, sunroof): 1. all fuses are good 2. turning the key to the left (in the door, counterclockwise, for two seconds) the windows went down (all the way down). 3. turning and holding the key to the right they budge up a half inch. The window controls for both the driver's and all the passengers still don't work. Nor does the trunk or sunroof.

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Hey guys. came here with respect and recieve good answears from you lovely people. i currently have a 2000 vw golf. i have the same problem windows wont work sunroof trunk and my doors wont lock when im driving. i changed fuse #14 but it didnt work. what can i do?

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Can't help Jovanny BUT I also experienced sudden loss of power window control (no up/no down-nada), loss of moonroof, loss of overhead inside lighting (up front) and loss of internal trunk opening switch - which was really problematic b/c I only had the seconday key, not the master electronic key with me - (some "valet safe" system which has always been annoying!). Just like Edouardo posting of earlier, this happened after I had to adjust and return the trunk light mounting apparatus back into the trunk liner after it slipped out and the light went out too! Replacing fuse #14 (10 amp) fixed it all! Looking at the fuse diagram, I never would have connected all those systems to one fuse, let alone the "dome light" which was the least of my issues (which also btw intermittently goes on/off on its own - never with this collection of issues). There is a nice chart of what the fuses really mean available thru a google search. Ask in the initial search box "Volkswagen electrical fuses" or something comparable, then there is one reply with images, find the image of your particular "fuse card". Bring up that image then scroll to the follow on image and there is a listing of what each fuse really does. Printed one off to add to the useless chapter about fuses in my owners manual!

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can anyone give me a suggestion on what could be causing my trunk to shut but not lock in my vw 2003 jetta??? when i bought the car the unlock trunk on key fob never worked i always had to use the key to unlock it on the outside now it makes this weird noise and wont lock but will close

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Hello I have a 2011 Jetta se. I am having issues with the power windows. If I roll the driver window down Sometimes it gets stuck there. Or will roll back down or half way down. Same with back seat on driver Side window. I am thinking maybe a fuse is loose? Was stuck all the way down yesterday and it's Monsoon season here in south Florida lol ... HELP!! Too poor to take it in :( fuse 14??

My remote on my 2002 jetta won't unlock the doors unless I'm standing right next to it. It will not unlock the trunk either I've change the batteries with no results.

Thanks a million! The # 14 worked for my 2000 beetle. God bless...

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