Disarming the alarm system for a 95 VW Jetta

Asked by May 11, 2008 at 03:28 PM about the 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

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Our son bought a 1995 VW Jetta.  As he was working on the vehicle he set off the anti-theft system.  Now the car will not start and we have been unable to trace how to disarm it.  The car did not come with any manuals or other information.  Any information or help would be great.

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ok. i had the same problem. first on the driver side remove the panal where the drivers knees would be. when u do u will be able to see ur fuses and a bunch of wires. way up in the dash there will be 2 modules, one has a a 6 wire connector and one has a 10 wire connector, unplug them both, then ur alarm will be off but it kills ur starter, to keep the starter workin connect the 5 and 6 wire from the 6 wire connector together, it should work if not let me know.

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Nice tip you are the man!! worked like a charm

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i did the steps, but now when i turn the key on the ignition all i get is this cheap toy machine gun sounds. any suggestions on what i did wrong?

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Omg Thank you so much we did what you said and now i can start my car....WOOT. i just happened to run across your answer when searching the web for this problem... xoxoxooxoxooxo

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OMG Thank you so much, I just happened on this site while searching for this problem and it worked, I can drive my car thanks to you...xoxoxoxoxxooxoxxooxx WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: didn't cost anything thanks to you...


Just want to say thank you. I followed your directions and so far so good. I live in an apartment with no parking so I usually park within a couple of blocks of my place, and sometimes if I am lucky, right out front. About a week ago I was alerted to the fact that my alarm had been going off for hours on end. The police officer who informed me of this issue told me that on the next time they had to respond to this particular instance, my car would be towed. The shop quoted me ~$500 to diagnose and fix this, but between the information posted here and information posted on a few other forums, I was able to remedy the situation myself. I have a 1995 VW Jetta celebration edition. Again, thank you so much! Bryce

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i did it i after i cranked it about 5 times n the sixth time it sounded like it wanted to crank, Same thing happened to me i was trying to install an aftermarket radio after that it wants to crank but doesnt fire

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Hi i tried that i cranked it about 5 times n th sixth time it sounded like it wanted to start n then died. the same thing happened to me i was working with the wires trying to install an aftermarket radio with after that it would crank but not fire.

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I have a question gesford, I unhooked the two modules but I'm unsure about what you meant by connecting the 5 and 6 wire together, do I have to cut the other wires off from the six wire or no if you could get back to me as soon as possible it would be a big help I'm trying to decide to junk it or fix it and I don't really want to junk it, again thanks.

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I am not Gesford, but if I remember correctly... I disconnected the battery, then both the 6 and 10 wired connectors, as suggested. On the 6 wire connector, I think the wires are numbered, I cut the 5th and 6th wire on the connector, stripped about an inch off of them, then joined them together with a hefty twist on wire connector. This bi-passes the alarm system and allows your starter to still receive an electrical signal. Awkward to get at, but a relief to save the money. Hope I have helped.

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It worked great, my car starts, but now my hazard flashers keep blinking, and I can not turn them off. Any ideas anyone?

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pull out either the hazard fuse or relay, your hazards wont work, but hey, they wont be blinking!!! but check and make sure it does not affect normal operation of the turn signals

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there are 2 plugs with six wires witch one do i unplugg

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Thanks man that's the bomb and we are back in business. You saved us tons of money.

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Awesome post - worked as stated - purchased another module via a salvage yard and we are a 100% - A BIG THANKS

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jumped wires together but r/side t/signal on- why?

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Quick fix is to run a switch from your battery directly to the harness on your starter Then with the key in the run position just before start hit the switch yank the switch close the hood and be on your way till you fix you anti theft system.

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Hey that worked like a charm. However, upon putting my fuse/relay center back up into the holders something happened and shut my car right off. No spitting or sputtering. Just killed it.

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same problem as everybody else only my car already has a bypass in it so i have to turn the key then press the button car normally.. the thing is i started my car 5 minutes before side note my car won't lock so could it still be the alarm ANYBODY PLEASE!!

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Did what was said and did not work any suggestions thank u


I have a problem my car won't start but the dash board light come on and the radio works and the ac but my car won't. Start up it doesn't make a crank noise at all it's a 199@ Jetta vr6

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One thing to try if you are unable to disarm the alarm on one of these older Jettas is to unlock the car from the passengers door or the trunk. This will shut off the alarm if the drivers door handle or wiring isn't working properly. Very useful tip from Gesford, for sure.

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I did this to my vw but now the tacomitter, gas gadges and some other things aren't working any ideas what I did wrong? Should I have plugged in the ten prong connector?

OMG I was inquring on another vw celebrity edition question and saw this thread! This happend to me I took the car into Walmart for an oil change approximately April of 2000 and all hell broke loose when my dad and I (whom previously owned a gas station/repair when I was younger) came to pick up my car. Over the phone we were told there was an issue with my car and of course Dad would be chauffering his daughter to deal with an issue.! We arrive and the horn was blaring, car would not start, hazard lights flashing and we were told they did nothing to the car to cause an issue. My dad and I both said well you must have done something as the car was locked, alarm set, and no issues prior to turning over the key for service! They said, I must have done something not them yet they moved it into their service bay, unlocked and opened sunroof. I had the car towed blaring noise etc, to vw dealer about 15mins away and after diagnostic VW said the Master Computer had gone out and it would be $1500+ for repair. I said this car I purchased new on 8/27/95 not even 5 years old and with a 10 yr/100,000 miles extremely low mileage has a theft system failure requring a new master computer! I then put a hold on repairs and contacted both VW western regional office and Walmart management for their insurance to make a claim. After going round and round with Walmart leadership and VW, the walmart insurance finally got back with me and they duked it out for about 3 weeks as my only car sat there. I finally received reimbursement for a month of rental car and fuel as the rental used more gas, Master computer Replacement (which everthing else electrical was working properly when it arrived for repair at VW) however, my dad, along with a fellow family friend and mechanic NEVER believed it was the computer but another issue due to car not starting and theft system going haywire. Since this repair, the car locks never worked properly such as I can only unlock driver door with the key and nothing else including the trunk. I also, sometimes get locked out of fuel door and need screedriver to get into it. If I change the car battery the alarm system may go off once reconnected and it is hell to get it turned off! The alarm is very quirky and periodically sometimes the anti-theft system will just go off. I believe Walmart insurance were correct to pay for repair...however, I think there is a glitch in anti-theft system and customers are being deceived and replacing The Master Computer is not fixing the real issue the anti-theft system as many are having the same problems! I now have 312,000 Miles on my Jetta 95, quirks and all. I wonder if any legal action has happened with VW on this anti-theft issue. I also purchased my second new car in 2003 VW Passat and only have 69,000 miles in 12 years yet the CV boots needed replacing at approximately 67,500 miles...what the heck! I am going to see if Carguru has any input on this failing too. Lynn


I really hope someone here can help fix my car alarm issues! I own a 1995 golf 2.0 and every time I try to start my car it goes completely dead and the alarm starts going off. I read on the internet that you can connect wires 5 and 6 from the alarm module to bypass the alarm system. I did that with a jumper cable and it started like a charm. So I cut the 2 wires tied them together and plugged everything back and once I did that the alarm started going off again. I have everything back to how I had it before when it did start and now it's not starting. Do I have to have the 10 pin harness plugged in for it to start?

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i havent tried it yet but i heard u leave the ten pin out and would think u could leave the 6 out to cut off the alarm all together

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Same problem only it was 10degrees it works like a charm thanks and it didn't cost me a dime

I see this is a very old thread, but not once did I see the real fix. Your guys cars are designed to do this. It's an anti theft feature. You DO NOT need to do anything with the alarm control module. The actual fix is when you set off the alarm use key in the passenger door lock. Lock and unlock the door and the problem should be fixed


All answers are correct, for the.most part. There are multiple ussues with these cars and the anti-theft systems. As these cars get older certain parts to tend to become defective as with any car. The problems with cars not starting as in: car turns on, dash lights up, all accessories work fine, battery is decent or at least at normal starting range, car will not crank and if i remember correctly..does not even click is related to alarm module located behind headlight switch in dash. For this, as above, you unplug both connectors from module. Both the 6-wire and 10-wire connector. With both unplugged you can either cut the two wires and join them together or use a jumper wire between the two or they have suitcase type clams you can clamp on the use a jumper wire between with male blade terminal connectors between. This keeps all wires shielded and provides a secure connection. If i remember correctly..it is the larger red wire from each connector. One or both may have a white stripe. Then there is no need to plug the connectors back in the module. This bypasses all anti-theft features. With the girl who had the issue with car at walmart and others...the connector attached to door lock inside drivers door has become disconnected either physically or electically. In those cases u can still disarm alarm by using passenger door lock...not sure if trunk disables alarm or not but it might. Other electical issuses do arise. Sometimes with flasher problems is could be relay or switch on top of steering column. Hope this helps!!!

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My car is a 2001 jetta will the 5 and 6 wire work like it did for the 1995 jetta

is there a link? or a video?

I have a 98 jetta vr6 . the car lost its antifreeze the engine got a little hot. I pulled over the car shut itself off. I tried cranking it after refueling antifreeze but it wouldnt start. It cluttered a bit and then died. I tried it again Now it turns over but wont run. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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