how do I turn up the supercharger on my 99 grand prix gtp


Asked by Nov 03, 2009 at 05:02 AM about the 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

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umm you dont turn it up. you can get a smaller pulley and create more boost but you cant just turn up your supercharger

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you dont, a super charger runs from the rotation of the pulley on your serpentine belt which spins the two twin impellers that force air into your motor. the only way to make it run faster is to get a different sized pulley which you can get at this website or try intercooling it, the same site offers a kit for that. Ohh and you can also upgrade to a higher grade race spec super charger, there are many other websites to look for parts as well, try as well

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240 sucks balls. ZZP, wbodystore, or PRJ are the only places Ide buy stuff from.

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You would have to get some supporting mods first. Flow mods such as intake, exhaust and then you could go to a 3.5 pulley and get a bit more boost.


You make me lol. I run low 11s in my Grand Prix and do custom work and tuning. What does yor Grand Prix run? Low 14s? has terrible prices. Zzp is the premier vendor, PRJ is a bad ass with a couple bad ass products, and Wbodystore has good prices and is owned and ran by an active and valuable member of the GP community. Half the stuff Ive seen you post makes me lol. If any of you want some real information look on or

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zzp's best items are things such as entire engine swaps, do you honestly think this person is looking for an 11 second car? no he most likely just wants a little more power first of all, secondly yes i respect zzp but yet again hes looking for simple upgrades otherwise hed be asking where to buy a higher flowing super charger, ohh and lastly did you ever think that maby i dont drag race my grand prix? its my car for driving around town, the car was never designed to be incredibly fast in the first place which is why the only tranny option for the car was an automatic, the cars i work on are generally 67 GTO's and a few 70 Chevy Nova's, the 3800 v6 hardly compares to a well tuned 389

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ZZPs best items are NOT entire engine swaps - you obviously know nothing about them if you are saying that. They didnt even start offering "built" engines until somewhat recently. ZZP may not always have the best pricing but their parts are second to none and their customer service is 5 notches above any 3800 vender (including They offer anything and everything that any 3800 vendor has. 3800 v6 is a stout ass motor and if anyone argues otherwise then they really just dont know anything. The fastest 3800 powered Grand Prix runs 8s on a stock bottom end and has not had an engine failure in a couple race seasons. Plenty of cars have made 500hp+ on a completely stock block, crank, rods, pistons, and rockers. Even mentioning a V8 is like comparing apples to oranges in every aspect (performance, price, etc) so that is a FAIL. This statement pretty much discredits anything you have to say, "the car was never designed to be incredibly fast in the first place which is why the only tranny option for the car was an automatic". You do realize the fastest cars in the world are automatics right? You do realize that automatics are better for drag racing? You do realize being consistent with a manual in the quarter mile is extremely hard for probably 95% of people? Manuals ARE more fun and they offer a big advantage on road courses and such... but we arent talking about fun OR road courses.

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1. if the 3800 wasnt a stoutass motor i wouldnt have specifically chosen cars with that engine for literally every car ive used as my daily driver, thad be 4 cars so far 2 grand prixs and 2 buick regals, the only issue ive ever had to repair is the usual overdrive issue 2. out of the top ten most powerful production cars in the world guess how many v6's there are ? the answer is 0, ohh and the hemi engine from the 60s made more horspower than your 500+ from the factory. On its own an original hemi with no power adders or special air induction made 750 hp and 870 ft/lbs of torque, now imagine if you supercharged it or added nitrous? theres a reason most super cars designed for speed are v8's or above, and yes gm never designed the grand prix to be an incredibly fast car the insurance would be huge and the car would cost to much for thier projected consumers interest, they aimed the car at people who liked a good looking car with a little bit of power that wasnt to expensive and didnt have huge insurance like say a corvette does, ohh and the fastest cars in the world part is incorrect as well, the fastest accelerating cars in the world would likely be automatics due to there perfect shifts, however given that the manual would have more hp it will have a higher top speed, which of course means its faster, proof of this being the worlds two fastest production cars the bugatti veyron and the ssc ultimate areo, take a guess what kind of transmissions they have? the veyron has a computer controlled manual, and the ssc runs a modified corvette 6 speed, theres your proof

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Good job mentioning V8s again. What are you trying to accomplish by pointing that out? Whats your point? Im not comparing the 3800 to a V8. There are also 1200hp in-line 4 cylinder motors out there - who gives a shit? Apples to oranges. When did I even mention a 3800 in a supercar? I didnt. Computer controlled manual? Learn how to read - you fail yet again: "The transmission is a dual-clutch Direct-Shift Gearbox computer-controlled automatic with seven gear ratios, with magnesium paddles behind the steering wheel and a shift time of less than 150 milliseconds"

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Way to google your ass off to that answer... youre a fuckin tool

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I love how when people are obviously proven wrong they revert to cursing and name calling. I'd imagine if something is computer controlled that would make it automatic...just saying. Unless you're driving K.I.T...which i guess is a computer controlled manual, dont think that makes much sense. Zack has made the only intelligent remarks to the incessant rants from people whom obviously have never picked up a tool in their lives. Who in their right mind only works on one year of a particular vehicle unless they specialize in vehicle restoration, even then thats a stretch. To respond to manual transmissions having higher top speeds than an automatics is also erroneous. The only reason one would be faster than the other is because automakers use different final drive ratios due to transmission choice for mpg, etc. There fore the transmission itself directly doesnt change the top speed. Id also like to know what 60's design stock hemi engine made 750hp without a ridiculous cam, hours on a flow bench working the heads,etc? Pretty sure that negates your 'point' about a 60's engine, but you knew that, because you work on old 1967 GTO's and 1970 Novas. As highly entertaining as it is to read a bunch of high schoolers measure each others dicks, i think ill walk out into my garage and work on my 406whp stock suspension gtp.

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Just finished building my custom T67 turbo kit with 3" downpipe and open wastegate dump ;).

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your right, ive been very childish here and im going to admit to it, how i know the hemi engine, the first time i heard about the original hemi's power was probably around 4 years ago on an episode of horsepower tv, they had an original hemi 6 pack im fairly sure it was a 426 but my memory is a little foggy and it dynoed at 759 hp and 800 and some ft lbs of torque, i honestly didnt believe this until last year a family friend built a custom henry j rat rod to which he put a hemi 426 in. First he dynoed it before he added a super charger and a rather large air intake hood scoop. the first dyno records he got were in the 700s before he modified it, so that was what proved it to me, however no i have not worked on a hemi myself, a good old gm 350 will always be my engine of choice, nextly the point of the veyron was that yes it is computer controlled but you do have to shift it which therefore makes it a manual and the computer controls the clutch if u dont shift it up and down gears it wont move, unlike an automatic that u just put into drive and it shifts for u, i started out in this forum trying to help this guy find a good manual transmission and i thought it was a cool idea, however i wound up getting into a senseless argument, my arguments with zack have since spread to two other separate topics asside from this one, so it was useless and not very smart and i apologize to those who i have bothered especially jonathan here who seems to be a true car enthusiast

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almost 100% wrong...superchargers are belt driven obv...smaller pulley equal more boost..MUST DO SUPPORTING MODS TO GO DOWN PULLEY SIZES...also supercharger swaps need many parts..depending on year model everythng...from plugs, wires, injectors, all sensors for the swap, needs a pcm to modifly nethng...additional tuning after swaps...intercooling is well over $1000. and the biggest s/c u can swap on an l36/l67 grand prix is the 2004- 2008 Gen V eaton m90..which stock flows better than a genIII modded. too many ppl answer shit they dnt kno nethng about...tell this guy to drop pullies without warning of supporting mods would have destroyd the car and possible harmd him while operating.


also the serpentine belt doesnt power the supercharger...theres a reason the sell SUPERCHARGER BELTS spicifically for the dont own a gtp do u? if u do u should feel pretty stupid

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there are two belts one powers the s/c and a few other pullys the other handles the rest and yes u need supporting mods for changing the s/c pully and1999 gtpin13s you need to chill the fuck out your the kind of people that make modding unfun people like you need to stay off this sight yet you need supporting mods but dont be a dick just say so and yes it is belt driven any retard can see that :)

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get an underdrive pulley and belt if you can find one,summit racing, jegs and possibly on ebay


This is funny. You can put an undersize pulley on a stock engine. Will do better. all stock!!. But don't go to small. But being all stock you will not get the full benefit of it as a few simple mods will make it a way better experience. And as for whomever said 3800 v6er arent fast? Seems most of the wild euros has that selection in their stable and at a price to remember and they ain't no slouchers! it is what it is. a v6. dependable. very stout lil motor. Ya dew enough to it and it will run like hell. as for the auto/manual thingy,, *lol* I if all you have to do is pull back on a paddle I don't think that is the same as shifting. Do ya step on the clutch when ya come to a stop? If you do then it is an automatic trans. If you don't then it is a manual. Right or wrong?

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Anyone try stuffing a 350 into the gp? Love this car but also love a v8 and manual tranny. It's likely lots of work but I am curious if it's doable with the engine mounts lining up with obvious mods to follow. Basically I want to throw a vette drivetrain into my gp. What do you think?


I think it would be a cool car. Converting FWD to RWD will be a lot of work.. A lot of people have put the Northstar V8 in them. Much easier way to get a v8. Although, the L67 used in the GTPs are very capable of serious power. **Why did you res-erect an old post though?

Not sure about the old post cause I usually don't do forums but I had the thought at work yesterday for some reason the car looked really good at a certain angle and it was like the rear was drifting out after a hard launch I don't know! Anyways I was trying to find out if it had been done before and this post came up. And a fwd v8 does not interest me I talked to a fellow with a monte Carlo with a tuned v8 and he compared it to drivin on ice all the time. Doesn't sound fun.


best way to "turn up" your supercharger is like alot of ppl said (before the bullshit) add a "under drive"pulley(smaller then factory) kit should come with smaller belt, agreed on the point u should add "supporting" mods, ie cold air intake such as afe or k&n(i do believe for the 99"s the coolant bottle is behind the drivers light) there is no k/n part number for this because of the coolant bottle ull need the coolant bottle relocate kit as well for the cold air to be any type of effective, and you'll also want to do an exhaust most ppl do a 3inch, bare min should be 2 and 3/4 inch and alot are doing wat they call a "u" bend delete which is where the o2 sensor sits in exhaust system, they make a straight piece and weld on an o2 bung on the side of it (pretty simple), Ive owned 4 gtp's and done all these mods and like you just wanted more boost first one lasted a bit but because of the tweaked up power on the s/c it caused some issues so i did all other mods and it sorted itself out so u should do them (very highly recommended), hopefully this helps alot if not good luck with any other things u plan to do cheer ref=hl find me on facebook this is my gtp owners club page ill tell you anything you need too know :)

I was told I could get a few more pounds by messing with the vacuum lines is that true?

I love my Gtp because I can fit ally kids in it and there is a market for it... I love the post up top about v8 but a s/c v6 with mods can outrun a lot of cars... I love it when some asshole with a v8 is on the side of me trying to stick it to me and me and the family sedan goes right by... Any engine can be built up to do anything. I'm from michigan and I love my flint mi born 3800 . I'm also a technician and I've been in the transmission several times to rebuild because I was do standstill burn outs and broke three input shafts .. Wow.. But for 1900 bucks for the car and few hundred for some mods it's a damn fun car to drive I've seen these car on a drag strip smoke corvettes, evo's etc. it's not the car it's the builder and here in mi we have the worlds fastest 3800 fwd "The World's Fastest FWD 3800 8.6582@158.97mph (24psi) 870whp (28psi)". Zzp is the place for serious gtp 3800 and ecotec as well as other engine modders. So once again it's not the car it's the builder. My car has four doors and car seat and tools so it's does its job as a family sedan and hauls ass. If u have any trans problem theirs plenty upgrades that'll help folks turn the 4t65e hd bullet proof also. v=8MkK6S3R99I check this video out looks fun don't it. I'll put my gtp up against those old school muscle with four hundo horses stocks . All races in this video were taken before I added the intercooler and rockers. The races in the video were with a 3.4" pulley, headers, ZZP 1.0 PCM and an intake. Vids of the intercooled setup will be up later this summer.

Just upgraded from my grand prix gt to a gtp want to make faster any advice

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