I want to buy a 90 jeep but heard that they are junk whats ups

Asked by Jan 27, 2010 at 05:41 PM about the 1990 Jeep Wrangler

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My dad said that jeep has a bad name but they look cool and i want one please help me

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no, theyre not junk. theyre great 4x4s. where im at (northern illinios) theyre ideal. my toy is the jeeps cousin, the amc eagle. i wouldnt give it up. you name it, people have done it and went through in jeeps.

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if jeeps war junk i dont know why there one of the longest running models witch almost no changes

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i have a 1990 yj and i love and have had no problems at all with it its got 150,000 miles on it and still ruing a carb with the straight 6 and i take it mudding n rockcrawling i run the hell out of it and it runs great but i always e the same thing but tke it from me mine runs great and i got 150,000miles on it and rthe hell out of it i love it

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and if you ever go to a junk yard you hardly ever see jeeps in them cause there still running th ly time there in junk yards is because people roll them over or wreck them

the most common jeep in the yards is the cherroke. any others in there are like gold. my eagle has gone through a lot and i think it might be one of the best crossovers ever built. its basicly half cj half concord. its like driving a luxury jeep. im not knocking the jeeps but i think the amc eagle should be with the jeeps in some degree.


If you keep it stock then no, they are not junk. If you want to modify it with lifts and bigger tires than yes they are. They have alot of little issues that aren't very good with bigger tires. The axles are weak especially if you decide to put lockers in. The I6 is your best choice and in 1990 they put the ax15 manual tranny behind it. Before that it was a Peugeot tranny and it was junk. The I4 is an ok motor with a not very good tranny behind it. Also the 4x4 system has somekind of vacuum system in the front to engage it and I've heard people have problem with it. It all depends on what your going to do with the Jeep, and how you are going to drive it.

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Iv owned jeeps since i was 12 and im 29 now they are not race cars by no means but are great if you want to go somewhere a wider truck cant take you there is not anouther truck that you can take the top off and go down 4wheeler trails and fit between trees with and you can change the jeep to your liking the 1990 YJ has the best springs and frame for jeeps with leaves and if your into mechanics you just empty every pocket to make it the way you want there is all kinds of parts to put what you want together and they hold there resale value it is a life style choice and jeep is made in tolido ohio an all american town and jeep is one of the longest lasting bodys out there since 1941 when it helped to win World War 2 so in the end it is all up to you jeep is still here and won't die so they cant be that bad

i agree with ya. where im at its a flood town, so im lifting it about a foot. the eagle aready has the 4.2 in it im not going to go nutso on it. its my toy.

theyre great suvs(toys).i agree with ya.

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couldnt have said it any better my self i have a 90 yj that i love and wouldnt do without it totaly agree what you said and its dead on man

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ok, by the way, nice jeep. that drab isnt original is it? im not being rude but that ugly color actually looks good on that jeep.


oh that olive like green as far as i know its origanal my friend that work at a body shop and the one actully got me into jeeps said thats an origanal color he said its just a rare color on the sahara`s


thats one of the things i liked about it cause it was a different color then normal and more of a milary jeep i put the star on the side cause my dad bought me the jeep for 3,000 and he was a marine in viet nam and in the arm and he suggest it so i knida did to triute him being in the war and buying me the jeep so im making kinda like a military jeep a changed the bulbs in the dash to where my gauges light up red white and blue


do you have any pcs of yours

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not bad. if it was on anything esle it would look like crap. you may know. which axle setup is better wrangler or cherrakee? im going away from my eagles front axle. its a dana 30 with cv shafts. id rather have u-joints.

as soon as i get a cheap camera that plugs into my laptop(craptop) ill put'um up.


im not sure mine are still stock i just got my jeep a little over a year ago but im tryin to find me some old wagonner axles to put on mine cause they came with dana 44 with i think 4:10s and everyone i know usally uses them if you kcan find them cause i wanna run bigger tire but not till i upgrade my axles


and one thing i found is that my hood was oxidized when i first got it and i found that regular tooth paste it has to be the paste works wonders i was actully amazed how good it worked cause they say its just like a compond

do you by any chance know janesville wi? a freind of mine has big boneyard north of there with jeeps in it.


nah im in baltimore,md

bummer, he has good parts there. about a year ago i bought a dana 35 (drum-drum) for $120. im going to convert it to a super 35. if you ever do go that way, its in milton. its called seward auto. his # is 608-868-1727. ask for hank. its on victer road. there also a campground called lakeland camping resort on w59 across from the yard. it sounds a little cofusing but its not.


oh ok cool thanks bro ya id love to change my back drums to disc but theres so much other stuff a wanna do to it like a need a new set of seats my are atarting to go but theres some in quadratec i want and i just bought a hardtop so now i gotta save and buy the fiberglass upper sliders for my door cause right now my soft top doors over lap the hardtop a little bit but it aint to bad but im lovin the hardtop in this cold and its so much quiter

if you come across parts for my eagle let me know.


If your wondering about which is better a cherokee front d30 or wrangler front d30 it's cherokee. Alot of the cherokees came with a HP front D30 where none of the wrangler did.


no problem man ill let you know


ya but i would just get wagoner axles or axles out of a 4 banger casue they came with 4:10s


I would go with the waggy 44's instead of finding the 4banger's axle's. Do it right the first time


oh ya of course its just hard to find wagoner`s somtimes i came across one at the junk yard the other day and wanted it but i just had back surgery 4 weeks ago so i couldnt take on that job myself with my back and i was dieing to take them


that would be kind of hard to do if you just had back surgery. I could see it being hard to find stuff in Baltimore. I live in Colorado and between my CO forum and my UT forum I can find just about anything I want.


ya its hard to find jeeps or wagoner`s in junk yards in balitmore but theres always cherokees lol ya if it wasnt for my back surgery i would he took both axles i had the money and everything thats why it killed me that i couldnt get them. i was there looking for whole hard doors with glass cuase i just got a hardtop but doors are like impossabe to find on a jeep in a junk yard so im just gonna save and buy the upper fiberglass sliders which everyone says is better anyway cause with the all metal doors they tnd to always crack and rust at the pillers


To bad you don't live close to hear. I was just looking on one forum and one guy is selling a set of d30/35 with 4.11 gears. front has a limited slip and rear and detroit and he wants $500 for both. Not a bad price for what they have.


Another option if you can't find any waggy axles is a ford 8.8. I know alot of people put those under jeeps.


ya i heard about people using ford 8.8s ill just wait till my backs good and try to find my some wagoners again


So do you have some pretty good trails in MD?


nah i have to drive to pa


a jeep is a jeep it get you to hell and back but your goinh tohave to put in some wrench time dont care what year it is


They are prolli the best cars out there, although you are getting some biased answers considering your in a jeep group, but i have a 90 yj islander with the 258ci 6 cylinder, which is bullet proof i had 135000 miles on it and it runs great, but just be prepared that this isnt a luxury vehicle, this is a raw dog, i live in cleveland and when im driving it i can still see my breath in the car 1 hour after i started it, its rugged, but if thats what you want, then its a great car, just keep in mind when looking at it to check out the frame make sure thats in good shape, then check the body panels, check under the carpet (its fastened with velcro), and just keep an eye out.

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I agree with the guy that was talking about never seeing Jeeps in a junk yard. They are like toyotas as long as you keep up your regular maintance you shouldnt have no trouble out of it. I love mine

with normal maintenance Jeeps last a long time. Some things wear out; but that happens with any automobile. I have owned a 1984 Jeep Cherokee and a 1992 Jeep Cherokee and a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The are very durable vehicles. I use mobil 1 oil and I change fluids in the transfer case and transmission and rear end and front end periodically. I have had to replace the heater blend doors in the 1999 JGC but that happens over time... I have 140,000 miles on the 1999. I sold the 1984 at 140k miles; I had the 1992 Jeep for 100k miles always started fine no problem.


i have a 91 wrangler yj with 200k+.. never had to do anything accept tires,brakes, battery. there not junk if you take care of it. if you do get a jeep i recommend getting one earlier than 1991 because thats when they switched over to fuel injection. you wont have to screw around with a carb.. and you will have better throttle response. i hope this helps


i have a 90 yj with a weber carb 34s on it and ive never had any problems with mine


anything with the 4.0 litre 6 cylinder High output motor is worth buying. voted within the top 10 motors every made by everyone thats ever made a top 10 list.

Jeeps are Junk!!!! Ah! Yes! I have owned Jeeps all of my life ! From CJ's to my present SJ (Wagoneer (super Jeep) w/a 360 V8 & GMC Turbo 400 AT) ! It'll match up to or EXCEED the very best 4x4's out there! Manual or AT ! My main use is to go prospecting and off the roading (in some VERY! remote areas) It's a '77 model and I am just now gett'n around to a major overhaul! THAT'S 34!!! years old!!! THAT KIND of JUNK! I can really Live with!


Jeep doesn't have a bad name. The only reason people think Jeeps are junk is how most people treat them - like shit. If you treat it like a car, keep it on the street and treat it like a baby they are bosses. The standard 4.0 (258) is a bulletproof engine. The 4cyl is just as good as well. I put in lots of $ in my jeep and I wheel it, and beat the piss out of it just the same. Come winter time I just drive it on the road to school, every other weekend I drive it around 100miles. Doesn't breakdown or anything. & its 34 years old! Original never rebuilt. The only other thing to keep in mind around the 90's they put in a weber carb which is junk even after rebuild, and professionally tuned. Just upgrade it to a 2bbl motorcraft and you'll be fine! Dad had the weber and itd stall just driving... It was junk.


they are not juck unless you make it junk like lifting it wrong and just giving it hell all the time. i have a small lift on mine and it does great!


if you want something to work on and something to spend your extra time and money on then get a Heep...i mean Jeep. Just Empty Every Pocket = jeep


A 90 wrangler is not a bad jeep, its also very iconic because of the fact that it has the square headlights. But jeeps do cost money, if you plan on jus driving one as a daily driver then you won't really have many problems out of it. I do recommend getting the 4.0 inline six motor tho if you do get a yj wrangler (1990). A jeep is a very practical vehicle tho, you can take the top and doors off in the summer and you can use the four wheel drive in the winter, and jeeps actually hold their heat well, my wrangler has no carpet and is still warm as hell in the winter.


Right after I started working for Jeep in 86, I has blessed with working on a Golden Eagle CJ7. Black w/big gold eagle on hood. V8, lift kit, oversize tires, gold light bar, gold side pipes.....sweet ride. didnt even have to touch gas to make it go. let out the clutch, chug,chug chug....of it went...Will always stand out in my mind.


Its gonna be junk. Probably, paint already coming off, unreliable. How about... a Montero, great car that I had! Really reliable! Soft inside too!

I don't think the Jeep is junk I just come across some pretty good deal so the 4 wheel drive works it's got a hundred and forty two thousand miles on it the oil level was good it hasn't been cranked or run in almost 3 years I got a key put a hot battery in it . It'turned over a few times over 5 times and cranked up little rough idle for about 15-20 seconds believe or not it runs smooth now and 4 wheel drive does work great if you want to buy contact me anyone interested!!

I have a 90 yj with a 2.5 L. Bought it in 92. I drove it for 10 years then gave it to my oldest daughter for her first car.She drove it for 5 years, then passed it on to my youngest daughter for her first car. She drove it for 3 years and brought it back home when we bought her a new car. My girlfriend fell in love with it so i gave it to her for her birthday a couple years ago and she drives it daily. Had to replace the motor last year but with 280,000 miles i wasn't complaining. I put some pro comp 2.5 inch springs on it so i could run my mustang 17" wheels with a little bigger tires on it. She calls it her jeepstang. I've gone through 2 fuel pumps, 3 alternators and 2 starters in 24 years. Its just turned 300,000 a couple weeks ago and still has lots of life in her. Best vehicle i've ever had. Just won't quit. Best investment i've made in a vehicle i think. If it can survive 2 teen drivers and a crazy ass truck driver like me and never left anyone walking i'd dare to say it is far from junk. Just my personal experience and opinion though.

hey all, so im that inexperianced dude looking to get into jeeps. my first one was an 04 unlimited and had it for a couple of years. didnt get to do anything with it. as of now, im looking to get a 95 yj 6cyl on a 4in lift with about 113k miles on it. Guy is asking about 6k for it. any of yall got some advice?

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