I was wondering if a Eaton M112 supercharger would fit on a 2001 mustang v6?Also if so, how much hp would I gain?


Asked by Dec 20, 2010 at 08:33 PM about the 2001 Ford Mustang

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NO,the supercharger,M112 is made for the 3.8 90 degree engine in the T Bird super coupes.


Ok so then what kind of supercharger can fit on a 3.8L v6.

procharger makes a 2 core supercharger for it, with a tune theyre good for 360hp at the wheels, around 310 without a tune.

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You can get a aftermarket SC for it,but it is a lot more parts than just the SC,it is NOT a do it yourself job to install a SC unit,unless youre qulafied to do it,it is big bucks to make the swap.I got 3 T BIRD SUPER COUPES,all are factory supercharged engines.they a PITA to work on,and no it will not give that much hp as other posted.

If you can remove an intake manifold, and change a fuel pump and remove a front bumper, you can do it yourself. Its a medium difficulty install on a mustang. checkout the dyno vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEu7aNyV11E

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Ok thanks, another question, which one would be better, a supercharger or a turbo charger?


turbos are more efficient and properly set up they can give fast response and a broad range of boost for a street engine or they can provide a large amount of boost at high RPM with a lot of turbo lag. superchargers provide instant boost. the roots type supercharger is great for lower to mid RPM but starts to drag up top, centrifugal superchargers only reach max boost at high RPM, and twin screws (my personal favorite) provide stable boost most of the engine range.

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So then I should go with a twin screw supercharger, any fit a 2001 v6 3.8L mustang?

superchargers put the engine under constant boost, turbos spool up and down consistent with rpm range. for example to get 10 lbs of boost from a turbo you might have to hit 5000 rpm, if you have a decent supercharger you can make 10 lbs of boost practically from idle as soon as you hit the gas. turbos are harder to install than superchargers (now youre playing with exhaust manifolds), but many times cost less in parts.

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1 question,how many of you have the knowledge to do a supercharger change?? I do and have,Jeff,not to be rude,but you do not know what you are talking about.if you do this I hope you got deep pockets.

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www.secondlapautoparts.com pretty sure I do.

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Seems like you have a lack of knowledge. I wasnt gonna be the one to call you out, but push comes to shove....

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the eaton m112 is stock equipment for an '03 terminator, not a Thunderbird SC

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the eaton m90 works well on 3.8 mustangs. afterall it is the same architecture, different revision. http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/f233/t24465/ Now please stop embarrassing yourself and go install a supercharger....lol.

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well here we go again,I own 3 T Bird supercoupes,3,8 v6 supercharged engines.I dont need no link on this.you can call me out on anything you want.you look all of20 in your avitor pic,son I been doing this work for 35+ years,when and if you catch up with me,then you can tell me how to do something.my avitor,the 09 SHELBY,I supercharged it,so YES I know what the hell im doing. have you ever did the swap,no I do not think so.I got deep pockets,I can and know how to.

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Embarrassing myself,dont think so,lets see remove intake,fuel pump front bumper installed SC,I wish it were that easy,so you also think the 3.8 is the same,well not,the mustang.3.8 is a 60 degree block,the T Bird 3.8 is a 90 degree block,lets see ,hay their is a difference,now you go crawl back into the hole you came out of.lol

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Dumbass, the difference between the engines is the port configuration on the HEADS. the block is the SAME.

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Know what,you not worth arguing with,you a know it all,that dont know nothing.it is the other guys post and car,he can decide what he wants to do with his ride,im not here to fuss with children like you,im here to help other people with their problems,and what you mean posting anonymously,I been posting here since 07.

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Essex_V6_engine_%28Canadian%29 Same 90º as always. Learning anything yet??

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whats the matter? got slapped by your own stupidity? Essex 90º Applications: * 1982 Ford Granada * 1982–1983 Ford F-series * 1982–1997 Ford Thunderbird SEE THIS STUPID? * 1982–1997 Mercury Cougar * 1982–1986, 1994–2004 Ford Mustang HOW BOUT THIS STUPID? * 1982–1986 Mercury Capri * 1983–1986 Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis * 1988–1995 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable * 1988–1994 Lincoln Continental * 1995–2003 Ford Windstar

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No the block is not the same,nor is the heads,keep on posting on this post,im gone,this is STUPID.

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The best help you can give is not spreading misinformation. Its ok to not know, just do it quietly.

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BOY you sure are good at Google,none of the above is correct,go to school.

just go away,you giveing me a head ake.

You can barely spell, you know less than nothing about a seemingly endless plethora of EVERYTHING. If you really did buy a Shelby its because youre stupid and don't know any better. A person truly into performance would get the chassis and build it before they bent over and took a $82k colon crushing to have a mediocre performance car. And BTW they come already supercharged, so changing the supercharger on one is an even dumber waste of time and money. Sad that the new 5.0 with just $3k worth of extras can eat a Shelby.

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here, yahoo cant seem to find a mention of a 60º 3.8 litre engine. http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=Au88NYOq3O4fSRO_1pDLZsubvZx4?p=60%C2%BA+ford+3.8&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-892

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like I said u sure are good at google.


So from what I read, a eaton m112 supercharger, you would need some 39lb injectors, mass air sensor, the intercooler and the throttle body and this site tells me that it will fit on a v6 mustang http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/v6-tech/194306-2003-2004-cobra-eaton-m112-supercharger-2001-mustang-3-8l- v6.html

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39# injectors are overkill for a 300 hp application, you'd be fine with 32# injectors and still wouldnt utilize 85% of duty cycle. You need the plate to run the m112 on the v6, the m112 is designed for a v8 dohc 4.6. In all honesty youd be better off buying a kit that includes the fuel pump, injectors, maf and chip for the ECU. You should be able to find a kit for about $3900 vs, paying about $2500 just for a used eaton m112 setup and still needing a tune, injectors, maf, fuel pump, and having to use an adaptor plate. The injectors will run about $220, the maf about $200, fuel pump about $120 (for a walbro.. the cheapest I know of) custom tune $200-$400

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thats right ,know it all.

you do not have a Eaton on your t bird you have a Paxton papa and i take old cars and transfer them like new and yes you can put a Eaton the mustang but not the one you want the one you want is a Eaton M90 that's the best out of the Paxton that's why Ford lost against GM on supercharged level any was but GM lost to Ford for all the recalls of transmission and sensor problems before i took my my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Super Charged to the salvage yard i took the Bose amp and Bose speakers out and pulled the super charger out and they are now in my 05 Ford Mustang and not a lot to modify DO NOT listen to pap to put a Eaton on his car he would have to upgrade everything on his car for a Eaton to even to fit by alone to work with it

Hey, Murano_229 just wondering, I have a 2000 v6 mustang with the 3.8l, just wanted to see how you tured out. I really want to go with the twin screw SC the cobra has but wanted to see how you turned out


A Eaton M112 does fit a 3.9 or 3.8 mustang but u need an adaptor plate an you'll have to alter the fuel rails a bit but know they don't make that much power with a descent tune you'll make maby 306hp an 293 tourqe that's about it on 10Lb boost that's as high as I'd go if u have stock internals an u may have to alter the pulley being its a supercharger of either a terminator mentioned above or a cobra or the roush 440A stage 3's but it can work with a few modifications to the feul rail an a bigger hood scoop on your 02 for clearance

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wat would be my hp if I stroke my 02 v6 3.8 mustang to a 4.2 stoker and add the m112 witch I already have the complete with plate?

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