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Chrysler Pacifica Questions

2017 Pacifica Won't Start

have to jump to start . Use to read 14.4-14.5v when operating, Now only reads 13.9-14v when running . what should you look for to solve this problem.


What Is The Normal Battery Voltage?

What should the normal voltage be on a 2017 chrysler pacifica touring l plus at an idle, and driving. Thank you in advance


Car Shut Off, Then When Tried To Start Smoke Came From Hood

2 days ago we put a new battery in because it just died on us. Tonight he head out do some errands and 1/8 miles from our house at a stop sign it just shuts off. The light panel goes crazy, first t...

2018 Chrysler Pacifica Cylinder 6 Misfire

Hello. Here is history and problem: 2018 Chrysler Pacifica: Driving along no problem, near empty. Fill up 87 at a gas station. Drive about 15 miles and start to have misfires (P0306). I drive an...

Chrysler Pacifica Overview

Daimler Chrysler was a late bloomer in the exploding crossover SUV market. The American automaker introduced the new Pacifica for 2004, when many competitors were already entering a second generation of production. The Chrysler company has experienced great success pioneering new designs for minivans, but the Pacifica represents the company's first attempt at any type of SUV. Chrysler's sister Dodge has producing the unrelated truck-based Durango since 1998.
Yet, the Pacifica is neither truck-based or car-based. It shares a platform with Dodge and Chrysler minivans. It stands low, allowing for easy entry and exit, and its comparatively stretched wheelbase offers some additional interior room verses other crossover SUVs. Unfortunately, the Chrysler badge is historically a caveat for reliability and build quality issues, but the Pacifica is much improved since is 2004 release.
A new 4.0 liter V-6 engine is now available of five of the six 2007 models, upping horsepower from to 200 to 255. The Pacifica is available in three trim levels: base Touring, and Limited.

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