Chevrolet C/K 1500 Questions

Why My 1996 Chevy Pickup Will Not Start And Run

I put a new timing chain on it so it in time and Is getting bright blue spark. I also put a new fuel pump in and it has perfect fuel pressure but it still will not start


No High Beams, Low Beams Or Wipers Now

I have no high beams or low beams I recently replace the light switch on it after trying a junk yard one heard a bunch of clicking around the dash and still didn't work I went got a new one and now...

Transmission Problems

just got it the truck has 220000 miles on it supposedly has a rebuilt automatic transmission but its throwing p0742, p0751, p0756, p1810, p1860, p1870, p1870, p0740. i have checked every connection...

Can Someone Please Help Me With Exhaust?

I ran over a deer which bent my y pipe I need a new one that attaches to my short tube headers but I can only find one in a 1993 c 1500 5.7 v8 will that fit my 1994 5.7 v8

Chevrolet C/K 1500 Overview

The C/K 1500 Series was the name for Chevrolet's full-size pickup-truck line from 1962 until 1998 (and GMC's full-size pickup line from 1962 to 1988). The first Chevrolet pickup truck appeared in 1924, though in-house designs did not appear until 1930.

The "C" trucks had two-wheel drive, while the "K" models had four-wheel drive. The C/K light-duty pickup was replaced by the Chevrolet Silverado in 1999; the Chevrolet Silverado HD heavy-duty pickups followed in 2001.

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