97 Tercell.

In the morning when i start it up white smoke comes out. Some have said valves are stuck open. But only happens when i start it up in the morning. Eating alot of oil. What can it be?

Automatic Transmission Swap To A Manual Transmission

I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel with a 4-speed automatic transmission I want to do a manual transmission swap I am wanting to put a 1993 5-speed Toyota Paseo transmission I'm wondering if it can inte...

Car Tries To Die If Asked To Much Power

I’ve got a 1995 Toyota Tercel 2 door auto. Bought a brand new battery and alternator after a shop telling me that was the issue and it hasn’t solved the problem. Which being it will run completely...


86 Tercel Smooth Acceleration Jerky Coasting

My tercel runs smooth when giving it gas...if i am cruising at slow speed low rpm it feels like the front end, right side is going to fall off. low speed high rpm smooth as silk. Highway speeds smooth...


Is Possible Use It The Tires 175/70/13 In Tercel STD 1995?

I Know that the recomended tire size is 155/80/13 but I want know if is possible used it the tire wide 175 or 185/70/13. Thanks for the responses.

Toyota Tercel Overview

The Toyota Tercel was introduced in 1978 as Toyota's sub-compact, entry-level car. The Tercel saw many incarnations during its lifetime, including as a sedan, coupe, wagon, and hatchback.
The Tercel was Toyota's first front-wheel drive car, and was originally named the Corolla Tercel, to capitalize on the sedan's popularity. The first Tercels had a 60 horsepower engine. By the end, it had gained a 93-horsepower engine.
In addition to its many body styles, the Tercel was available in a variety of trims over its 20-year run, including a 4WD version with a sixth, extra-low gear. In 1988, Toyota introduced a super-economy version, the Tercel EZ, which came equipped with rubber floor mats and vinyl seating, but was lacking basics such as sun visors.
It was discontinued in 1998 in favor of Toyota's new sub-compact, the Echo, which was introduced in 2000 and subsequently discontinued as well.

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