What Is A Good Substitute For A 1996 Toyota Tercel Chilton Or Haynes Manual...

Searching through sites, etc. its clear that there is not a Chilton or Haynes manual for the 1996 Tercel. There is a pdf of the factory manual, which I have. Also, people say that the 1987-1994 Terc...


How Do I Set The Timing Belt For 91 Tercel?

how do i set the timing belt on my 1991 toyota tercel? i already changed out the old one but my car won't start. is the timing off?


Does The 1983 Toyota Tercel Have An Interchangeable Fuse Block

i have a 1983 Toyota Tercel i bought recently and it runs amazing but it will not drive previous owner claimed it was the fuse block since it is old and pretty corroded so i was wondering since i ca...



How long do toyota tercels generally last, in miles?

How To Fix Muffler Smoke

my toyota tercel 1994 blow smoke when engine cooling, and when accelerate on first and second shift after light stop. I feel smoke inside my car. my car is a standard transmission

Toyota Tercel Overview

The Toyota Tercel was introduced in 1978 as Toyota's sub-compact, entry-level car. The Tercel saw many incarnations during its lifetime, including as a sedan, coupe, wagon, and hatchback.
The Tercel was Toyota's first front-wheel drive car, and was originally named the Corolla Tercel, to capitalize on the sedan's popularity. The first Tercels had a 60 horsepower engine. By the end, it had gained a 93-horsepower engine.
In addition to its many body styles, the Tercel was available in a variety of trims over its 20-year run, including a 4WD version with a sixth, extra-low gear. In 1988, Toyota introduced a super-economy version, the Tercel EZ, which came equipped with rubber floor mats and vinyl seating, but was lacking basics such as sun visors.
It was discontinued in 1998 in favor of Toyota's new sub-compact, the Echo, which was introduced in 2000 and subsequently discontinued as well.

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