Toyota Prius Plug-In Questions

12V Starter Battery

My starter battery time to time will not start the car, i have to charge it by a charger. The main battery is fully charged.Cant it use that charge to start the car?

12V Starter Battery

I have 2017 advanced, the starter battery is not have enough chrge to start the car.


2014 Toyota Prius Plug In

What's the best way to maximize hybrid battery charge in a 2014 Toyota Prius Plug In? I have been told there is an algorithm that determines how much to charge the battery. The only way I have found...

2013 Prius Hybrid Plug-in Problem

We have a 2013 Prius Hybrid Plug-in which we bought recently. When we first got it, the charge lasted 13 miles. It has been going down steadily until now it is at 11 miles. Any explanation?