Interference Engine Or Non-interference Engine

Is the engine which is a 4 cylinder an interference engine

Should The Timing Chain Be Replaced At 200000 Miles

Do I need to replace the timing chain at200000 miles

95 Previa Le S/c Awd

My wife's Previa will crank but won't start. We don't hear the electric fuel pump working. What should we do? Drop the tank to replace the fuel pump or check all the connections first. My son an...

Random Idle, Engine Dies

My wife's Previa has recently started acting up. It idles up (usually at a stop) then acts like it want to stall when leaving a stop. Ocasionally it will stall. I'm thinking it's the Mass Air Flow or ...

Check Engine Light?

my check engine remain on my dashboard, I change the oxygen sensor and egr valve but the light still remain on

Toyota Previa Overview

The Toyota Previa entered the market in 1991, when minivan sales were just starting to take off. It was meant to compete with popular American offerings, like the Dodge Caravan. The Previa is best-known for its unusual styling, and is instantly recognizable.

The Toyota Previa had an unusual layout, with the mid-mounted engine located under the front seats and the alternator and cooling system located under the hood. The result was a well-balanced van, but it meant that the Previa could not accept a larger engine. It also meant that repairs were very expensive.

The Previa was available in a large amount of trims--in some years up to six. It was also the first van to pass all U.S. safety standards.

The Previa had a loyal following, but most unadventurous minivan shoppers passed the egg-shaped Previa over in favor of more conventional vans. It was discontinued in 1997 to make way for the Sienna, which has more mass market appeal.

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