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Can't Get Tailights Working - Brake & Turn(s) Do Work

checked fuse and bulbs, but tail lights will not come on at all, turn signals and brake light works fine as do the hazards, anyone have any ideas?

Won't Starts When Hot

I have a 1990 Toyota pick-up. When the motor is hot and I shut the truck off, it will not start until the motor cools down. I replaced the battery and battery wire and clamps. (I know this isn’t pa...

Tail And Brake Light Not Functioning

Blinker lights work but tail and brake lights don't. This is a very recent issue and all the bulbs were checked and are good. Could it possibly be a fuse problem and is so which fuse in the fuse box...

Toyota Pickup Overview

The Toyota Pickup started life as the Toyota Stout in 1964. Aptly named, the unusual-looking truck was not a big seller and was soon replaced by the Toyota Hi-Lux in 1969. In 1984, the Hi-Lux was renamed to simply the Pickup.

The Toyota Pickup was one of the first vehicles to be built at Toyota's NUMMI plant, its first U.S. manufacturing facility, which was formed as a joint venture with G.M. to try to avoid some of the new tariffs applied to import vehicles.

In 1984, the Toyota Pickup introduced the Xtracab, a second row of seats. The Xtracab was just a hint of the many configurations Toyota compact trucks would be available as in the future.

In 1995, the Pickup was replaced by the Toyota Tacoma in an effort to better compete with American-made pickups.

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