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Gas Cover

The button to open gas cover does not work. What do I replace and how to do it.

Idle To High Toyota Echo

My Toyota echo is idling to high at running temp tried adjusting idle arm doesn't help

Overcharged A/C

I changed my A/C until it reached the red filled zone on the gauge. Took it for a test run and checked it again now it says it's overcharged what do I do now???

Can The Backseat Go Down Into The Trunk?

I need to put something in my trunk that is long but im wondering if my seats fold down?

Remove Backseat Not The Bench

Looking to remove the part of the back seat that folds to get into the trunk and not the bench, can't find any info online

Older Toyota ECHO

2000 Toyota ECHO Overview
2000 Toyota ECHO
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Toyota ECHO Overview

The Toyota ECHO was introduced as a 2000 model to fill the sub-compact gap left behind by the discontinued Tercel, which was last produced as a 1998. The car was notable for its height, which was taller than most sub-compacts, allowing for more roominess inside.

The Toyota Echo was decidedly an economy car. It came with very few options, but it did get excellent gas mileage--up to 43 mpg on the highway. However, it was noisy at high speeds, and its low weight meant it got blown around.

The Echo was most noted for its unusual style, which was tall but short. It was compared to everything from a roller skate to a penalty box. Some people found it charming, but many just found it ugly.

The Echo never connected with the young market it was supposed to. It was discontinued in 2005, to make way for the arguably hipper and more timely Yaris two years later.

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