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Break Lights

Break lights dont work. But its not.bulbs or the fuses..

Heater Problems

What Engine Options Do I Have For An 05 Toyota Echo

can I upgrade the engine in my 05 Toyota Echo

The Coolant Icon Lights Up When I Start The Car After The Engine Is Cool..W...

2005 automatic ECHO- recently purchased from a private seller with no previous records. This car and these type of icons are new to me. I've been driving this car about a week and the light comes on e...

Vacuum Switch Valve

When testing the air flow for the Vacuum Switch Valve for EVAP,is it ok to do it manually by mouth, or do I need a certain piece of equipment? Mine tested around 32 or 33 using the multi meter, which...

Toyota ECHO Overview

The Toyota ECHO was introduced as a 2000 model to fill the sub-compact gap left behind by the discontinued Tercel, which was last produced as a 1998. The car was notable for its height, which was taller than most sub-compacts, allowing for more roominess inside.

The Toyota Echo was decidedly an economy car. It came with very few options, but it did get excellent gas mileage--up to 43 mpg on the highway. However, it was noisy at high speeds, and its low weight meant it got blown around.

The Echo was most noted for its unusual style, which was tall but short. It was compared to everything from a roller skate to a penalty box. Some people found it charming, but many just found it ugly.

The Echo never connected with the young market it was supposed to. It was discontinued in 2005, to make way for the arguably hipper and more timely Yaris two years later.

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