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Subaru WRX Questions


Web Site Query Broken?

Hi - When doing a search on your website, and using one of my previously saved searches, I can't change the dates; they revert back to the default. Changing other params doesn't help. I can get aroun...

Cannot Find My Listing

Hey, my listing is "LIVE" but I cannot find the listing using the general search option. It's only available if I go into my account and edit the listing from there.

Will Resonator Give Back Deep Tone With Muffler Delete

I have a 2016 wrx and recently did a muffler delete but went back to stock because it sounded like a rice out honda! I was wondering if I put an aftermarket resonator in if I would get bake at leas...

Is A Mileage Of 165k Miles (266k Km) Too Much For A Used Wrx 06?

The seller says that the car has a brand new clutch, spark plugs and coil packs. It was never tuned or modified, new motor and transmission, new timing belt and head gaskets. All fluids flushed and ...

CAN I Add A Cosigner To My Quote For A Pre-qualification Loan?

I started the quote for a pre-qualification for a loan. but i did not put a co-signer.. would i be able to add a co-signer?