New Subaru BRZ

2023 Subaru BRZ Overview
The 2023 Subaru BRZ has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

Subaru BRZ Questions

2022 BRZ Side Doors Metal?

Will the doors be metal or aluminum? The roof, hood, and bumpers were mentioned by Subaru as being manufactured out of aluminum - but what about the 2 doors?


2018 BRZ TS Future Values?

Do people think that the 2018 BRZ tS will hold its value as the only real special edition BRZ?

Tuning Pricing On Subaru BRZ (86 Or FRS)

I would love to know the cost of supercharging a Subaru BRZ or the cost of doing a turbo setup. Pricing on either of those options would be great. I obviously know how to look up the price of kits...

How Much Would It Cost To Put A Small Spoiler On A Subaru BRZ?

I'm interested on putting a small spoiler on my 2016 Subaru BRZ for style, how much would that cost for everything?

Hey Can Someone Please Save The Day

So I have had this car for 2 years now I never had any check engine lights until about 2 months ago the check engine light reads po171 I have had three different MAF sensors and I have cleared the ...