Saturn ION Questions

2004 Ion The Front Passenger Side ?

rim gets hot and shakes bad after about 35 to 40 miles driving. changed the axel checked brakes. what eles could it be


My 2005 Saturn Ion Losses Power While Driving Check Engine Light Appears Fo...

2005 saturn ion experiencing power loss during normal driving conditions ,the warning signal pops up i shut off the car for about a minute restart it and drives normal until this same pattern contin...

Is The Steering Column Interchangeable From A 2001 To A 2007 Saturn Ion

I need the power steering unit from the steering column so I can fix tthe power steering in my 2007 Saturn ION...will a 2001 Saturn steering column work?


Maximum Mileage On A 2006 Saturn Ion 3?

I want to get a 2006 Saturn ion 3 as my first car. it has 105,000 miles they want $8000 for it and id have to finance it for 4 years. im wondering what the maximum mileage on it might be, to know if...

Saturn ION Overview

The Saturn Ion replaced the S-Series as Saturn's signature compact sedan and coupe. With a roomy interior, ample cargo space, and a more powerful engine, the Ion started out with promise and developed a following among tuners when it introduced the 205 hp Red Line in 2004. However, for all the progress, enthusiasm died down as Saturn failed to make the necessary adjustments for interior materials and engine noise. Saturn made plans to discontinue the Ion in 2007 and replace it with the Astra for 2008.

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