Saturn Aura Questions

What's Wrong? Car Jumps / Jerks While Driving. Please Help!

Happens while driving or braking. Sometimes it's happening when brake is not being being applied. Just recently, found a pin sticking. Lubricated the pin. Now this. Is it related? Or something dif...

Service Traction (elect. Problem)

I have a 2007 Saturn Aura 3.6 I changed the ECM and my service traction comes on and stays on. The car runs fine ?

07 Saturn Aura DOORS LOCKED

I Have A 07 Saturn Aura. I Did Not Lock The Door When I Got Out Of It But It Has Had A Problem Locking And Unlocking It’s Self. The Door Lock/ Unlock Button Doesn’t Work And Now My Key Doesn’t Wor...

Check ESC And Check Trackson Lights Are On And Now My Car Wont Start

Can trackson and ESC lights stop my 2007 saturn aura from starting

Saturn Aura Overview

Think of the Saturn Aura as the successor to the discontinued L Series. Saturn wants to make an impression in the mid-size sedan market and has chosen this new design as its vessel.

With a stylish interior and a sporty exterior, the Aura looks to overcome Saturn's reputation for skimping on aesthetics. The final product represents a worthy competitor to the imports that have dominated the market.

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