Saturn Aura Questions

Interior Lights Wont Come On When The Door Is Opened

the interior lights have always come on when I open the door, now it won't. I can turn on the interior lights once in the car by pushing the lights in the overhead counsel, but they should come on au...

How Do I Access The Power Steering Pump?

How do I access the power steering pump for my 2007 Saturn aura XR 3.6 L V6.

Why Do My Brake Lites Stay On?

brake lites stay on when pedal applied they go off

Transmission Shifting

Why do I have to shift manually will not do automatic

How To Repair Expansion Valve For 2008 Saturn Aura

Saturn Aura Overview

Think of the Saturn Aura as the successor to the discontinued L Series. Saturn wants to make an impression in the mid-size sedan market and has chosen this new design as its vessel.

With a stylish interior and a sporty exterior, the Aura looks to overcome Saturn's reputation for skimping on aesthetics. The final product represents a worthy competitor to the imports that have dominated the market.

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