Rear Doors Will Not Open

Just bought a stock 63 Monterey that had a bad trunk seal, opened the trunk and condensation was everywhere. No visible rust and not sure if it is related to the two rear doors will not open. The ...


Is The 1962 Mercury Monterey 4dr Sedan The Most Unpopular Full-size Car Eve...

I'm going mad and I hope you can maybe help me. I've a 1962 Mercury Monterey Custom 4dr Sedan, 390cui, Merc-o-Matic. I still searching for different parts for it to bring it into a good condition an...


I Just Purchased A 1963 Mercury Monterey Where Is The Fuse Box

Where is the fuse box please help

Fuse Box And Fuel Pump

How to check fuses? Fuse box in difficult position under dash by steering column. Also having difficulty finding fuel pump or repair kit. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you, jim

Mercury Monterey Overview

The Monterey came to be for the 2005 model year, when Mercury introduced four new vehicles, all fitting its goal of having all models begin with the letter M (the flagship Grand Marquis remains the only misfit in that regard). The Monterey became Mercury's minivan offering a few years after the demise of the Villager. Alas, at the start of its third year, the Monterey was retired; its production ceased in August 2006.
As a gussied-up version of the Ford Freestar (which has also been recently discontinued), this minivan has been a good performer, earning enough impressive reviews. Although some have said its interior has always seemed to be on the cheap side, it has the amenities that America seeks in a family vehicle, and its crash-test results really couldn't be better. But none of that means too much when vehicles aren't leaving the sales lot at a sufficient clip.
The Monterey has also suffered from poor resale value, something its Japanese competitors have never had to worry about. The Ford Motor Company will replace both failed minivans with an upscale minivan, tentatively called the Fairlane, in the not too distant future.

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