Mercury Milan Questions

Are 2007 Mercury Milan Known For Being Sluggish.

My 2007 Mercury Milan 6 cylinder has always run sluggish. I dare not drive in the left lane because it doesn't take long for cars to be up on my tail. It doesn't run like a six cylinder. I drive on...

Jerking, Hardly Any Power, Cutting Off

My car has been messing up for about 3 months now. It started off as just jerking (like bad jerking. Makes you jerk too), When it jerks the RPMs go down, sometimes it goes all the way to 0 and cut...

Smoke Out My Vents And Air Stopped.

Was at the gas station pumped my gas got back in the car turned my air on. High and on 60 degrees.. And short after the air sputters I see a little smoke and the air completely stops. How can I ...


Starting Issues

The car starts right away sometimes but sometimes you have to turn the key again and again until it starts. When it doesn't start it makes a clicking sound so the starter is getting power.

Mercury Milan Overview

Mercury unveiled the Milan mid-sized sedan in 2006. It is aimed toward younger buyers who want something a bit sophisticated and who are likely purchasing their first new car.
The Milan comes in four-cylinder trims as well as V6. This was the first car in its class to offer a 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.
Although the included safety equipment isn't missing any essentials, the results of government crash tests could be a bit better in some areas. Milan owners are generally quite satisfied overall, citing the American-made car's value, style, and comfort.

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