Mercedes-Benz R-Class Questions



Check engine light on. Checked it on a code reader. It said "spark plugs " 1- 6. CHANGED them AND coils also. Light came on again! And again it said " spark plugs" 1-6. I figured give it time to ...

Keys Will Not Turn

I woke up this morning, trying to start my car but the key will not even turn the engine, what could have gone. I have being taking this car to dealer back and front wrong

2008R350 Wont Start

My 2008 mercedes R350 cranked and turned over but at a very low consumption, I tried putting my foot on the gas pedal but j it didn't do anything but died plus my battery went dead so I got a n...

Is 100,000 Miles To High To Buy In A Mercedes Benz

i see many mercedes r350 cars . they have reasonable prices until you get to the mileage. I know mercedes is a good car if maintained. but, do you think the ones over 100,000 miles are still ok to ...

Will The R500 Engine Fit In The R350 Mercedes?

I have a 2009 R350 and wish to replace the engine with the R500 engine. Is it possible to do so?