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SL500 Air Vent Problem

My 1999 SL500 has recently stopped blowing air out of the foot vent and the center vents of the system. Air and Heat still come out of the defroster and side vents. (the settings for the center and f...

2008 Mercedes S550 With 150,000 Miles

Would you buy a 2008 Mercedes S550 in excellent condition if the price was good but it had 150,000 miles on it. How many more years or mileage can I expect to get

Water Leaked Inside Car

I found water leaked inside of my 2014 Mercedes GL , most of the water was in the trunk and the second row Does any one have any idea where could have the water leaked from ? it was raining hard an...

Switching From Key Fob Start To A Press Button Start

I have a 2004 Mercedes C-230 kompresor 4 door sedan and will a press button starter/ adapter work? I rember reading somewhere that the press button option only works on a 20015 or newer car. What i...

Hi I Paid For Listing And It Is Still Processing For The Second Day. Help.

title says it - got my car listed but it is still "Processing". I listed it yesterday and already paid for it, what's the problem?

Mercedes-Benz Overview

Mercedes-Benz is one of the more respected makers of cars due to the company's longevity and high-quality automobiles. In a "merger of equals," Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler joined forces in 1998, creating the conglomerate Daimler-Chrysler.

Starting with the S550 Sedan 5.5 liter 32-valve V8 382Hp@6000 rpm, then onto the S600 Sedan with it 5.5 liter 36-valve bi-turbo V-12 with 510Hp@5000rpm. And if that is not enough for you there is the S550 4-matic Sedan, which is basically the same car as the standard S550(if there is such thing as a standard Mercedes) but with permanent 4-wheel drive. Or you can just go straight to the top with the S65 AMG. A 604-horsepower twin-turbo charged V-12 AMG engine linked to a 5-speed automatic transmission that adjusts to your driving style for smoother shifting, F1-inspired manual shifters, AMG-tuned Active Body Control (ABC), race-bred brakes, along with 20 inch AMG 5-spoke light alloy wheels.