Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Questions


Today I noticed I am only running on gas. At a stop light when fully stopped the EV light goes on and gas engine disengages. As soon as i take my foot off the brake and without pressing the gas peda...

Removing Cabin Ac Fan

Removing Cabin Fan, I removed the cabin air filter but the dead mouse fell into the fan, i am trying to find a way to remove the mouse.

When Should The Tire Mobility Kit Be Replaced In Lincoln Mkz Hybrid

The tire mobility kit displaying on my dash...the dealership service dept is saying the cost is $345 to replace and program?? Is this accurate?

Lincoln Mkz Hybrid 2014

I drove my car fine yesterday. This morning I go to drive but today my car wont start. Not only will it not start my metal key wont let me in the car at all. Fob batteries have been replaced in bot...