INFINITI EX35 Questions

I Need Help! My Subwoofer Isn't Working And The Rear Speakers Are Very Low!...

Hi. The subwoofer in my car isn't producing any sound and the rear speakers are really low, even when I've adjusted the sound to be rear only. When I google my car's make and model and troubleshooti...

What Does Salvage Issues Mean

I noticed on a vehicle 2011 Infiniti that a yellow triangle said > "Salvage Issues". What does that mean - thanks!


Why Is My Car Not Have A Image?

when i look up cars like mine. my car comes up with no image available

Infinity Ex35 '08

I changed the battery, without knowing that the charge had to be kept to keep the computer running......... Now my key fob sometimes isn't recognized. A couple days a week I'll stand outside my ca...