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Honda Accord Coupe Questions

Window Switch Interchangeable

Will a passanger side window switch off a 2000 4 door honda accord work for a 2000 2 dr EX coupe?

How Often Do I Need To Change My Synthetic Oil

how often do I need to change my synthetic oil if I only drive 1500 miles a year?

Key Will Not Go Past Accessory Position

Just bought a 2004 Accord with 119,000 miles and runs great. No AC (yet). Yesterday I firsts noticed that passenger window no longer worked and my key was stuck. Won't go to off position unless I dis...


Sells Price & Trade In Price

2010 Honda Accord coupe Ex 238k miles ,custom rims black, no accidents, has custom system, 1500 watt amp., woofer bass speakers in box, in trunk ,how much do i ask for sale price ? Located in Southe...

Car Cranks But Won’t Turn Over

It’s a 03 Honda accord (automatic) Car will crank but won’t turn over Bought a brand new alternator and starter, they did nothing. Check the fuel pump , it’s engaging. Checked for codes, wasn’t...

Honda Accord Coupe Overview

The Honda Accord was introduced as a hatchback in 1976, and its coupe version came into being as part of the third generation of Accords, which began in 1986.

The popular two-door has earned its fine reputation for its economy, practicality, and no-nonsense functionality. Through all of this, it's a simple yet stylish car.

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