GMC Sierra Cars


Why Are My Brake Lights Not Working?

i have left rear turn signal but no brake light no signal or brake light on rt rear at all.

Why Does My Truck Bogg Down Or Flood Out When Giving It Too Much Gas?

92 gmc sierra 350 boggs down or floods out after driving it for a few minutes. Once it starts, u can shift to neutral while still rolling down the road, switch truck off and then crank it back up, ...


Does My Old GMC Have Rear Brakes ? I Cant Find Any Brake Kits Online.

I cant find any brake kits for a 85 GMC C1500, do these old truck come with rear brakes?

How Do I Post An Ad On Car Gurus.

How do I post an ad on Car Gurus. I have a 2020 GMC 1500 Elevation