Left Rear Tire Locked Up

the left rear tire drags if im in drive but rolls in reverse, i already cut the parkbrake to that side still does it


Will 1/2 Ton Front End Parts Will Work For A 3/4 Ton Front End?

will 1/2 ton front end parts will work for a 3/4 ton front end? like the a-arms and idler arm and pitment arm? for a 1990 gmc/chevy 4x4

No Fuel To Carb

I Arced or crossed the "lighter" wires and fuel pump stopped. Fuse is good. But do not know how to check fuel pump relay.

Starter Problem

I have a 1990. Top-kick with a 454 and Allison tranny- When I turn the key to the on position the starter starts to crank and continues even after it starts. This is not hitting the start position.....

Not Getting Power To Ac Compressor. 1988 GMC 3500

clutch will engage when jumped, 2 prong plug that connects to compressor has no power. Any ideas? Thanks