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Front Track Width Of 1963 F100

Front track width of a 1963 f100

Wont Take Vin Number


Dash Lights

I have a 1968 ford truck f100 on the dash there r 5 lights to light up the dash, the top 3 I can't get them to work, the bottom two works. R the top 3on a different fuse? Or can I cut the wires make...

Replace Dash Lights With Soft White Dimmable LED Bulbs

'm looking to replace the standard dash bulbs with LED's for my '77 Ford F100 Custom and wondering how may bulbs to buy. I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Thanks!

Trying To Figure Out Which Engine I Have. Inline 6 240 Or 300

I need to determine if my Ford 1965 inline 6 is a 240 or 300. I have measured the stroke and it's around 5". The internet is saying it is 3.18" stroke for a 240 and 3.98" and 300. Any help is appre...