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How much does car guru charge to sell my car?

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Why do 2 virtually identical cars, right down to the color, (2008 Dodge Viper) have vastly different IMV? One in Farmingdale NY, (53,687) and one in Frankfort IL (59,729)

What Type Of Oil?

What type of oil is used in the 2004 Dodge viper? The manual says 10w30 and the cap says 0w40 called the dealership they said they would put 10w30 but then I bear 0w40 is what's recommended by vipe...


Tire Pressure

Computer tells me that left rear is 25psi and I should inflate to 29psi. Tried to inflate but tire would not inflate. I don't hear a leak; pressure holding at 25psi. Is valve stem failing? Thanks ...

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Dodge Viper Overview

Since its concept inception in 1989 and its subsequent market release in 1992, the Dodge Viper has established itself as one of the dominant muscle cars of the world. When it started in 1992, the Dodge Viper, then only available as the RT/10 Roadster, had an 8.0-liter V10 under the hood that produced a staggering 400 hp. But Dodge owners were never content with only 400 hp. And Dodge heeded their call, upping the horsepower to 415, then 450, then 500 from an 8.3-liter V10 in 2003, and finally 510 in the 2006.

The Dodge Viper has been the King of the Road for its entire history. Heads turn to stare in wonder, and arrogant engines rev, thinking that they are up to the challenge. Almost invariably, they are wrong. The Dodge Viper started with a 0-60 mph in the low 4 seconds, and only got faster. There is something primal about sitting behind the wheel of a Dodge Viper, either with the top down or a roof over your head, feeling the vibrations of one of the more powerful production engines on the planet in your fingertips.

Few comforts adorn the inside of any Viper; in early models, there are practically none. But owners have never complained much about this lack of comfort. They've always understood why they bought the car, and it was not to recline in. The Viper has always been about power and speed. Anything else was just a minor bonus.

Despite their enormous success with the Dodge Viper over the years, Dodge has never been satisfied, and is always finding ways to bring more power to Viper enthusiasts. Vipers have always been a limited production car, so if you manage to join the elite group of owners, count yourself among the lucky few. The Dodge Viper is not a car for the meek or inexperienced driver, nor for the shy. But if you think you can tame the beast, there are few cars out there that can provide a more satisfying ride.

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