Engine Runs For A Short While Then Quits.

I have a 1977 Dodge Power Wagon with a 360 engine. It starts right up and runs slow or fast for a short while and then stops. If you try to start it again, it turns over but will not start. If yo...

1987 Power Wagon 100

will idle but when you give it gas it dies

1975 Dodge Power Wagon 4X4 Clutch Parts

Need the short arm that adjusts clutch

Looking For A Hub Replacement For 1975 Dodge W100

I am looking for a replacement hub for the front driver side wheel of a 1975 dodge w100. I can't seem to find any for sale for that specific year and I was wondering what years of similar makes woul...

1979 Dodge Power Wagon

i got a 1979 dodge power wagon 150 has a 318 with a mopra purple cam 3 weeks ago it started back firing through the carb so i drove it under the carport killed it then about a hour later i started i...